QOTD: What's the Worst Looking Car From the Year You Were Born?

Corey Lewis
by Corey Lewis

Today’s QOTD idea came about back in the latter half of May, when Matthew Guy pondered the exact opposite of this question. He is very old, and so in his malaise birth year of 1980 Guy pegged BMW’s 6 Series as the best looking car available.

This week, we move things to a more negative light. What was the worst looking car from the year you were born?

Oh, no it’s not that Accord Coupe, which is lovely. Most of you regulars know roughly how old I am, but for the record my birth year is 1986. After the malaise, before the Dream of the Nineties, and right in the midst of mass-market aero (here’s to you, Sable), I’ll be picking from a largely downsized and more-than-ever front-drive selection of vehicles. But which is the worst looking? Which deserves the ugly digital ink?

Ah, here we are. In its last year of production, it’s Chrysler’s Executive limousine. On sale between 1983 and 1986, Chrysler produced 1,493 of the K-car limousines. Styled like the E-Class and New Yorker, the Executive turned up the volume for its elite business customers.

Said customers may have included owners of successful video rental stores, or perhaps outlets selling scratch and dent appliances. The whole idea was sort of off-base and easily forgotten shortly afterward, which is probably for the best.

What are your picks for the worst looking vehicles from the year of your birth?

[Images: YouTube, Chrysler, Honda]

Corey Lewis
Corey Lewis

Interested in lots of cars and their various historical contexts. Started writing articles for TTAC in late 2016, when my first posts were QOTDs. From there I started a few new series like Rare Rides, Buy/Drive/Burn, Abandoned History, and most recently Rare Rides Icons. Operating from a home base in Cincinnati, Ohio, a relative auto journalist dead zone. Many of my articles are prompted by something I'll see on social media that sparks my interest and causes me to research. Finding articles and information from the early days of the internet and beyond that covers the little details lost to time: trim packages, color and wheel choices, interior fabrics. Beyond those, I'm fascinated by automotive industry experiments, both failures and successes. Lately I've taken an interest in AI, and generating "what if" type images for car models long dead. Reincarnating a modern Toyota Paseo, Lincoln Mark IX, or Isuzu Trooper through a text prompt is fun. Fun to post them on Twitter too, and watch people overreact. To that end, the social media I use most is Twitter, @CoreyLewis86. I also contribute pieces for Forbes Wheels and Forbes Home.

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  • Grant P Farrell Oh no the dealership kept the car for hours on two occasions before giving me a loaner for two months while they supposedly replaced the ECU. I hate cords so I've only connected it wirelessly. Next I'm gonna try using the usb-c in the center console and leaving the phone plugged in in there, not as convenient but it might lower my blood pressure.
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  • CEastwood From zero there is nowhere to go but up . BYD isn't sold in the U.S. and most Teslas are ugly azz 90s looking plain jane drone mobiles . I've only seen one Rivian on the road and it 's not looking good for them . I live out in the sticks of NW NJ and EVs just aren't practical here , but the local drag strip thrives in the warmer months with most cars making the trip from New York .
  • Lorenzo Aw, that's just the base price. Toyota dealers aren't in the same class as BMW/Porsche upsellers, and the Toyota base is more complete, but nobody will be driving that model off the lot at that price.
  • Mike The cost if our busing program is 6.2 million for our average size district in NJ. It was 3.5 last year.