Infiniti Culls Another Hybrid From Its Lineup

infiniti culls another hybrid from its lineup

Who isn’t talking about the Infiniti Q70? Okay, maybe more than a few people. The Infiniti brand’s largest passenger car enjoys low but fairly stable sales, returning volume in the high 5,000s in both 2017 and 2016.

Alongside the rear-drive, V6- or V8-powered four-door was a hybrid variant, but that green companion dies for 2019 — leaving just one gas-electric model in the Infiniti stable.

Powered by a 3.5-liter V6/electric motor combo, the hybrid put its combined 360 horsepower to the road through a seven-speed automatic. The model debuted as the M35h back in 2011, before Infiniti decided to rearrange some letters in its model names.

The premium brand announced the Q70 Hybrid is “no longer offered” as it rolled out changes to its lineup for the 2019 model year. While the green sedan bites the dust, the regular Q70 continues on with a 3.7-liter V6 or 5.6-liter V8 beneath its hood, patiently awaiting a new body and platform swap that should come in 2020. That change would see the Q70 revert to front-wheel drive.

The Q70’s future — or near future, anyway — seems assured, given the model’s stable sales and Infiniti’s recent release of a flagship concept sedan. Big cars haven’t disappeared from Infiniti design boards, even though the words “large Infiniti” still conjure up images of the old Q45. As per company plans, all new models will boast hybrid variants.

While the midsize Q50 sedan still offers a hybrid version, the Q70 Hybrid’s demise, plus that of the QX60 Hybrid, means Infiniti enters 2019 looking not all that green. Not that Q70 Hybrids were thick on the ground. In the first half of 2018, Infiniti sold 26 of them. The same period last year saw the brand unload 33.

[Image: Infiniti]

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jul 31, 2018

    I can explain the Q70 in a few points, so you won't have to drive it. -Feels cheap -Poorer interior quality than M which preceded it -Ride quality not great -Boaty yet vibratey -Tire noise -Dated styling -Horrible depreciation -Resides in 2011 where it was last updated to any considerable measure

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    • Cbrworm Cbrworm on Jul 31, 2018

      Yes, unfortunately, all of those things. I hate that this is not an awesome car.

  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Jul 31, 2018

    Who buys Infinities anyway? There are so many better looking choices.Why do you need Infiniti if you can buy a beauty like Genesis? I have no idea what all that letters mean in both cases but that is not important.

  • Kurkosdr Someone should tell the Alfa Romeo people that they are a badge owned by a French company now.The main reason PSA bought FiatChrysler is that PSA has the technology to enter the luxury market but customers don't want a French luxury car for psychological/mindshare reasons. FiatChrysler has the opposite problem: they have lots of still-respected brands but not always the technology to make good cars. Not to say that if FCA has a good platform, it won't be used in a PSA car.In other words, if those Alfa Romeo buds think that they will remain a silo with their own bespoke platforms and exclusive sheet metal, they are in for a shock. This is just the start.
  • Arthur Dailey For the Hornet less expensive interior materials/finishings, decontent just a little, build it in North America and sell it for less and everyone should be happy with both the Dodge and the Alfa.
  • Bunkie I so wanted to love this car back in the day. At the time I owned a GT6+ and I was looking for something more modern. But, as they say, this car had *issues*. The first of which was the very high price premium for the V8. It was a several thousand dollar premium over the TR-7. The second was the absolutely awful fuel economy. That put me off the car and I bought a new RX-7 which, despite the thirsty rotary, still got better mileage and didn’t require premium fuel. I guess I wasn’t the only one who had this reaction because, two years later, I test-drove a leftover that had a $2,000 price cut. I don’t remember being impressed, the RX-7 had spoiled me with how easy it was to own. The TR-8 didn’t feel quick to me and it felt heavy. The first-gen RX was more in line with the idea of a light car that punched above its weight. I parted ways with both the GT6+ and the RX7 and, to this day, I miss them both.
  • Fred Where you going to build it? Even in Texas near Cat Springs they wanted to put up a country club for sport cars. People complained, mostly rich people who had weekend hobby farms. They said the noise would scare their cows. So they ended up in Dickinson, where they were more eager for development of any kind.
  • MaintenanceCosts I like the styling of this car inside and out, but not any of the powertrains. Give it the 4xe powertrain - or, better yet, a version of that powertrain with the 6-cylinder Hurricane - and I'd be very interested.