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General Motors enlivened the perpetually grim Twitterscape Wednesday with a tweet depicting what Corey Lewis calls a “pure trust fund” gentleman wearing natty duds. After the initial discussion surrounding the nature of the tweet, your author, Chris Tonn, and Lewis attempted to pin down the particular hue of this fellow’s outerwear.

Celery. Pistachio pudding. 1960s motel bathroom. All applicable.

But wait, that wasn’t the purpose of the tweet! Surely this can’t have something to do with a gaping hole in the Chevrolet brand’s crossover lineup?

Yes, it looks like we’re due for an imminent unveiling of, what else, the upcoming Chevrolet Blazer. Slotted between the downsized Equinox and full-size Traverse in Chevy’s diverse utility stable, the vehicle — which GM hasn’t officially called the Blazer, at least not yet — will be a sibling to the midsize GMC Acadia. Expect similar engine offerings (2.5-liter four, 3.6-liter V6) when it arrives, motivating either the front or all four wheels.

As we’ve published spy shots of this 2019 model year vehicle before, we’ll do it again, just to whet your appetite for volume crossovers with heritage monikers. Don’t blame us if you’re offended by the reused name.

Image: Brain Williams/Spiedbilde

Image: Brian Williams/Spiedbilde

[Images: General Motors/Twitter, Brian Williams/Spiedbilde]

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41 Comments on “Take a Wild Guess What This Means...”

  • avatar

    I’m pretty sure GM is going into the clothing biz. Some one noticed the higher margins and the fact that clothing doesn’t show up on the new Tariff list (yet).

    Can’t wait to have a blazer with a diamond edition quilting inside (wait are we talking about clothing or cars)

  • avatar

    Crapwagon rules for next week-

    A crapwagon must be a vehicle which is relatively easy to find and purchase using an internet.
    All vehicles in the crapwagon garage must be scheduled to be sold as new, in the North American market.
    Said vehicles must be obtainable to the casual crapwagon collector (CCC). This means in clean, running condition each one asks $70,000 or less on a normal day.
    Your suggestions must fit into the vehicle category of the week. If you don’t like the category, that’s tough. We’ll get to a category you like eventually.
    There are five rules to this garage game, and that’s the maximum number of vehicles you may submit for each section. Just five.

  • avatar

    It looks like Damien Thorn’s prom picture.

  • avatar

    Sweet vehicle.

    Great advertisement by Guangzhou Motors!

  • avatar
    bumpy ii

    He’s obviously missing an underarm holster, and I think he’s one of the bigger jerks on the current season of The Bachelorette.

  • avatar

    Just another CUV . I was so hoping for Colorado based BOF.

    • 0 avatar

      Just leave North America and you can have it.

      4500 RPM redline! Must be the diesel.

    • 0 avatar

      Would you actually buy it, or just celebrate it on the internet, and then complain when GM cancels it for not selling?

      • 0 avatar

        “then complain when GM cancels it for not selling?”

        “Not selling?!” During utility vehicle hysteria? During a period when 4Runners and Wranglers are enjoying record sales?

        A mid-size BOF SUV is a slam-dunk proposal. For some reason GM is going to let Toyota, FCA, and Ford (with the Bronco) drink their milkshake, but that doesn’t make it a smart move.

  • avatar

    “You know what they call a guy who pays that much attention to his clothes, don’t you?”

    “Mm-hmm. A grown-up.”

  • avatar

    Maybe Chevy is bringing back 70s style upholstery options.

  • avatar

    I’m hoping that it means that we will have more choices on interior trims other than just black or tan and sometimes grey. I know, pie in the sky dreams.

  • avatar
    Matt Foley

    This guy is holding his jacket open to show us the liner, which looks like the upholstery in the 1967 Impala my uncle had when I was a kid.

    Therefore, I conclude that Chevy is about to introduce a giant RWD, body-on-frame sedan built on the Silverado chassis. Trim levels will be Biscayne, Bel Air, Impala, and Caprice. Naturally I want the Impala SS with the 650hp 6.2 V8 from the Z06 Corvette, but I’ll happily settle for a Bel Air with the 355hp 5.3 V8, please, in metallic mint green, with upholstery like that guy’s jacket.

  • avatar

    Rumored trim levels:
    Base – Maxim
    Mid-level – Esquire
    Top-spec – GQ

  • avatar
    Middle-Aged (Ex-Miata) Man

    Has Melody Lee been demoted down to Chevy? This sort of “marketing” smacks of her particular brand of semi-inspired idiocy.

  • avatar

    With a crampt and useless 3rd row, no doubt, thus destroying its chance at pulling sales from Edge and Murano. I believe their demographic is such that adding a 3rd row ruins the image they project. Just my opinion.

    Then we have the Honda Passport coming, which is supposed to be a two row only affair, as God intended.

  • avatar

    When they all start building wagons, maybe I could be interested. Another snooze-mobile, I don’t know how you auto-journos stay awake, must be the goody-bags they hand out at news conferences.

  • avatar

    The gaping hole is not in the crossover lineup, nor in the sedans or SUVs. The gaping hole is in their truck lineup, which consists of exactly two sizes, both larger than the majority of their crossovers by far.

  • avatar

    We NEed mOrE cRosSOvErS

  • avatar

    I’d refer to that color as Mojave Seafoam

    Anyway, it’s a frat boy in a blazer so, yeah, it seems like Chevy is getting ready to add a fourth member (Blazer) to the CUV lineup.

  • avatar

    Since when is Adam Levine posing for Chevrolet?

  • avatar

    Let me guess, is it more built in China garbage with built in design flaws that will kill the occupants?

    GM: JUNK

    • 0 avatar

      Its a shame that only GM has ever had safety recalls and is the only company that builds vehicles in China.

      • 0 avatar

        Stop your perpetual whining, John!

        The next recession is incoming, and will be nasty.

        Focus your efforts on upgrading your vehicle from a 1990s-era Ford, to something from a reliable manufacturer, preferably from the 2004 to 2010 era, if you and your significant other can swing it (although you could wait, also, because used vehicle prices are going to get a lot cheaper).

  • avatar

    My first thought was that the Chevy Spark already comes in the color of this guy’s jacket. It’s called “Mint” and personally I think it would look good on ANYTHING Chevy makes; Malibu, Corvette, Suburban, whatever. Sure, it’s a common bathroom color during the Populuxe era, but it was a car color too, along with a number of other attractive pastels.

    My second thought was…does the guy’s handkerchief match the camouflage of the vehicle in the spy shots? Was that intentional? Weird!

  • avatar

    Yow. That truckette looks like it’s wearing a full diaper. I’ve got the Smell-O-Vision turned off, so I can’t tell about the guy.

    Not interested in either.

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