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Minivans are great for a lot of things, but intimidating the neighbors is not among their many attributes.

While you could spend the weekend welding spikes onto one and giving everyone on your block “the stare down,” alternative options exist. You could purchase some custom wheels and replace the chrome accents with something darker, or you could have Chrysler do it for you if you’re in the market for a Pacifica.

As much as I hope this brings back a dark and sinister version of 1970s van culture, I would be satisfied with just seeing more of them on the road. According to Chrysler, the murdered-out look offered by the S Appearance Package has proven quite popular with standard Pacifica shoppers. Now, it wants to extend the opportunity to those interested in the plug-in hybrid model. 

“The factory custom look of the S Appearance model is really resonating with our Pacifica buyers, so much so that we are now making it available on the Pacifica Hybrid model, as well,” said Steve Beahm, Head of FCA North America’s passenger car brands. “With 84 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) in electric-only mode and 33 miles of all-electric range this package makes the industry’s only hybrid minivan even more unique.”

The package appears to be identical to what’s provided on the gas-powered Pacifica. The badging, grille surrounds, headlamp trim, and window and rear valance moldings have been swapped from faux chrome to the exquisitely named “Black Noise.” The same goes for the roof rack and 18-inch wheels. The only thing left untouched is the little blue tags on the plug-in port door and tailgate that allows you to virtue signal your hybrid ownership.

While you can option the package with any paint color you choose, I imagine most customers will pick black. However, it does look more palatable when paired with Jazz Blue, Copper, or any of the monochrome hues. It would also look phenomenal with a forest green but Chrysler has neglected to deliver on that utterly perfect color combination.

The blacked-on-black look surely isn’t for everyone. We’ve definitely found it to be executed poorly and unnecessarily on a number of vehicles. But for $595, you’re not exactly going to have to take out a second mortgage, and it does change the visual persona of the Chrysler in a meaningful way. You’ll just have to decide if it’s for you.

Orders for 2019 Pacifica Hybrid models begin next month with deliveries commencing in the fall.

[Image: FCA]

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20 Comments on “Chrysler Adding Sinister S Appearance Package to Pacifica Hybrid...”

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    I was going to ask if this was what you referred to as “murdered out” then I saw it in the description…

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    When you want to get good mileage but not look like a pu$$y!

  • avatar

    Copper would be nice.

    I love the “bronze” package for the 300 S which turns the alloy wheels a dark copper color and gives the leather a similar tint. More dealers need to order it as part of their inventory rotations.

  • avatar

    Lord Vader, your minivan is here.

  • avatar

    With or without this treatment, it is a seriously good looking minivan. If they’d have brought this out before CUV mania hit, you’d actually see some on the road.

  • avatar

    That’s a sweet ride.

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    SCE to AUX

    That’ll look great in February, covered in two weeks of salt spray.

  • avatar

    I love black cars. When they’re someone else’s.

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    While my Jeep GC was at the dealer’s for service, I looked at a white Pacifica. I liked it very much. If it had the equipment I wanted, and not what I didn’t, I wouldn’t care what the color was. Black is OK.

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    A minivan will NEVER look ‘sinister’. That’s not the point of these things. Buying a minvan is a lot like buying a pair of crutches: If you need it to get the job done, you suck it up for a bit then toss it when the need has passed.

    If you have people/kids/crap to haul around but want sinister and fun to drive, Dodge will sell you a Hemi Durango. Hell Im a single man with zero kids, zero desire to have them and Id rock a Hemi Durango, especially the SRT. AWD and Indigo Blue, thank you very much.

    • 0 avatar

      You know… I had the same feeling about sedans. When all the coupes started disappearing about 15-20 years ago, I wondered if it was the end of boy-racer sporty cars. Nope, they jumped right into Neon SRTs, WRX’es, and Lancer EVOs, even if they had the kid doors on the sides. In fact, they even jumped head-first into hatchbacks like the Focus ST and Fiesta ST, cars that look like they should come either with Enterprise stickers or Domino’s stick-on delivery lights. Ask the yoots why they like four door hatchbacks, and they offer the same justifications for minivans – can haul junk, doors offer easier access for friends, etc.

      Look at the weird fetishization of station wagons. Kids talk about station wagons as something incredibly cool now, which absolutely blows my mind having ridden in one as a kid, the car my parents bought when it was clear that neither the Bug nor the El Camino was practical once I dropped into the world. If the friggin Station Wagon can make the jump from the preferred stuffy and utilitarian ride of mom and dad, the minivan can do it too.

      • 0 avatar

        I still feel that way about 99% of sedans. When I was in the market for something like a turbo pocket rocket as a daily driver to compliment my Jeep, I wanted an SRT-4 but only a coupe would do. That didn’t exist so I checked out a turbocharged PT Cruiser with manual and loved the thing. I bought it, modded it and drove the hell out of it for 4 years. Had to listen to a lot of inane chatter off the haters, but it showed its taillights to plenty of them. And I moved into my house using it, did camping trips, hauled tons of IKEA stuff for friends and myself, etc etc.

        At anything less than full size, sedans are stupid. Coupes are for max style and performance, hatches/wagons FTW as all around useful cars that can still be a decent platform for go-fast fun.

        • 0 avatar

          I like PT Cruisers. I probably will buy one before the price starts back up..Yes, that’s right- the price will go up and 20 years from now they will be as respected as 55 Chevies- just probably not as expen$ive.

          • 0 avatar
            Matt Posky

            I still hate the PT Cruiser but the turbo variant is something that should be protected by enthusiast everywhere.

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    One aspect of our 2017 Sienna SE is its looks. I’ve gotten more compliments on its looks from random people than any other vehicle I’ve owned (which have all been boring too). The “Predawn Mica” (dark grey) with the 19″ anthracite wheels and other styling cues set it off from the rest of the Toyotaboxes it shared the lot with. I’m not a huge fan of “murdered out” but a tweak of chrome to black or other minimal styling changes goes a long way. The SE Sienna does drive a little bit better than the other Siennas too.

    I don’t want an SUV or truck and don’t need one. I’ve espoused my love of minivans on here enough, our Sienna SE is our third one.

    What I would like would be an Odyssey “Si” or “Sport” package along the same lines as Chrysler’s “S”, Toyota’s “SE” or Caravan R/T. Just a little different from the other family boxes.

    Or, for VW to bring a van to the US that isn’t a rebadged something else (though this is highly unlikely, especially if that joint venture with Ford goes through).

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    Blacked out wheels…when you want the look of cheap winter steelies, but year round and for much more money.

    Totally blacked out cars look awful, as even black needs some contrasted accents to set it off. Otherwise it just looks dull and flat.

    And a blacked out minivan? Yeah, you’re not coming across like a total try-hard at all.

    Just own the minivan. There’s nothing to be ashamed off.

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    Dan R

    You have got to be joking.
    Yet another reason why Chrysler is so down market.

  • avatar

    Sinister? Minivan? Pacifica? Uh, no!

  • avatar

    Available at your nearest BHPH lot with the 20″ chrome dubz package!

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