2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt: Five More Horses for the Road

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
2019 ford mustang bullitt five more horses for the road

If you’re a superfan of the 1968 film Bullitt, or maybe just of Steve McQueen, prepare to split the difference between the price of a Ford Mustang GT and a Shelby GT350.

The limited-edition 2019 Mustang Bullitt, the third generation of which bowed in Detroit in January, commands a sticker price of $47,495 after delivery, the automaker announced today — positioning it more than $11k above the GT and nearly $11k below the GT350. Of course, neither of those models offer retro-themed flourishes, nor can you order Highland Green paint.

You also get 20 extra horsepower than the GT for all that expense, which is mercifully 5 hp more than the automaker first estimated.

Official output of the Bullitt’s massaged 5.0-liter Coyote V8 amounts to 480 hp, with torque staying put at 420 lb-ft. These figures rely on 93 octane gas to be accurate. Moving up to the GT350 (which doesn’t don the 2018 Mustang’s refreshed face) nets a buyer 526 hp and 429 lb-ft, but Bullitt buyers clearly aren’t motivated solely by speed.

To nudge the car’s top end a little higher, Ford added a performance open air intake, borrowed the GT350’s intake manifold and 87mm throttle body, and tinkered with the powertrain control module calibration. A top speed of 163 mph means the Bullitt could place 8 miles between it and the GT after running flat out for 60 minutes.

The Bullitt differentiates itself from its lesser Mustang brethren with a chrome-ringed grille, blacked out torque-thrust 19-inch aluminum wheels, red Brembo brakes, faux chrome gas cap out back, and a cue ball shifter for the six-speed manual transmission. Other minor appearance upgrades abound. If your WASP-y streetmates already look down their noses at your lifestyle, the Bullitt’s active valve performance exhaust can provide incognito operation or a throaty roar, depending on the state of neighborly hostilities (and your current mood). NitroPlate quad tips complete the exhaust’s aural journey from manifold to street.

Cinema fans with cash to burn can expect the first Bullitt deliveries this summer. Orders opened today.

[Images: Ford Motor Company]

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  • Kkt Kkt on Mar 29, 2018

    The point of Lt. Bullit was cheap muscle. He had to live on a lieutenant's salary in S.F. Today he'd probably get a used V8 and paint it green.

    • Art Vandelay Art Vandelay on Mar 30, 2018

      Today he couldn't afford to live near the city and if he did someone would spit on him when they found out he was a Cop.

  • Zipper69 Zipper69 on Apr 02, 2018

    Did they include the Parking Space Finder fitted to the original?

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