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2018 Hyundai Veloster

Ahead of next week’s North American International Auto Show, where TTAC will have a full complement of boots on the ground, Hyundai has released a few teaser shots of its next Veloster.

Spy shots have been floating around for a while now, supporting the thesis that the upcoming Hyundai hatch will retain its oddball door configuration. It may even have a performance model, dubbed the N, a letter so chosen by the Korean automaker because all the cool bits of the alphabet were already taken.

The current model showed up in 2011 as a 2012 model, sporting three side doors all of different lengths and an expansive glass hatchback with stickers admonishing owners not to bash in the heads of rear seat occupants. All signs point to the next Veloster being equipped in a similar fashion.

2018 Hyundai Veloster

These side shots clearly show the 2018 Hyundai Veloster coupe-hatch mashup will retain its 2+1 three-door silhouette, while the front end adopts the enormous trapezoid grille shape we saw in the spy photographs earlier last year. Around back, the teaser shots show double-barrel exhaust tips, currently found on the Turbo variant of today’s Veloster.

2018 Hyundai Veloster

A conceptual interior shot is provided as well, showing a very clean dashboard with very little in the way of switchgear frippery. A squared-off steering wheel faces the driver, framing a set of gauges that’ll likely have some sort of reconfigurable screen offering performance data. A tablet-esque infotainment system stands atop the dash, much like the ones found in Mazda products.

A dramatic character line neatly bisects the interior, no doubt in an effort to provide a “driver-focused” cockpit. Kids going on a first date should look elsewhere if they want to cuddle with their new squeeze; meanwhile, parents across the nation breathe a sigh of relief. What appears to be an honest-to-goodness stick shift manual transmission is depicted in the sketch.

2018 Hyundai Veloster

The 2017 Veloster is offered with two engines – a 132 horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder and a 201 horsepower 1.6-liter turbo. All models are rated at over 30 mpg on the highway. Hyundai will likely bin the lesser engine, keeping the 200 horse mill as the base motor. In Europe, the i30N hatch is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo able to crank out over 250 horsepower. It would surprise us not if Hyundai decided to plug that engine into the Veloster in an attempt to take on the Golf GTI and Focus ST.

Right now, the entry-level MSRP is $18,100, but rebates and bonus cash put the base model at under $15,000. Expect the new Veloster to start a few shekels higher than the outgoing model, especially if the standard engine is more potent than the current one. The revamped model should arrive on dealer lots later this year.

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21 Comments on “The 2.75-door Returns: Hyundai Teases a New Veloster...”

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    Granted the first one was a dog turd but there is reason to be hopeful here. They did good stuff with the Elantra Sport and this looks to share much of the same underpinnings. The idea of a non-traditional hot hatch makes me happy in this all CUV world.

    • 0 avatar

      The previous one was based on the Accent, not the Elantra. Is there any indication that this thing has moved up a class? It will probably drive more like the redesigned Accent than it will the Elantra.

      • 0 avatar

        Errrr….hope fading….

      • 0 avatar

        Nope – the new Veloster shares underpinnings with the i30.

        Same will go for the Veloster-N (sharing underpinnings with the i30N).

        Figure that Biermann will improve upon on what his team already did for the i30N, so should be vastly better than any variation of the 1G Veloster.

        The sheetmetal seems a bit better, but still not quite my thing.

        Otoh, the dash looks to be a huge improvement.

        On other news, there’s growing indication that Hyundai may be doing a 2-seat sports car.

  • avatar

    I have always found this to be an interesting car. Don’t hold out much hope though for commercial success.

    I think this car would actually be a great candidate for the crossover treatment. AWD, some ride height and you have a pretty slick looking mini CUV looking like something that just came out of Baja or Dakar.

  • avatar

    One of the ugliest rear ends I have ever seen. Almost makes the bizarre looking one on the CR-V I saw this morning acceptable.

  • avatar

    I have always liked the veloster… It was different than almost anything currently available, and even had some practicality as well with a fairly large hatch/trunk. The third door is more of a gimmick as it really didn’t make entry THAT MUCH easier due to is abrupt fender curve, but for kids it would work just fine.

    I actually am intrigued by this new one… looking forward to the reveal!

    • 0 avatar

      I fully agree with liking it, but I did NOT find the 3rd door a gimmick.

      For little kids, the worst thing in the world is having to fold the seat up, and then not be able to get it back to where you liked it (Every 2 door car I’ve ever owned has made me so angry I swore I’d never own one again), but the third door solves that issue.

      Oddly, my biggest issue is the side that its on! Its on the passenger side. So let me get this right, I have to go tell my kids to stand in traffic and die? No thank you. That was such an issue we chose not to buy one, but would have bought one in a heartbeat if that door was on the drivers side…

      but I have to wonder, would it have cost THAT much more to put a door on both sides and just made it a 4 door like the RX-8?

      I think its a great looking car and it wasn’t awful to drive.

      • 0 avatar

        …I’m not sure you’ve got this right. As far as I’m aware, most markets got versions with the 3rd door on the curb-side: RHD markets on the right side of the car, and LHD markets on the right.

        Unless you’re talking about either A: parking on the opposite side on one-way streets, or B: parking AGAINST the flow of traffic (which, why and how and why do you do that?), that side-of-the-car issue shouldn’t be a problem.

        • 0 avatar

          I was going to say… stand in traffic? The car here has the passenger door on the curb side being a Left Hand Vehicle. If it was on the driver side then yeah… that would be an issue in NA at least.

  • avatar

    Probably will turn out to be yet another underdone Hyundai, which the automotive journalists tasked with reviewing it will begin their words by saying, as in every review since 1997, “Hyundais used to be rubbish, but there is growing evidence they are rapidly catching up with mainstream marques and are almost their equal”.

    Almost isn’t good enough for the 22nd year in a row. Worldwide sales are diving. They need to be better than average instead of constantly lagging. Does anyone really think the upcoming G70 will match the BMW 3 series wobbles and all, the Audi A4 or the Merc C300? If so, I have a gluten free diet for you.

    • 0 avatar

      I am sure Hyundai reliability has already surpassed German reliability. After owning three Hyundai’s, I can honestly say they have been extremely reliable.

      Where are you getting your stats from?

    • 0 avatar

      More like sales in China (due to the dispute over THAAD) and the US (due to the lack of crossovers) have slumped.

      H/K sales are growing in Europe, India, Australia, Russia, Mexico, etc.

      As for reliability, Hyundai once again is #1 in Auto Bild’s reliability rankings (Kia was #1 last year).

      As for the G70 matching the Germans, maybe not, but likely will come, at the very least, close.

      After all, numerous reviewers have picked the Stinger over competitors like the S5 or 4 Series GC (or the i30N over the GTI or Civic Type R).

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    Better idea, Hyundai:

    Put four doors on, keep the shape the same, add plastic cladding, and call it the VHR. Market it as an FWD crossover.

    You’re welcome.

  • avatar

    With the Kona coming out… I am not sure another crossover is really what Hyundai needs.. but what do I know :)

  • avatar

    Just sell us the European i30 N for christ’s sake.

  • avatar

    On another news front, seems like Genesis is starting to work on a long-rumored “halo” sports car.

    Will be a 2-seater with the powertrain including electric motors.

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