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Emission probes have been in fashion for a couple of years now, especially in Europe. In France, the most recent target is FCA. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is currently under a judicial investigation as to whether or not it misled customers and cheated during emissions testing.

Though the terms of probe are unclear, a letter from the French magistrate kicked off the new investigation earlier this month. In the letter, the head of the investigation says the suspected emissions cheating dates back as early as September 2009, and involves the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep brands. FCA is also under investigation in the United States over possible emissions cheating with its light-duty diesel truck engines. 

Reuters, which intercepted the letter, was nonspecific as to which engines might be at fault. However it does state that investigators suspect FCA was involved in the “obstruction of the work of an official tasked with registering breaches of the consumer code.”

Further investigation from France’s Le Monde indicates the powerplants under scrutiny were diesel motors sold primarily in Fiat and Jeep vehicles — specifically the longstanding Multijet series of engines.

The European Union previously launched legal action against Italy for failing to properly police allegations of emissions cheating by Fiat Chrysler. Whether this is a post-dieselgate witch hunt or something far more serious remains to be seen. The maximum fine for corporate “aggravated deception” would translate to roughly 10.5 billion euros, if France takes into account the automaker’s global revenue.

FCA France claims it has cooperated with authorities and will continue to do so in the future. However, it said it will not comment further on the matter until the full details are known.

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6 Comments on “FCA: Under Investigation and in Dutch With Europe...”

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    I’m wondering if this isn’t more related to the charges now facing Daimler and VW for running a cartel. After all, if those two groups, which were at least somewhat implicated in Dieselgate, what are the chances Fiat/FCA were as well? It could well be a fishing expedition which may or may not catch a fish.

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      I doubt Fiat/FCA was part of any German cartel. It looks like plain, old piling on for cash. Now that a French company owns Opel, fining Fiat out of the EU might look attractive to government types, in addition to getting a cut of the money.

      Official government sponsored corruption is the reason the UK wants out of the EU, the immigration issue was just the last straw. European history is filled with centuries of internecine warfare. Now they’re just waging financial warfare, with the same likely result: mutually assured destruction.

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        Guitar man

        Well no, because the Multijet engines are owned by GM and PSA group as well. They were the ones that cost GM $1 billion.

        It was the VM Motori 3.0L V6 that was subject to problems with CARB certification in USA.

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        I guess anything is possible, Lorenzo, but so far both the US and the EU have been having trouble pinning anything solid on FCA, and that’s saying something.

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    Prove Your Humanity 2+9=?

    “Your diesel Fiat is no Volkswagen!”
    “Oh, yeah? It’s just as good!”

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    el scotto

    Did you mean to say that Reuters received a copy of the letter from the French legal system? I rather doubt they “intercepted” a letter from a French “magistrate”.

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