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hamburg Porsche fire

A Porsche dealership in Hamburg, Germany fell victim to a fire targeting roughly a dozen vehicles last night and there is some speculation on whether or not the arson was politically motivated — primarily due to its close proximity to this weekend’s G-20 summit. Relegated primarily to 718s and Macans, firebugs apparently missed some of the hotter ticket items in the showroom to burn the less-expensive models sitting in the lot. However, at least one Porsche 911 went up in smoke, along with an almost unrecognizable Panamera.

While the fire may have been unrelated vandalism or insurance fraud, Hamburg protesters spent a portion of the evening starting dumpster fires and setting cars ablaze in other parts of the city. They’ve since geared up and organized for a weekend of globalist opposition near the city’s center as police rolled in with water cannons and riot gear. Organizers of Thursday’s demonstration have titled the event “G-20: Welcome to Hell.” 

Details of the Porsche fires were outlined in Fire Engineeringwhere Hamburg authorities explained the incident occurred in the city’s Eidelstedt district shortly before 4 a.m. on July 6th. The cars were extinguished two hours later as dawn broke over a parking lot littered with blackened automotive frames and the white foaming agent fire departments use to keep combustible fuels from making contact with oxygen.

Eight of the cars were burned intentionally, with the flames spreading to several other nearby vehicles. No injuries were reported.

According to the UK’s Daily Mirror, early estimations from Porsche place the total damages at around $1.13 million.

Optimistically, this will turn out to be the act of a disgruntled employee using the summit as cover and not a politically motivated attack on capitalism as Jalopnik (satirically, I hope) suggested. Because, if someone were trying to make a statement about wealth, they really should have burned more Porsche 911s and left some of those poor entry-level models alone.


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34 Comments on “Porsche Dealership Arson Enacts Sick Burn on Globalists, Maybe...”

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    Car Guy

    Those committing these crimes at the Porsche dealer and the G20 meetings should be called what they really are – terrorists. They are no different than ISIS and should be hunted down and shot.

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    There’s nothing about these violent, entitled children that couldn’t have been solved with earlier and more frequent beatings.

    Thanks a lot, Doctor Spock.

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      “There’s nothing about these violent, entitled children that couldn’t have been solved with earlier and more frequent beatings.”

      King George III probably thought something similar.

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    We could help the Germans by dispatching a contingent of Korean small business owners. They’re pretty good at protecting property from rioters.

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    I’m sure Trump will blame Obama for this…

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    Gotta be pretty stupid to make a political statement by making things _worse_ .


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    Porsche was member of NAZI and SS. All that wears his name should be burned and destroyed. I am surprised they kept this name

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      Arthur Dailey

      I tend to agree. But then I have heard that Opel was the largest supplier of vehicles to the Wehrmacht, so should GM have been punished?

      What of Hugo Boss who was also a member and designed the SS uniform?

      Or IBM who created the database used in The Holocaust?

      Or Bayer who used slave labour?

      Or Krupp who supplied heavy armaments?

      But then I work at a company where we do not allow vehicles manufactured by German automakers to be company vehicles and where some will still not drive/ride in a ‘German’ vehicle. And I am fine with that policy.

      • 0 avatar

        Here is my take. All these German car companies are “up to elbow” in blood. This is why I will never buy German car. However, I have no issues with Germany or German people. It is not their fault that their predecessors committed these crimes. But the companies who participated in these crimes somehow keep living on. Moreover, they have names of those who were closest friends of Hitler. We also have one such company – Ford. Ardent antisemite and according to Hitler, “dear friend” of his. There is also something about Ford factories making Hitler’s war equipment – check this

        In America we wouldn’t name a company like, [Michael] Jackson, [Tiger] Woods or [OJ] Simpson. But Porsche is OK. Its after 6, you know. After 6 is OK

        • 0 avatar

          I hear ya slavula! That’s why I’m not a Ben Affleck fan – his family were slave holders after all!

          Well not really… if you look hard enough you can apply the “sins of our father’s” restriction.

          Take Chiquita Brands International, they acquired United Fruit which was responsible for helping to overthrow at least one government in South America.

          How about Mitsubishi? They built war planes that were used to invade other asian countries ( not to mention their greater war effort ) in which they cruelly treated the inhabitants ( slavery, medical and weapons experimentation ).

          How many companies in the US have benefited from slavery or segregation or medical experiments on African Americans without their consent or knowledge? Speaking of the Japanese what about companies that did business with the government when we had concentration camps.

          What about companies like DuPont? They were responsible for a huge environmental disaster in India.

          British Petroleum and Haliburton for something even more recent?

          Do you take the time to filter your retirement investment portfolios to make sure you aren’t receiving blood money in one form or the other?

          Like shrimp? If it’s from Asia chances are it was harvested by a slave that more than likely ended up as bait so don’t shop at Costco!

          Ever bought jewelry with a diamond or emerald in it? Yeah you guessed right… That’s blood money to.

          How do you feel about nuclear weapons? If they offend you better toss all that GE stuff out.

          This admittedly minor list is just off the top of my head. You can probably add most big Parma companies in there since for example the ones operating out of Puerta Rico don’t have to worry about pesky environmental regs and there is a marked increase in cancer deaths there due to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

          • 0 avatar


            I do nearly all you said – no GE products for me. No jewelry.

            But please, don’t compare German slaves and American slaves. In America slavery happened during times when the humans were not humans yet and purpose was to have free labor. It is horrible thing. But even more horrible thing happened in Germany, where slaves were simply worked to death with a goal to destroy them. In fact, these people weren’t even slaves. They were waiting for execution and only circumstances of that time temporarily delayed this execution.

          • 0 avatar

            German slavery worse that African American slavery? Geez….not even gonna get into that fustercluck.

        • 0 avatar

          How long does this guilt persist? All the WWII participants are retired from their jobs and almost all of them are dead – civilian or military.

          Do you extend this guilt to Japan and Italy as well?

          Do we take it further and include the Russians b/c they had Stalin and his purges?

          There is ALOT of historical guilt for various wars, imperialism, and colonialism. I don’t think any country has clean hands including the USA.

      • 0 avatar

        Or Wall Street who funded both NSDAP and the Bolsheviks decades earlier.

      • 0 avatar

        Out of curiosity, which company do you work for that doesn’t allow German cars?

        • 0 avatar
          Arthur Dailey

          A privately owned company founded by a Holocaust survivor. He is still active and yes we have at least one other survivor who still is working here.

          Plus many descendants/family members of survivors.

          I had a high school teacher who suffered from what we now recognize as PTSD from his time as a POW of the Japanese. He was literally unable to go into the same room as an adult person of Japanese ethnicity. Of course he would never purchase a product manufactured by a Japanese company.

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        Add Lightness

        ….and Fanta was the Nazi soda.

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      “All that wears his name should be burned and destroyed.” Do you honestly believe that? How strongly do you believe that, strongly enough to go to prison for it?

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        I didn’t know they throw you in prison (in US) for your believes.

        • 0 avatar

          You don’t go to prison for your misguided beliefs, you to prison when acting on your misguided beliefs leads to breaking the law. You said “All that wears his name should be burned and destroyed” either you were just spouting nonsense that you don’t really believe or you don’t have the courage to practice what you preach.

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      The reason I don’t drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini is because my ancestors were slaughtered and abused by the Romans. 2000 years later we still hold a grudge!

      The last person who told me he would never drive a German car because of the Holocaust was a Jewish gentleman who ended up trading in a Ford product for a GM product. Oh the irony! If they only knew about the connections and support which Ford and GM provided to Nazi Germany before and even during the war!

      Porsche was not a Nazi in the sense that he believed that gibberish, but he was a member of the party because it advantageous for business purposes. He was not a member of the SS.

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    I have some aged inventory that exhibits the worst qualities of capitalism run amok. Can Antifa burn some of them to ashes?

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