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Subaru WRX STI TYPE RA NBR, Image: Subaru

As Subaru continues work on a performance-spec BRZ, there has been a cautious level of optimism surrounding its development. So when Subaru USA tweeted out a massive rear spoiler and urged us to “stay tuned” for June 8th, everyone naturally assumed this was the vehicle to be on the lookout for.

Another image was released today — this time of a carbon fiber roof — referencing the same date and stirring up some controversy. That’s because, just out of focus, you can make out the blurry front end of what is assuredly a WRX. Instead of treating the world to a tweaked version of its rear-wheel-drive coupe next week, Subaru is reviving the hardcore WRX Type RA for the company’s 50th anniversary. The only way this could be any better is if it came with a hatchback option. 

Introduced for the Japanese market in 1993, the RA was a stripped-down model designed for motorsport and the limited information available on the new version appears to follow that formula.

The Type RA nameplate was also attached to the 600 horsepower WRX Subaru used to attempt the lap record for sedans at the Nürburgring earlier this year (pictured). Unfortunately, it was too rainy to set any new records, though Subaru confirmed today it will be back at it later this summer.

Subaru WRX STI TYPE RA NBR, Image: Subaru

It also confirmed the car in the teaser photos is indeed the production version of the WRX STI Type RA.

The automaker wouldn’t give up more information than that, but Motor1 reports the special edition model will be based off the 2018 model year STI and feature Recaro seats, a carbon fiber hood and wing, upgraded suspension with Bilstein dampers, and 19-inch forged BBS wheels in Subaru’s traditional gold. Subaru also has made unspecified engine and gearing upgrades. If it continues adhering to the Type RA mantra, expect significantly closer ratios and more power than your standard STI. We’ll find out how much more next week.

[Images: Subaru/YouTube]

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9 Comments on “Subaru WRX STI Type RA to Debut Prior to BRZ STI...”

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    cimarron typeR

    I briefly saw parts of the Silverstone video. Do we really care what a stripped out , caged, aero winged car track time is? I mean that’s a race car with no hints of being a production car.
    I mean , seriously , I bet one could get v6 2015 Mustang with a built NA motor and a full Grand Am spec suspension to the same lap time.

  • avatar

    Maybe the fine folks at Subbie knew about JB’s article in advanced and attempted an answer?

  • avatar

    At this point I’m pretty sure we’ll see all of the protons in the universe decay before a BRZ STI is put into production.

  • avatar

    Oh, thank goodness, just what we needed.

    Don’t forget, Toyobaru: Those who went out and bought an FR-S or BR-Z when they came out now own a 3- or 4 year-old car. I think one or two of them modified for additional power.

    That’s not to mention those of us who were excited for this car, and immediately disappointed that your superior chassis balance was offset by a power delivery that will be remembered as arguably the most inexplicable crippling of any sporting car sold in the US to date.

    Give it the powerband of the WRX and I trade in my FiST tomorrow.

    • 0 avatar

      It beggars belief that they chose to hobble the car in such a way, and then double down on stupid when the market loudly asks for a solution. Oh wait, it doesn’t…having worked in Asia, I’ve seen firsthand the “we know better than our customers” mentality and the passive-aggressive FUs being thrown out in the form of bodywork mods with no accompanying power bump. Subaru squelching real improvements in the WRX/STi is a part of this.

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    Amen on the hatchback comment. I’d buy one in a heartbeat, but I need that flexibility.

    • 0 avatar

      I was in the market last year, and wound up having to buy a used ’13 WRX. Subaru could’ve had thirty thousand of my brand new dollars if there was a WRX hatch on the new chassis. I would’ve accepted a Crosstrek XT Turbo as well.

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