QOTD: What Stretch of Asphalt is Your Little Secret?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
qotd what stretch of asphalt is your little secret

Growing up a million years ago in Canada’s most eastern province, everyone – young, old, tall, short – had a primo spot for their favored recreational activity. Fishing? We all did that … and you’d better believe there was a location or two better than all the others. The old folks used to go berry-picking and everyone knew not to muscle in on Uncle Eli’s favorite blueberry patch.

Me? Then, as ever, I enjoyed driving cars … and I had a favorite spot for that, too.

After snaking its way through the timber woods of Balsam Fir and Black Spruce, the good part of Route 330 opens up to a terrain filled with marsh and lowland trees, tilted at crazy angles in the direction of the prevailing winds. Skirting the frigid North Atlantic along the rocky Newfoundland shore between Musgrave Harbour and Deadman’s Bay, it is dominated by long sweeping curves and straight stretches from which the area earns its name of Straight Shore. Either by design or happy coincidence, this ribbon of tarmac rewards anyone piloting an engine attached to wheels, be it two or four.

Headed west, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean lie to your left, often filled with pack ice well into the month of June. Bring a scarf or hat if you’re planning to drop a convertible top: it’s not uncommon for gale-force northeasterlies to exceed 60 miles per hour.

But none of that matters one whit, not when you’ve a powerful engine, a willing chassis, and the space to wind them out (within legal speed, natch). The pavement isn’t perfect but it’s above average around here. A few dips simply keep you alert, right? At least, that’s what we tell ourselves. Space abounds to haul over to the side and enjoy the scenery or a quick snog with your favorite girl. It’s not like anyone’s around to see what you’re up to. During the sparse summer months in this part of the world, that’s about as good as it got for this young gearhead.

What’s your favorite driving road? There’s plenty of ‘em. Or – like Uncle Eli’s blueberry spot – are you guarding your bit of four-wheel nirvana as a well-kept secret?

[Image: Google Street View]

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  • CobraJet CobraJet on Jun 12, 2017

    US 1 from Homestead FL to Key West. In the 70's the bridges linking the Keys were very narrow as they were built on the original railroad trestles. Fun driving in a wide 74 Gran Torino and meeting traffic.

  • WildcatMatt WildcatMatt on Jun 26, 2017

    When we lived in upstate NY there was one stretch I always enjoyed -- unless I was behind someone puttering along under 55. That was NY-30 from I-88 to NY-67. Near the south end was a long, straight, gentle hill and apart from the slowdowns for a couple of hamlets just a pleasant country drive. And then if you were driving at night, you'd crest the hill and suddenly see the twinkling lights of Amsterdam in the valley below. The Stewart's Shops at the intersection with US-20 for grabbing half-gallons of Crumbs Along the Mohawk ice cream on the way home just made it sweeter.

  • 3SpeedAutomatic Drove a rental Cherokee for several days at the beginning of this year. Since the inventory of rental cars is still low, this was a 2020 model with 48k miles and V6. Ran fine, no gremlins, graphics display was easy to work, plenty of power, & very comfortable. Someone must of disarmed the lane assistance feature for the steering wheel never shook (YES!!!!!!!!). However, this woman's voice kept nagging me about the speed limit (what's new!?!?!?!).I was impressed enough to consider this a prime candidate to replace my 11 yr old Ford Escape. Might get a good deal with the close out of the model. Time will tell. 🚗🚗🚗
  • Bullnuke One wonders if this poor woman entered the US through Roxham Road...
  • Johnds Years ago I pulled over a vehicle from either Manitoba or Ontario in North Dakota for speeding. The license plates and drivers license did not come up on my dispatchers computer. The only option was to call their government. Being that it was 2 am, that wasn’t possible so they were given a warning.
  • BEPLA My own theory/question on the Mark VI:Had Lincoln used the longer sedan wheelbase on the coupe - by leaning the windshield back and pushing the dashboard & steering wheel rearward a bit - not built a sedan - and engineered the car for frameless side windows (those framed windows are clunky, look cheap, and add too many vertical lines in comparison to the previous Marks) - Would the VI have remained an attractive, aspirational object of desire?
  • VoGhost Another ICEbox? Pass. Where are you going to fill your oil addiction when all the gas stations disappear for lack of demand? I want a pickup that I can actually use for a few decades.