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[toyota-ft-4x-concept, Image: Toyota]

A concept vehicle which bowed at April’s New York International Auto Show could adopt a somewhat familiar name if it makes it to production.

Toyota has filed a trademark application for the TJ Cruiser name — a moniker which harkens back to the large, rugged and funky FJ Cruiser of yesteryear. However, if this name does find its way to a production vehicle, don’t expect similar proportions.

The application, filed on May 25th and uncovered by AutoGuide, covers “Automobiles and structural parts thereof.” Right now, the only potential future model that carries any off-road potential is the FT-4X Concept revealed in New York. That vehicle, infuriatingly aimed at “casual core” urban Millennial types, rides atop the same platform as Toyota’s Prius hybrid and front-drive C-HR crossover.

When the C-HR bowed with no all-wheel-drive option, it seemed the automaker was either kissing off a crucial segment of buyers or playing its cards close to the vest. If put into production, the four-wheel-drive FT-4X would offer buyers more off-road capability than a C-HR and a versatile interior designed for adventure  It would also need a new name.

While many aspects of the concept vehicle appeared gimmicky and unlikely to see production, the basic elements seem like a sure bet.  At the show, Toyota boasted of the FT-4X’s aggressive arrival and departure angles, selectable low range and beefed-up double-wishbone rear suspension and McPherson front struts. A “punchy” small-displacement four-cylinder would provide motivation, said the automaker.

While there’s no confirmation as to whether the vehicle will make it to production, if it does, we’re now pretty sure of its name.

[Image: Toyota Motor Corporation]

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36 Comments on “Toyota Files ‘TJ Cruiser’ Trademark; Name Could Adorn a Compact Crossover...”

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    Looks more like a BJ Cruiser, imo.

  • avatar

    Owners of 1997-2006 Jeep Wranglers suddenly perked up, then looked away in disgust.

  • avatar

    that thing resembles a barn owl.

  • avatar

    Wasn’t this what FJ-Cruiser already was, or was it some kind of unicorn in terms of platform construction?

    EDIT: Nope FJ was the real deal, apparently. This TJ seems to be a purse.

  • avatar

    Building a good car for everyone results in success (Corolla, Camry, etc.).
    Building a car for a demographic stereotype results in failure to sell to said group (all Scion models).

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    30-mile fetch

    Jeep sold 100K Renegades last year. Looks like Toyota wants a piece of that pie. TJ Cruiser sounds just cutesy-tough enough to work, though FJ Cruiser owners are going to scowl every time they see this little runt.

  • avatar

    This could be kind of cool. I actually like the Renegade’s concept, but not Fiat Chrysler’s execution. If this could hearken back to the gen 1 Rav4 which was similarly car-based but had some decent offroad chops, that’d be neat.

    • 0 avatar

      I kind of like it as I’ve gotten older extreme 4wheeling (and the broken parts that go with it) don’t appeal like they used to and things like this and the Patriot make a lot of sense for daily driver I can take on fire and logging roads up north.

    • 0 avatar
      30-mile fetch

      I was thinking that if this ever went 4-door it would be coming full circle to the original RAV4. Funny that once a model bloats and evolves over model cycles it leaves the original market position open to be filled.

    • 0 avatar

      I agree. I’d love it to be something that would leave the other cute-utes looking stupid when it pulls up covered in mud.

      Maybe the Bronco will sell well enough for Toyota to launch a second-gen FJ Cruiser.

      I got a thing for small boxes (Soul, 1st xB, Cube, Element even the Rengade). Having some mud-flinging abilities would just make it just that much cooler.

      Please make a stick shift version, Toyota. Honda and Jeep I know offer a manual trans in their subcompact CUVs. That’s the only way to go.

    • 0 avatar

      I was just thinking the same thing. When the first gen RAV4 came out in 96, I really wanted one. It had appeal as a small rugged ‘active outdoorsy’ vehicle. It would be nice if there was a modern day equivalent to that. I am somewhat skeptical though, and suspect this will end up being more style without the substance.

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    Pete Zaitcev

    This may be interesting. I looked at Renegade at some point, and could not get over how huge it was – longer than my Wrangler and just as wide.

  • avatar

    I was hoping we’d get an FJ that you could actually see out of. This is not it.

    • 0 avatar

      That’s my biggest gripe about the FJ. A form over function approach to the design for the sake of ‘looking retro.’ The Original FJ40 looks like it does because it is bare bones functional. The FJ took a perfectly good 4Runner platform and made it ugly and hard to see out of. My ’96 4Runner has the same approach and breakover angles (same wheelbase) and ground clearance as a FJ (admittedly worse departure), but looks much better and is a pleasant cabin to sit in, with substantially more cargo room to boot.

      • 0 avatar

        I still have a thing for the FJ thou, blue with white roof for me. I took a look at a trade in at the yota dealer the other day, and that back seat looks alot smaller now that my 10 year old is 5 feet tall. That and the non opening rear windows are a bit of an issue.

        • 0 avatar

          The FJ and the first gen xB were my favorite Toyotas when they were on the market.

          I even bought am FJ scale car (like a decent detailed model made of metal) FJ. Blue with a white roof.

          I’d take an FJ with those plain steelies, just paint them silver haha.

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    I buy a TJ Cruiser over a Jeep product any day! Just hope they keep the front end looking traditional instead of the polarizing “Predator” mouth look of the Camry and all Lexus brands!
    I hoping for an AWD performance vehicle to with around 400 hp and 400 lb of torque for around the $55K base price!

  • avatar

    Heh! The Toyota Renegade. Epic fail.

  • avatar

    Wonder if FCA will try and block the name ? TJ sounds ALOT like CJ which is a known Jeep name/trademark.

    FJ does not sound a lot like CJ, but TJ does

  • avatar

    The front bumper and the way it is painted looks awful to me. I hope the production unit fares better.

  • avatar

    I hope that Toyota realizes that TJ is the nickname for the city of Tijuana, the Mexican border town in Baja next to San Diego.

    Anyhow.. TJ Cruiser sounds like a drink you would order in Rosarita Beach. Or some tricked out low-rider parked on Avenida_Revolución on a Saturday evening.

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