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bob king

The former president of the United Automobile Workers, Bob King, says he supports President Trump’s plan to reconfigure the North American Free Trade Agreement — so long as it maintains labor’s best interests. Ironically, King’s support of the president’s trade plan came as he attended an Ann Arbor rally in support of an EPA testing facility in danger of being closed due to Trump administration budget cuts.

King, who served as the union’s president from 2010 to 2014, faults the trade pact for a loss of American jobs. It’s his belief that NAFTA allowed automakers to invest in more-affordable regions — like Mexico — at the expensive of the United States’ workforce. His successor, Dennis Williams, has echoed these claims and also wishes to see NAFTA reformed. 

While the two union leaders may support the overhaul, King is a little less enthusiastic about the man behind it. He was, after all, attending a Democrat-led rally against one of the president’s core initiatives.

“Workers have to be protected, our economy has to be protected, and the environment has to be protected,” King told Automotive News on Monday. “NAFTA didn’t do that. If [Trump] renegotiates NAFTA to do all that, great. I’m skeptical, because everything I’ve seen him do so far is to take care of the wealthy, not to take care of the workers or the environment.”

He then went on to accuse the president of taking unearned credit for auto jobs and investments created as a result of collective bargaining. Trump has indicated domestic automakers added jobs as a result of his hardline “America First” stance, but King says the majority of those positions were tied into company promises made as part of a 2015 contract with the UAW.

“Him taking credit for jobs isn’t real,” King said. “The reality is that they were bargained. Dennis Williams did an amazing job last time getting additional commitments for jobs in this country and billions of dollars invested in cities in America.”

The ex-union boss believes there an overriding frustration within the UAW over how policies have been handled by both parties. King says a history of lackluster trade deals and broken promises encouraged Michigan, a historically blue state, to vote Republican in the last election. “He got less votes than Romney, less votes than McCain and he’s still president,” King said of Trump. “I think there’s an important lesson for Democrats: working people want to see results. They’ve seen their lives get worse and worse, not better and better.”

[Image: World Economic Forum/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)]

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31 Comments on “Former UAW President Supports Trump’s NAFTA Overhaul, Less Enthusiastic About the Man...”

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    A politician taking credit for something he didn’t do? That is unheard of. That would be like a presidential candidate lying about classified emails in order to avoid prosecution. It just doesn’t happen.

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    SCE to AUX

    This story is rich with irony.

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      @SCE to AUX – Yes considering the fact that union leaders are just politicians of a different stripe.

      Do any of these guys realize that the majority of job losses have been due to automation not off-shoring?

      If we look at the chain of presidents in the USA, all of them as far back as Ronald Reagan were neoliberal. That means, “let the markets decide”.

      Emptypotus being a billionaire surrounded by Goldman Sachs alumni isn’t going to change much. His “tear up” NAFTA rants are just posturing to blow smoke up his supporters collective azzes. His flip flop on China sums up which side he has aligned. His anti-Canada softwood and dairy rants are petty kibble and bits thrown to the masses. Courts have ruled in favour of Canada every time.

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        “Emptypotus being a billionaire surrounded by Goldman Sachs alumni isn’t going to change much. His “tear up” NAFTA rants are just posturing to blow smoke up his supporters collective azzes. His flip flop on China sums up which side he has aligned. His anti-Canada softwood and dairy rants are petty kibble and bits thrown to the masses. Courts have ruled in favour of Canada every time.”

        You really should start charging Trump rent for occupying your head……

        • 0 avatar

          “You really should start charging Trump rent for occupying your head…”

          This round goes to markf, but Lou_BC could rally if psychiatry ever becomes a science.

        • 0 avatar

          @markf – speaking of living inside someone’s head, you replied.

          Care to refute my comment or is that rental property on your shoulders still looking for a tenant?

          Oh, the title of this thread is, “Former UAW President Supports Trump’s NAFTA Overhaul, Less Enthusiastic About the Man”

          • 0 avatar

            @Wee Todd –
            Why don’t you refute my comment as opposed to that overwhelming argumentum ad hominem?

            Why do you believe that Psychiatry is not a science?

            Just a little secret,”One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” isn’t a documentary.

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    Weird, how Bob King, is For Trump’s policy, but against Trump!

    Another example how the ‘crats and the Leftie-Libbys have lost their minds.

    Don’t they realize that Trump is a Labor/Union guy? Even Richard Trump ka has jumped on the Trump bandwagon.

    If the other candidate had won, the US would have no borders at all, and cheap labor would flow across the southern border displacing union workers.

    • 0 avatar

      @highdesertcat – “Don’t they realize that Trump is a Labor/Union guy?”

      Do you actually believe that statement?

      Please cite examples supporting your claim.

      Please cite examples of illegal immigrant labour displacing unionized manufacturing jobs.

      • 0 avatar

        “Do you actually believe that statement? ”

        Yes, I do! And so does Richard Trump ka. He’s backing Trump now, because he envisions more union jobs in America.

        Don’t ask stupid questions; especially since Trump got elected because cheap illegal alien labor displaced American workers, and that was a major motivator that drove America’s Heartland and folks in MI, WI, and other industrial states to the polls to vote for Trump.

        But don’t worry, many of those illegals are headed North, and border crossing across America’s northern border are more numerous these days than those on America’s southern border.

        • 0 avatar

          “Don’t ask stupid questions’

          The old saying is, “There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers.”

          Thanks for proving my point.

          Resorting to insults and name calling is a convenient way of mitigating cognitive dissonance created by the mind unable to come to terms with one’s beliefs and factual reality or one’s beliefs and the beliefs of another.

          Anyone with a differing point of view is denigrated/dehumanized. That is much easier than accepting the reality that one’s belief and value system is flawed.

          It is much easier for many to attack or deny than to face reality.

          “We each have to live by the beliefs and tenets that best personify us.”

          That says quite a bit about the author.

          As far as illegals coming to Canada, the people currently crossing from the USA into Canada are primarily refugees that fear religious, racial, and ethnic persecution by the USA Government and by the populace.

          That is no different than black slaves escaping to Canada via the Underground Railway.

          Both are occurrences that as an American, one would not want to brag about and should not view as a source of pride.

          • 0 avatar

            Get over yourself. Get a grip on what’s happening in the real world.

            Look at the new Canadian arrivals from down south as refugees.

          • 0 avatar

            @highdesertcat – answer my questions!

            Yes, we have had an increase in refugee claims.

            “the land of the free and the home of the brave”

            Only applies to old white guys, especially old white guys with money.

            You are a laugh a minute…….Keep ’em coming.

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            Suck it up, and deal with it!

            It must really rip you a new one to see these changes in America.

            Elections have consequences, as we were so often reminded by the last guy.

            And one of the consequences was that the electorate turned on the previous guy and voted for change.

            Hey, the new guy is just getting started, like he’s been on the job for only a little over 100 days, of a four year stint.

            I’m kinda anxious to see what surprises he has in store for the US, like maybe stacking the courts with alt-right judges instead of the previous guys’ alt-left judges?

            Ought to be downright interesting.

          • 0 avatar

            “Suck it up, and deal with it!”

            Thanks for proving my point once again.

            Since you do not have a platform to stand upon, you aren’t going to find high ground by digging a hole.

            This is too funny.

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            I’m laughing WITH you!

          • 0 avatar

            “I’m laughing WITH you!’

            That means you don’t believe a word that you have said.


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            I told you it would be downright interesting.

            And with the firing of the FBI Director a little while ago, I’m rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off.

            Mostly I’m laughing because the same ‘crats who said THEY had lost confidence in the FBI Director, are now calling it an outrage that the new guy fired him!

            I guess they can have it both ways, comin’ and goin’.

            I’ll be howling when Trump lets go with a few zingers aimed at the auto industry.

            Stay tuned!

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            “I told you it would be downright interesting.”


            Cover-ups usually are.

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      Trump is a most despicable creature. Trouble is, Pence is WORSE.

      • 0 avatar

        @shaker – Yes.
        A sock puppet does what ever the most recent hand stuck up its azz tells it to do.
        An ideologue can be much more dangerous, especially one that feels he is being guided by Divinity.

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    F*** you Bob, and f*** Dennis too.

    Get behind President Kushner, otherwise you’re an antisemitic terrorist who hates freedom.

    Then there’s this:

    “The juicy version is the Canadian version. Kushner came begging!

    White House staff called the Prime Minister’s Office last month to urge Justin Trudeau to persuade President Donald Trump not to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to multiple Canadian government sources.

    The unconventional diplomatic manoeuvre — approaching the head of a foreign government to influence your own boss — proved decisive, as Trump thereafter abandoned his threat to pull out of NAFTA unilaterally, citing the arguments made by Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto as pivotal…”

    • 0 avatar

      @28-Cars-Later – that pretty much sums up why I refer to him as “emptypotus”. The last thing that enters his head is what he goes with.

      • 0 avatar

        Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong with this one….

        • 0 avatar

          markf, what is amazing, at least from MY perspective, is that Trump said he would get the US out of NAFTA but has since changed his mind at the request of Mexico and Canada, and will now renegotiate.

          This is not going to make the unions very happy.

          Ah yes, elections have consequences, even if they don’t always give us the decisions we had hoped and prayed for……

          I can see it now, MOAH CARS FROM CANADA AND MEXICO! MOAH CARS!

      • 0 avatar

        I would much rather prefer Two Face, or ideally Heath Ledger’s Joker.

        The beauty of Two Face would be to take the last thing entering his head as one side of the coin and set the other side the exact opposite.

        Wildcard b*tchez!

        Are you not entertained?

        • 0 avatar

          “Are you not entertained?”

          It would be nice if someone pointed out to #emptypotus the fact that running the USA isn’t reality TV and secondly, reality TV isn’t reality.

          Oh and I agree, Heath Ledger’s Joker would be a better choice. At least the Joker had a plan and was willing to follow through with it.

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    Keeping all auto manufacturing jobs in the US would have made new vehicles more expensive and reduced sales. That would have been enough to push all three domestic manufacturers into bankruptcy. Going to Mexico cost some American jobs. Not going would have cost many more.

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