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2017 Ford Fiesta ST

After being taken to task for selecting an Ace of Base with all the financial restraint of MC Hammer during his peak earning years, I went on a bit of a hatchback kick. Nothin’ wrong with hatchbacks, even if they are often shunned like lepers by the American buying public. I learned to drive in a hatchback, then endured enjoyed a parade of five-doors during my, erm, formative years.

With that in mind, let’s see what the Blue Oval has in store for us at its most basic of five-door price points: a base Fiesta S Hatch.

… ah … um … oh dear.

Nope. I can’t do it. Only three colors, all of them on the greyscale. A sombre interior. And an infotainment system with buttons from Worf’s forehead.

*grumbles, clicks furiously on Ford’s build-and-price tool, takes a hearty swig of Newfoundland rum*

I have an idea. How about a no-options Fiesta ST? Yes, that’s the ticket. It can be argued the ST is a model onto itself, owing to the fact it’s filled to the gunwales with unique kit and ST-specific items. Starting MSRP for the 197-horsepower fun machine? $21,140. Adjusted for inflation, that’s less than my parents paid for an 88-horsepower Ford Escort in 1989.

You know those small dogs that are only about the size of a football but have excited, boundless energy? That’s the canine version of the Fiesta ST. Its 1.6L turbocharged inline-four makes Ford’s littlest, lightest car a blast to drive. The hatchback bodystyle means there’s an extra dose of practicality added to the mix, making it an easier sell to skeptical spouses. The eye-popping Molten Orange paint might give away its sporting intentions, not to mention it’s a $595 option. Stick to the $0 Magnetic Grey or Shadow Black and unsuspecting family members will think you simply bought a sensible hatchback.

The largest and most extravagant of the ST’s options are a set of $1,995 Recaro seats, which serve to pinch the torsos of the driver and their passenger. Sure, the racing inspired seats do a great job of holding you and your hostage passenger in place during an autocross, but chances are being wrapped up by a boa constrictor on the daily commute will get old real fast. Leave ‘em on the shelf and take the stock seats.

The standard Sony audio system is more than adequate, pumping out tunes through eight speakers. The $795 nav system can remain unchecked on the option sheet; use your phone instead. And surely — surely — you’re not vain enough to splash out an extra $395 for red brake calipers, right? Right? I mean, I don’t know anyone who delights in driving loud, obnoxious machinery. Nope. Not me. No sir.

It must be noted, for this year, the European ST doesn’t offer a 1.6-litre inline-four. Ford engineers on the other side of the pond are installing an EcoBoost-based 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine. Despite the loss in cylinder count, power reportedly goes up to 200 horsepower, while torque grows to 214 lb-ft. We know all about three-cylinder Fiestas at TTAC, so stay tuned to see if Ford brings this three-banger to the States.

For now, I’ll enjoy the Fiesta ST we have. Without any extra options, of course.

Not every base model has aced it. The ones that have? They help make the automotive landscape a lot better. Any others you can think of, B&B? Let us know in the comments. Naturally, feel free to eviscerate our selections.

The model above is shown with American options and is priced in American dollars absent of freight and available rebates. As always, your dealer may sell for less.

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20 Comments on “Ace of Base: 2017 Ford Fiesta...”

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    Was looking at the local Ford dealer over the weekend and I spotted a Fiesta SE in Bohal Bay Mint. What a unique colour that was in person! Too bad they can’t offer that across the Ford range.

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      Compaq Deskpro

      I’ve seen numerous Ford cars, including a Lincoln MKS with that strange color, it catches my eye everytime. Reminds me of the color you would see a typical 90’s Sable wagon.

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        I like green, it’s unique. I even like the mint option Chevy has on the Spark. I’m sad that Ford dropped the Ice Storm Metallic option on the C-Max. It would be great if they offered the Bohal Bay mint option on it instead of white gold.

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    We have a Fiesta ST at work as a go-fer car…in magnetic gray. I think that the color is too dull for the car, but whatever. The car is an absolute hoot to drive and delivers decent fuel economy to boot. I agree with your comments on the Recaros. I wish that my brother would have forgotten to check that box during our search at the dealer last fall.

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    I’m always build & pricing cars these days and color options is a sore spot. With rare exception you’re limited to the gray scale, red, and some unsavory metallic blue with a few brown and orange metallics here and there. Subaru offers a nice shade or two but only on the XT. Honda offers a Civic in a zippy green (metallic again) but only on the coupe (why not the hatch?). Chevy offers some nice Spark colors but it’s a runabout or RV dinghy. I’ve seen a soft blue on a Sonic that’s nice.

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      Buy an egolf in Canada – multiple shades of oranges, yellows, purples, etc if you select custom colour.

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    My sister just drew a refrigerator white base Fiesta as a rental. Really liked it. Thought it was comfortable and even reasonably zippy. Wish I trusted the automatic transmission on these and on Foci.

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    Landau Calrissian

    It’s worth noting that there’s some deals to be had on these right now. AutoTrader shows a decent number of brand new 2017s, with a handful of leftover 2016s as well, starting at around $17k.

    Apologies for this very long link:

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    What I have found while looking at, and trying to decide between the Fiesta ST and the Focus ST is the prices, both new and used, are not that far apart. I want a daily driver, competitive autox car, that also doubles as a stick shift teaching tool. The better value appears to be the Focus ST when you sort out prices and options. A 4 year old example of a Fiesta ST, with 30 to 40 K miles, is still in or near the 17 K range, and can run all the way up to 19 K. That is Focus ST territory. Pricing between new Focus and Fiesta is only a couple thousand, deal making dependent…A local Ford dealer offered me a new Fiesta ST with hail damage for 18 K, but if they fixed the hail damage, that requires another 2 grand, right in the range of deal making on a non damaged car. Conversely, the same dealer offered up a Focus ST with worse hail damage for 21 K, but some dealers in some locations are offering non damaged units for 20 K. I have seen them in ads for as little as 18,300, but both gone before I could act…

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      Not that far apart? When I bought my Fiesta ST some two years ago, the price comparison with a comparably-equipped Focus ST was nearly $4000 – that’s what I considered “far apart”.

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    My 2015 ST with no options has done 37,000 miles of great fun at low cost.

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    “Some people, when faced with a problem, think ‘aha! I know! I’ll drink some screech!’

    Now they have two problems.”

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    I just got my first hatchback at 65 and I love it, Where have you been all my life, baby?

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    How is an ST a base Fiesta?

    I own an Ace of Base. The absolute cheapest ’14 Accord LX! It has the manual transmission. I suppose the EX-L V-6 could be considered Ace of Base or a Shelby Mustang too.

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    I gotta say, the real base Fiesta is actually quite a bit of fun. I’ve owned mine for over 2 years now. Yes, the color options are horrible, but white does the trick for me, and if one wanted, vinyl is cheap to personalize it. I dressed up the interior with a handmade white shift boot and popped the black shifter cover off of a Focus and replaced the factory grey one. I have always felt the Focus ST is better than the Fiesta ST but the Fiesta is better than the Focus. The torque on the Focus ST just does the trick for real daily driving, but take that away and the nimbleness of the Fiesta actually shines quite brightly. I did go through a synchronizer at about 30k, but it was covered under warranty but otherwise it’s been great. I use the thing like a truck too. More pounds of chicken feed and bales of hay have been loaded into that than 99% of F series retail trucks. Go with the manual transmission of course. It’s small enough that I can safely open all four crank windows while driving. I’m 6′ and 250#. I fit well, but no one could ride behind me. Even though it has no cruise control, I drove it comfortably to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania last summer and never felt uncomfortable due to the car, unlike some other B segment vehicles I’ve had has rentals that hurt my back after 20 minutes (Elantra I’m thinking of you!) The real Ace of Base is a nice option if you’re utility minded.

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    The comments about the Recaros are obviously based on a test drive. After owning a Recaro-equipped Fiesta ST, I can safely say that the seats need time to conform to your individual backside. However, if you are the least bit overweight, you’ll want to skip the Recaros, and probably the Fiesta ST altogether.

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      The pattern I see, from the number of big boys (myself included) who like the Recaros, is height being a better indicator of whether someone will say they suck on the internet.

      Shorter, thinner people seem to more often say that they’re uncomfortable and larger people could never fit, while larger people like them just fine. Personally, those seats were a significant factor in my choosing this car.

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    Regarding the exterior colors available for the Fiesta:

    It’s rare that an exterior paint color wows me.

    I’ve seen a few Fiestas – and a couple Mustangs – in an amazing red.

    It’s either Race Red or Ruby Red (some 2017 Fiesta models are available in the latter).

    Could a Ford expert enlighten me on this matter?

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