Get Used to Seeing This Design On Future Mercedes-Benz Small Cars

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky

Mercedes-Benz is showcasing its updated design language via its new Concept A Sedan. While many of its production cars have gradually adopted the new “no folds” philosophy, the Concept A Sedan and earlier AMG GT Concept are the premiere examples of the styling theory.

The flowing bodywork and absence of hard edges is likely a precursor to what Benz will roll out in the coming years, especially after the A Sedan arrived at the Shanghai Motor Show looking like the GT Concept’s baby brother.

Mercedes is definitely sticking to this aesthetic and, when it begins production on its next generation of small cars using the MFA2 architecture, expect gobs of similarities between those vehicles and these concepts. While 2.76 inches shorter and 1.18 inches lower than the present-day CLA, it’s the easiest car to parallel the A Sedan with. It doesn’t take much imagination to see the CLA reemerging with the concept’s more rounded shape and smaller headlamps.

“Our Concept A Sedan shows that the time of creases is over,” said Gorden Wagener, chief design officer at Daimler AG, in a media release. “With its perfect proportions and a sensual treatment of surfaces with reduced lines, it is the next milestone of ‘Sensual Purity’ and has the potential to introduce a new design era.”

Adding to the Concept A Sedan’s evolved design scheme is an AMG Panamericana grille, multi-color headlights, panoramic glass roof, and a fairly high beltline. While none of those are guaranteed to make it onto a production vehicle, odds are good that those side windows aren’t going to get much bigger.

Sensual Purity has garnered a lot of praise in recent weeks for its clean lines, but it’s also a little vanilla from some angles. That could be the reason Mercedes keeps showcasing these hypothetical models in hyper-gloss candy apple red instead of the typical silver paint jobs synonymous with modern concept cars. Red is the more exciting color and might keep would-be detractors from realizing just how round the new design actually is. Still, nobody is going to accuse the Benz concepts of having the bubble body of a third generation Ford Taurus.

[Images: Mercedes-Benz]

Matt Posky
Matt Posky

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  • TMA1 TMA1 on Apr 19, 2017

    This is the nicest gift that Mercedes could have given to Cadillac, but I'm sure GM will screw up this opening. At least Audis still look like they have a bit of class.

  • ToddAtlasF1 ToddAtlasF1 on Apr 19, 2017

    I like the front-three-quarter top image. It looks chunky and cute, like a cartoon Lancia Appia. It doesn't look premium though, not even a tiny bit in some ironic way. The rear-three-quarter just looks awful.

  • Dirk Why is everyone pretending like Chevy malibus aren't a terrible 98% bulky plastic Fischer price car? People actually like driving malibus and impalas? We used them as work vehicles and they spent more time in the shop than on the road
  • Kwik_Shift_Pro4X More wagons.
  • Jwee The real personal income for 2022 was $56k, and houshold around $100k, but your point is valid.
  • Joe my family personally dislikes SUVs and there are plenty of others like us. It’s getting to the point that buying a good looking sedan or coupe is difficult. What do me my wife and two kids drive… CT5-V, Charger HEMI, Mustang GT and A Sentra.. (one of my kids is not a car enthusiast ) where do we go next? BMW? Audi? Would like to keep buying American when possible
  • Lou_BC Nah. Tis but a scratch. It's not as if they canceled a pickup model or SUV. Does anyone really care about one less Chevy car?