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Nor should they, really. Mazda’s MX-5 Miata already offers the option of an aluminum-and-steel overcast with its delightfully gimmicky and functional RF variant.

Still, past MX-5 owners often shelled out for a simple and attractive fiberglass top to accompany their factory cloth top. You’d often find it stashed in the garage next to the lawn mower. So popular were these aftermarket accessories, Mazda saw fit to offer customers the all-weather confidence and convenience of a retractable hardtop, starting in 2006. With the RF, it chose a different way of letting the sun shine in.

Well, there’s now a new removable top available to MX-5 owners, but you’ll never see it on the street.

The new top comes by way of Mazda Motorsports, which is now selling the matte black units for $4,420. Hold your horses, pardner — this roof probably isn’t for you. However, there’s a solid reason for its existence.

In order to own one of the new units, it must be installed on a much more expensive plaything — a track-only MX-5 Global Cup racecar ($58,900, plus tax). Sorry, no orders from non-Cup racers, Mazda confirmed to Autoblog. Deliveries should begin next month.

With hardtop in place, “Mazda racers can compete in SCCA and NASA Club Racing and in the Pirelli World Challenge TCA class,” said David Cook, Mazda Motorsports’ business development manager.

Bearing no resemblance to the removable tops of yesteryear, the MX-5 Cup hardtop is designed to accommodate the new model’s roll cage. There’s no graceful wraparound rear window here, just protection and legality.

[Image: Mazda Motorsports]

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7 Comments on “Not Many People Will Get to Enjoy the Mazda MX-5’s Removable Hardtop...”

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    The secret is out: Toro Rosso will be renamed Toro Rosso-Mazda!
    My guess all along was it would become Toro Rosso-Alfa-Romeo…

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    People who want the hard top can get an RF. Nothing to see here. If they want to turn their Miata into a Spec Miata racer, aren’t there aftermarket tops that fit the bill?

    What Mazda needs is a rotary version–just sayin’!

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    Still waiting for the shooting brake / hatchback answer. Preferable from the factory but I’m sure the aftermarket could solve this. Then your just a LS swap away from heaven. V8 in the front + hatch in the back = baby ‘Vette.

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      I agree with a 3 door, two seat hatch, it’d be like a RWD CRX. If they did, I say Offer a fastback and a shooting brake. That would be the Miata for me, then perhaps I could forgive its squinty front end. Or it’ll be gracefully changed with a mid cycle refresh in a few years.

      But putting GM engines in a Mazda doesn’t feel right. I really don’t like to cross-pollinate like that. I’d rather see a rotary version as xpistins was just sayin’. Rumor has it that Mazda still has it on the table. What better place to put it than their token sports car.

      I’d love for GM to just build a RWD Miata-sized car again. Maybe as a Chevy, it’d do better. I say offer it as a convertible, hardtop coupe, and as a 3 door hatch. All RWD. Offer two and four seat versions, bridging the gap between the Miata and the Toyobaru. Attack two niches at once! It’ll never fail! LOL of course it would, but I’d still love to see it. A “baby Vette” version is a forgone conclusion.

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      Shooting Brakes are cool, period. A Miata would be the coolest of them all!

      If Mazda is worried about such a “soft”, “impure” version “diluting the brand,” take a hint from those Italian undisputed masters of anti dilution, and only sell the ‘brake to current owners of the ‘vert. Business during the week, party on the weekend!

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