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t-roc teaser

There’s a Terminator-like CGI image floating around that purports to show the upcoming Volkswagen T-Roc compact crossover. If it is VW’s new sub-Tiguan utility vehicle, and you’ve already seen the flashy T-Roc concept, prepare to be underwhelmed.

As we reported earlier this week, the T-Roc — which might adopt a new moniker in the U.S. — was reportedly green-lit for the American market after dealers gave it their seal of approval. VW needs utility vehicles, and a youthful, sporty little ride that encourages owners to drop their tops seems like just the ticket to stimulate interest in the brand. However, it seems the targa-top, pillarless two-door will lose all of those unique features before appearing on dealer lots.

If this image is indeed the T-Roc, well, those reports didn’t lie.

The shimmering specter appeared in a promotional video at the Geneva Auto Show, and its bulging fenders and short overhangs lend credence to rumors that it is the T-Roc. Reports out of Europe, where the T-Roc will launch later this year, claim the CUV will feature removable roof panels in place of a removable top. If true, expect no more glass than your average panoramic sunroof.

The model shown above appears extremely conventional, even going as far as adding roof rails and front-hinged rear doors; perfect for the crowded and competitive compact CUV segment, but hardly a buzz-worthy youthmobile. U.S. consumers can expect to see it in 2019. While VW hasn’t announced anything just yet, it’s probable that buyers will find a turbocharged 1.8-liter four-banger under the hood.

As it tried to flesh out its skimpy utility offerings, VW seems to be using every tool at its disposal. The T-Roc first appeared in concept form back in 2014, riding atop the MQB platform it shares with the Golf, but the automaker’s future holds more than one new offering. There’s also a chance we’ll see a larger crossover based on the new-for 2017 Atlas.

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14 Comments on “Is This the Boring New Volkswagen T-Roc?...”

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    So, a sub-Tiguan-sized CUV? Great. Don’t they already have that slot filled with something called the Golf?

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      This is essentially a slightly lifted Golf with slightly different styling to make it look more CUVish. The Golf is too clearly a hatchback to try and advertise as a CUV.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if eventually VW kills the regular Golf (keeping the GTI/R) in the US in favor of this (and I say this as a VW fan who drives a Golf).

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        I believe this is more closely related to the Polo than to the Golf. The Tiguan (at least the non stretch euro version and our older version) is already closely related to the Golf.

        This is basically that TRoc : Polo :: HR-V : Fit

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          With VW’s modular platforms basically everything is related now.

          This is on the same MQB platform as the Golf. The Polo is old and on a different platform, not sure what its future platform will be.

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        If they kill the Golf for anything it will be that new BEV they’re touting as the 3rd revolution in affordable transportation after the Beetle and Golf. It has some stupid acronym name I can’t be bothered to look up.

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    Ahh, classic VW. US dealers clamoring for a product in a hot segment so release it in the US a year after Europe.

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    The crossover mania continues…

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    On the positive side, the VW executives who gutlessly watered down this mission-critical product in order to avoid risking their incomes are much less overpaid than the American corporate executives who gutlessly water down their companies’ mission-critical products in order to avoid risking their multi-millionaire incomes.

    So, you could say they’re helping their company more by bleeding it less.

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      What mission-critical American vehicles are watered down? Their cars? Yes, they’re such strong sellers, its a shame they didn’t invest heavily in a product that will actually sell and generate profits.

      In case that product is lost on you, clearly their most important offering would be their full-size trucks, and I don’t find any of the big 3’s offerings “watered down”. Especially compared to Toyota and Nissan’s trucks. They push the boundaries while keeping the lights on so we get things like Hellcat, Corvette, Mustang, etc.

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    I wouldn’t complain about “underwhelming” styling. The other direction gives you the Juke and the Toyota C-RH or whatever they call it. I prefer this.

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      Agreed. It may be underwhelming compared to the T-Roc concept, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the styling is bad or detrimental to its potential success.

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      Yes. Even compared to an HR-V or something this will age remarkably better even if it isn’t as hip in the moment.

      As much as people hated on the 2011 Jetta, they look far better on the road today than Civics or Focuses from that generation and that difference will be even more exaggerated in 5 more years.

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    I name thee Volkswagen Shenanigon.

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