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2017 Audi S5 Sportback

Despite dire warnings that the sedan is about to experience a slow and grisly demise, der Technikers at Audi announced today that they will be crafting a new five-door liftback from their swoopy A5 coupe, the most interesting of which is the S5 Sportback.

Styling is typical Audi fare, employing their current Different Lengths of Sausage™ design language. Audi trumpets the Sportback’s short overhangs but it’s hard to ignore the gawping Singleframe grille, flatter and wider here than on previous models.

Audi estimates the S5 Sportback will accomplish the 0-60 mile per hour sprint in 4.7 seconds. A newly developed, direct injection, 3.0-liter TFSI turbo V6 engine will churn out 354 of the finest German horses and 369 pounds-feet of torque from a barely off-idle 1370 rpm. Unburdened by leiderhosen-shod tuba players, the “five-door sports coupé” is nearly 190 pounds lighter than its predecessor (at 3660 lbs).

There will be lesser versions of the model, set to bear the A5 Sportback moniker, equipped with lower powered engines making between 190 hp and 286 hp. TDI engines are mentioned in the media release, but given the diesel debacle there’s a great chance they will be less popular than a Greek accountant. All-wheel drive is an option on the order sheet.

The interior will be available in numerous types of sumptuous leather, including a quilted light grey and perforated dark pumpernickel. Okay, I made up the last one. What I’m not making up is the “Audi phone box” which, sadly missing a comedic Dr. Who/TARDIS tie-in, connects smartphones to an on-board antenna by near-field coupling and simultaneously charges them inductively using the Qi standard. Audiophiles will be able to listen to their favourite oompah band through the always fantastic Bang & Olufsen sound system. Audi’s large, high-resolution TFT monitor — spanning a rennfahrer pleasing 12.3 inches — presents the driver with richly detailed graphics.

So, just to recap, Audi makes a five door version of a two door version of a four door sedan. The new A5 Sportback will hit the road in Germany and other European countries at the start of 2017 for a base price of EUR 37,800. Slovenly Western showrooms will be bereft of this model until such time that Audi’s overlords deem us worthy — which they surely will, since BMW and Mercedes seem to sell all the four-door coo-pays they can make.

[Images: Audi AG]

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32 Comments on “Der ChicWagen: Audi’s New A5/S5 Sportback...”

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    One of the few vehicles available overseas that I actually would buy if offered here.

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    The Kirk Lazarus of sedans. “I’M THE SEDAN, MADE FROM THE COUPE, MADE FROM THE SEDAN!!!!”

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    Looks good, albeit nothing new.

    Only reason why Audi wouldn’t be bringing it here is fear that it would cannibalize its pricier A7 sibling.

    Much prefer Audi’s sportback look to what BMW and Mercedes have been doing with the 4-door coupe/fastback form.

    The 4 Series GC isn’t bad looking (this is better), but the 4 Series GT is horrendous.

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    Part of me thinks this looks way too much like a Malibu/Impala from certain angles. The other part of me thinks it’s gorgeous.

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      Can’t it be both? Lol okay, but I do find the new Impala good looking, it just didn’t translate as well to Malibu. Although,it does look better i, person (Malibu).

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    How much do you have to pay to get symmetrical exhaust outlets? The two pipes on the left ruin the perfect symmetry of the rear end. I’m surprised the Germans let that happen.

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    Felix Hoenikker

    “they will be less popular than a Greek accountant”

    That made my day!

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    Paul Alexander

    Man, this thing would look so sweet if they could just jack it up a few inches and put black plastic cladding on the wheel wells.

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    I know they are not competing models, but, the new Malibu takes this same basic shape and makes it look virtually sexy and the Honda Civic turns the shape into a very interesting “what the hell?” design. This Audi makes it appear plain and frumpy. I read many comments about Audis having understated, good looks. I try to see it that way, but, they just look dull to me.

    I do like most of their wheel designs, though.

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    You say plain and frumpy, I’d say understated and elegant. Different strokes..

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    This thing is a beauty!

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    Now we see a new low in automotive discussion. Pick it up!

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    Kyree S. Williams

    There was an A5 Sportback on the previous platform as well; Audi just never sold it here. But maybe seeing the 4-Series GC—a vehicle that, in my own experienc with it as a loaner, is more useful than the 3-Series but for the fact that it sits low—spurred them.

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    “But this minor issue is far less important for the U.S. market, for we will be getting the sleek five-door hatchbacks here for the first time.”

    Apparently Matthew doesn’t read C&D. We are getting this one, which makes sense. I never understood why Audi didn’t give us the last one. The A1 I can understand, that would be a tough sell here. But Audi beat BMW to the market with their A5 hatch, and then let BMW beat them in the US. Then there’s the fact that the prior A5 SB was the best looking car they made at the time, full stop.

    This one is less pretty than the old one, just sort of “it’s an Audi” and not much else. The interior though is a HUGE improvement over the horribly cheap looking and feeling prior gen A4/A5, if perhaps not quite as good as the new C-class. At the very least they’re now in second place in the class, instead of way down with the likes of Infiniti and Cadillac.

    That being said, don’t expect the alcantara door panels or stitched leather armrests to make it to our shores. Audi might be giving us the car, but they still save their high end interior trimmings for the EU market because reasons.

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    And I would certainly not turn one down in my driveway.

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    It is painfully obvious that the author doesn’t know just how ridiculous all this mock-German vocabulary makes his writing sound to someone who actually knows any German.

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    My oh my, where did all these humors come from? First a Simpsons reference, followed with “less popular than a Greek accountant” – wow, you nocked it outta da park! For your next article may ai suggest such alligoeries as “this engine slower than a Mexican distance runner”, “the cabin is darker than a Panther member at a Trump rally”, and “the fake leather seats are smellier than an Indian wedding party after chicken tikka masala dinner”. You go boy!

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    They’re getting a bit aggressive with the character line these days. It doesn’t need to be quite so voluminous. Other than that, I like it. Because the grille is filled in through the middle behind the slats, even it doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve mentioned before, I think Audi is going to lead the movement back to smaller grille.

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