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This must be getting boring for the guys and gals in Stuttgart.

For the 12th year in a row, Porsche ranked first in J.D. Power’s new vehicle appeal study, but other automakers are closing in on its crown.

This year’s Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) study found that driver-assist safety features cause drivers to fall in love with their vehicles. They also bore friends and co-workers by talking about it all the time.

JD Power 2016 APEAL studyAcross the industry, the overall APEAL score rose three points to 801. Vehicles with blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance technology scored higher than those without the technology. Safety features make people feel more comfortable behind the wheel, which is key to enjoying a vehicle.

The launch of several new vehicles for 2016 helped bump up the industry’s score, according to J.D. Power. That dumped a lot of feel-good technology into the marketplace for owners (and survey respondents) to enjoy. 22 out of 30 new or revamped vehicles scored higher than their segment average.

When vehicles scored above average (with no reported problems in the first three months), 90 percent of owners said they’d recommend the vehicle to a friend. Add one or more problem, and the advocacy rate dropped to 49 percent.

J.D. Power’s study considers 90 features in 10 categories: exterior, seats, interior, driving dynamics, storage and space, engine/transmission, fuel economy, visibility and safety, climate control, and infotainment/navigation. Porsche led the pack, but other premium brands are close behind. BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz were runners-up, and Land Rover, Lexus and Lincoln tied for fifth place.

With the ratings broken down into vehicle segments, General Motors leads in six. The Buick Cascada, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet Sonic, Chevrolet Tahoe, and GMC Sierra HD all saw awards.

Hyundai received five awards, for the Tucson, Optima, Sedona, Sorento and Soul. Volkswagen AG grabbed four, but not for the Volkswagen brand. The BMW 2 Series, X1, X6 and Mini Clubman ranked first in their segments. Nissan and Toyota each grabbed two awards.

Out of all automakers with more than one entry, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Volvo improved the most over last year’s scores.

Of the ten categories, fuel economy was the biggest winner with a 14-point gain. Media/infotainment and visibility/safety also made gains. The only loser? Transmissions — specifically, jerky trannies with eight or nine cogs.

[Image: Porsche Cars North America]

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15 Comments on “Porsche (Go Figure) Ranked Most Appealing Brand in J.D. Power Study...”

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    Why, yes…it would be very “appealing” to me to have a new Porsche in my driveway. Sometimes some of these studies just leave me shaking my head.

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    Porsche hasn’t built anything for me that is appealing for about 15 years now.

    Only thing that was interesting to me in the graphic is how far behind Acura is behind of the rest of the premium brands.

    Honda has done a lot of damage to their near luxury mark, and the data is showing what the B&B have been saying.

    • 0 avatar

      The need for Acura’s continued existence is very questionable.

      The RLX is outsold 2:1 by the Chevy SS, anything worthwhile on the TLX can go to the Accord, the Civic is already better than the ILX, and they could Honda-ize the MDX and RDX (Crossroad and Passport?).

    • 0 avatar

      The Panamera is still special, for the tiny niche of people who cares about saving an hour on thousand mile road trips out West, compared to a more standard issue Autobahn sled.

      The Macan Turbo is the only cute ute conceivably worth giving up the manual in a cut priced, stripper CX5 for.

      And as sacrilegious as some may find it, the 911 ‘vert is still worth the money, simply by being one of a kind.

      The old enthusiast favorites; Boxster, Cayman and properly sporty 911s, have fallen prey to 3-series disease: Bigger, better, faster, bigger, better, faster, bigger, better, faster….. and on and on and on; until that whole mantra just end up being boring. While the ever more prevalent Bankster specials, are about as relevant as Koenigseggs and Space Station condos.

      • 0 avatar

        I dig the 911 Targa and Panamera GTS (one of the last naturally-aspirated V8 sedans for sale at any price).

        I wish they were RWD though.

        And, I don’t have $100K to spend on a car anyway…

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    “Safety features make people feel more comfortable behind the wheel, which is key to enjoying a vehicle.”

    What a load of [email protected] Of course, JP Power is a useless survey IMHO.

    However, being a Porsche owner, feeling some definite dissonance.

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    SCE to AUX

    Why no Tesla in the mix, yet we have data for Smart, Fiat, and Jaguar, all of whom Tesla outsells?

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    Although I find most JD Power surveys suspect I like that Acura ranks below VW and Kia. I own an S6 (third one) that I absolutely love but my daily driver (company car) is a TLX V6. Acura should have fired some folks over that AWFUL transmission getting approved. Shame on them for sticking it to their TLX customers. Thank God mine is a company car but it’s still a pain to live with on a weekly basis. At times the rough shifts are so bad that I’ve had my fleet folks take the car back to two local dealers a total of 5x to have the trans ‘reprogrammed’ – as per Honda of America recommendation. The TLX 9 speed is a garbage transmission and only reinforces that at best Acura is a faux entry level luxury brand. It’s a shame too as there’s many things to like about the car but to sign-off on that trans as acceptable is totally unconscionable.

    • 0 avatar

      Is it a ZF product?

      Anyway, this, the Chrysler 9-speed, the Ford dual-clutch, Cadillac’s CUE, and Tesla’s “beta” Autopilot software… does anyone bother to test their own products?

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    Almost as silly stupid as a government study.

    No kidding. Who the hell here wouldn’t honestly want a porsche…any porsche…in their driveway.
    And over anything else?
    A 911?
    A Cayman?
    A Panamera?
    A Boxster?
    A Macan?
    Please…this is silly easy.

    If I could afford to spend money as if it was meaningless…I would love to have any of these.

    • 0 avatar

      Can’t say as I’d want a Porsche in my driveway. Driven a bunch of them and they don’t appeal to me. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to pay to fix anything German.

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    I don’t understand the continued appeal of J.D. Power studies and would like to see media outlets stop reporting them as much or at least more closely examine their methodology and compare them with similar studies’ findings.

    At any rate, this one seems to be based on asking 15 year olds–or maybe people who act like 15 year olds on forums–what cars they think are cool. So in that light, yes, I suppose those ratings make sense. In my last job however, most of my colleagues were enthralled with Subarus, almost to the point of cult-like worship. More than that, they often went out and bought them. I’ll venture that the parking garage I used now has even more Subarus than BMWs or Audis.

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      I consider the Power rankings to be advertising fonder and basically garbage. Power should disclose how their rankings align against the revenue they receive from their clients.

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    Such an inane survey, and yet… can’t stop… studying… bar graph.

    Info-porn is a terrible addiction.

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