Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Lands Down Under, Probably Won't See Light of Dealer Lots

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson

The main complaint levied against the Toyota GT86 (and Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ twins) is its supposed lack of power, even though it pumps out 200 horses. Coming in at a close second on the 2+2 hatchback coupe’s complaint list is its lack of usable space.

Toyota Australia has an answer to that second concern, and it’s in the form of a Shooting Brake that looks like a Honda CR-Z after hitting up some free weights.

According to the Toyota Australia press release (which, by the way, wasn’t syndicated to by any other region for whatever reason), the design team in Australia brainstormed the concept, which was then built in Japan under the watchful eye of Toyota 86 global chief engineer Tetsuya Tada.

I’ve bemoaned privately for some time now that the best way into the hearts of enthusiasts looking for one car to do everything is to build some proper rear-wheel drive hatchbacks. Hell, if this thing existed on dealer lots last week, I may have made some very different car buying decisions.

Toyota Australia’s divisional manager national marketing Brad Cramb agrees.

“The Shooting Brake concept is a classy option for active couples or a second car for families who want something different. Equally suited to weekends away as well as the track, it’s a car you could buy with your head and your heart,” said Cramb.

Regardless, Australia seems an odd place to reveal this more practical sportscar. Toyota sold 3.5 times the number of Scion rear-wheel sportscars as Toyota did GT86s down under (10,507 vs. 3,006). But, hey, it was the Australian design team’s idea, so I guess we should let it have its 15 minutes of fame.

Before you get to excited, Tada-san made sure to put this project in perspective.

“While we never say never, and I would love this concept to become a production reality, it is very much a concept that demonstrates the passion within Toyota for cars that are fun to drive,” he said. Or, in non-spinspeak, we ain’t buildin’ it for you.

Honda, this is how you do a sportscar people want to buy — even if we can’t actually buy it. Take note.

Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson

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  • Laserwizard Laserwizard on May 09, 2016

    The coupe is ugly and a lightweight and worthless thing. I was getting ready to actually like this and then I looked at the full-sized images. Ghastly.

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on May 09, 2016

    "a classy option" No, now it's not because you said that word. It's now trashy.

  • William I feel very sorry for those who attempt to use an attack on a product as a way to deprecate an individual whose politics they disagree with. They delude themselves and mislead others.
  • Arthur Dailey Have to admit that I love that interior colour. And also like the upholstery on the seats and the inside of the door panels. And when was the last time you saw a door hanging coffee cup holder? Some here probably didn't know that such a device existed.
  • Buickman this is about cars. I miss Robert.
  • 28-Cars-Later Can we end debt slavery next? Its getting to the point where its no longer voluntary.
  • Carson D Honda and Toyota still make the best American cars.