NAIAS 2016: 2017 Infiniti Q60 - The G37 is Finally Dead

naias 2016 2017 infiniti q60 the g37 is finally dead

After keeping the G37 Coupe on life support past its sell-by date, the Q60 two-door sport coupe is finally getting a complete overhaul for 2017.

Just one question: How many hundreds of horsepower do you want? 200? 300? 400?

The new Infiniti Q60 closely follows its Q50 sedan counterpart, with a grille that would make a beluga blush and headlights seemingly pulled from any other Infiniti.

Under the hood is a choice of two engines in three different tunes. If you’re strictly interested in the “show” and none of the “go,” you can equip your Q60 with the same 208 horsepower, 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that does duty in the Infiniti [s]Q30[/s] QX30. A 3-liter twin-turbocharged V-6, dubbed VR30, will too be offered, in tunes of 300 horsepower and 295 lbs-ft of torque or 400 horsepower and 350 lbs-ft of torque.

Keeping everything in check is Infiniti’s new Dynamic Digital Suspension and Direct Adaptive Steering.

The Infiniti Q60 sport coupe goes on sale later this year. No pricing was announced.

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  • Land Ark Land Ark on Jan 12, 2016

    I'm a mark for the G37 coupe, and I think this looks like a natural evolution of the current car. Overall I think it's very attractive. Though I hate the awful kink and the fake fender vents.

    • 427Cobra 427Cobra on Jan 12, 2016

      ...totally agree with your assessment... tho, at least it's not as bad (to me) as the dippity-do on the Genesis coupe's rear quarter window...

  • Akatsuki Akatsuki on Jan 12, 2016

    I liked the idea of the trickle down old model method over the current car method. Kind of like Apple, this gens top model becomes next gens lower tier model. I mean, would you rather have had a G37 or a modernized G20 as an entry level car?

  • 01 Deville
  • Lou_BC This would be a good colour for anyone that would actually use their truck offroad, on gravel roads, in the winter or poor visibility situations.
  • EBFlex “getting a full charge in just about three hours or so. Not that it would’ve mattered if I couldn’t charge – I’d just run on gas.”And this folks is why PHEVs are the future and pure EVs will remain vanity products for the rich.
  • Pmirp1 Simple. Electrics are not yet prime time. In time, they may become the norm. For now, they are still the new kid on the block. A curosity. A status symbol. They are not the work horse of American life. Everyone knows that. You buy it because it is fast. It makes you feel like, you know, Prius like 10-15 years ago.Electrics have improved. Tesla is without a doubt the standard bearer. Still, long way to go before they can be your ONE vehicle. So companies charge more because these things are coooool. Not real.
  • Rich Benkwitt I’ll take that red and white 2 door and I guess the 4 banger so I can have the manual tranny just like my 1969 Bronco. I have my Wildtrak on order now waiting impatiently!