NAIAS 2016: 2017 GMC Acadia Saves on Fuel, Spends on Gym Membership

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
naias 2016 2017 gmc acadia saves on fuel spends on gym membership

Revealed overnight before its in-person, on-stage performance at the 2016 North American International Auto Show, the 2017 GMC Acadia will gain a new, 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with start/stop tech and lose nearly 700 pounds of heft.

The former Lambda-based crossover also sees a significant realignment in size thanks to a switch to the new Chi platform that underpins the new Cadillac XT5. The Acadia’s wheelbase shrinks by over 6 inches, length by 7 inches, and width by 3 inches.

The new four-cylinder engine spits out 190 horsepower and 194 lbs-ft of torque, while the larger 3.6-liter V-6 engine is pumped up to 310 horsepower and 271 lbs-ft of torque this time around, besting the same-sized mill in the current Acadia by 29 horsepower and only 1 lb-ft of torque. Six-speed automatic transmissions will send power to either the front or all four wheels. GM estimates fuel economy for front-wheel-drive models at 22 mpg city, 28 mpg highway for the 2.5-liter engine and 17 mpg city, 25 mpg highway for the V-6.

Inside, the Acadia will seat five, six or seven passengers, depending on trim. Newly designed second row, split-folding seats offer better access to the third row, even when a child seat is in place. That third row splits 50/50 and can fold flat into the floor. Both seats can be folded down from the rear of the vehicle, making available 79 cubic feet of volume for cargo.

The top-trim Denali model will be joined by a new All Terrain trim for 2017, bringing the Acadia in line with other GMC models. A full bevy of active safety equipment will also be available, including, GM states, a “rear seat alert that can remind the driver when an item may have been left in the second- and third-row seats.” (In this case, “the driver” can be replaced with “absent-minded parent” and “item” can be swapped for “child.”)

As with all GM vehicles these days, OnStar is standard and 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hotspot is available on the 2017 Acadia. GMC’s redesigned and re-engineered crossover goes on sale this spring.

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  • Zip89123 Zip89123 on Jan 12, 2016

    This is really good. Everyone I know gets 14mpg city in these. What caused the weight loss? Military grade aluminum?

    • NTGD NTGD on Jan 12, 2016

      Weight loss = size loss, its about the same size of the Terrain.

  • Flybrian Flybrian on Jan 12, 2016

    Not for nothing, but my 31 year-old girlfriend who makes good income, is educated, and is in a professional career field would buy this over the current Acadia because - while she loves the current one - it's too large. And she's wanted an Acadia since day one in 2007. So maybe I'm wrong.

  • GregLocock Two adjacent states in Australia have different attitudes to roadworthy inspections. In NSW they are annual. In Victoria they only occur at change of ownership. As you'd expect this leads to many people in Vic keeping their old car.So if the worrywarts are correct Victoria's roads would be full of beaten up cars and so have a high accident rate compared with NSW. Oh well, the stats don't agree.
  • Lorenzo In Massachusetts, they used to require an inspection every 6 months, checking your brake lights, turn signals, horn, and headlight alignment, for two bucks.Now I get an "inspection" every two years in California, and all they check is the smog. MAYBE they notice the tire tread, squeaky brakes, or steering when they drive it into the bay, but all they check is the smog equipment and tailpipe emissions.For all they would know, the headlights, horn, and turn signals might not work, and the car has a "speed wobble" at 45 mph. AFAIK, they don't even check EVs.
  • Not Tire shop mechanic tugging on my wheel after I complained of grinding noise didn’t catch that the ball joint was failing. Subsequently failed to prevent the catastrophic failure of the ball joint and separation of the steering knuckle from the car! I’ve never lived in a state that required annual inspection, but can’t say that having the requirement has any bearing on improving safety given my experience with mechanics…
  • Mike978 Wow 700 days even with the recent car shortages.
  • Lorenzo The other automakers are putting silly horsepower into the few RWD vehicles they have, just as Stellantis is about to kill off the most appropriate vehicles for that much horsepower. Somehow, I get the impression the OTHER Carlos, Tavares, not Ghosn, doesn't have a firm grasp of the American market.