Tesla's 'Base' Model X Starts At $81,200 Before Incentives

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
teslas 8216 base model x starts at 81 200 before incentives

After Tesla is done delivering Founders and Signature editions of its Model X SUV, the company will offer a 70D model later next year with a 220 mile range for $80,000 plus $1,200 for shipping. A 90D, with a range of 257 miles and quicker sprint up to 60 mph, will be offered as well, but the company hasn’t disclosed how much that will cost.

Automotive News reported that the automaker updated its online configurator for potential customers to configure their base cars. A 70D Model X with every option checked tops out around $100,000.

The public Model X page only lists the 90D as deliverable next year, which Automotive News speculated could mean that the company may make the 70D available later in the year or 2017.

Tesla may need to sell 500,000 cars by 2020 to meet projected goals by shareholders.

According to pictures posted by potential Model X owners, the list of configurable options includes seating for seven ($4,000) or seating for six ($3,000). Seating for five people is standard in the Model X.

Tech upgrades include AutoPilot ($2,500) and a suite of premium features such as bioweapons-grade air filtration, automatic powered driver’s door and ventilated front seats ($4,500), and ultra-premium audio ($2,500).

Air suspension is $2,500, but will be standard on 90D models. Tesla’s cold-weather package ($1,000) and towing package for up to 5,000 pounds ($750) are also included in the online configurator.

A similarly optioned Model S 70D would cost $87,700 before tax incentives including $1,200 for shipping.

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  • Probert Probert on Nov 24, 2015

    The dumb parade is out in full force. I bet if you all focussed hard at the same time you could levitate a ping pong ball. Impressive!!

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    • RideHeight RideHeight on Nov 24, 2015

      @Ryoku75 Probert perfectly and opportunely links Flybrain's reference to Apple nerds with a Teslite's impenetrable smugness. You dont like them cuz yor dumm an yor mommas on welfair!

  • 415s30 415s30 on Nov 25, 2015

    Tesla people drive like dicks in SF

  • TheEndlessEnigma Fiesta ST, I have a 2016, I'd love to grab the newest spec 2023.
  • Redapple2 Jimny - obviously.
  • ToolGuy Something like this.
  • ToolGuy Here's the part I'm struggling with: Who knowingly runs a vehicle until the brakes are metal to metal? (It's in the listing.) Did we ignore the wear indicators squealing all this time? (Internet says this vehicle has them.)I did that once with my first car, and I still feel bad about it.
  • TDIGuy I'm boring, but VW Passat Estate, Diesel with manual transmission.