Mitsubishi Announces 'Final Edition' Evo for Diehards

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Mitsubishi announced Wednesday it would make available 1,600 “Final Edition” Lancer Evolution cars to commemorate the departure of the long-running sports sedan.

The cars will be based on Evolution GSR and include the same 2-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 303 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with all-wheel drive and will start at $37,995.

Mitsubishi will include numbered badges on the cars, a black roof, dark chrome wheels and how much are they asking again?

The Evolution was on sale in the U.S. for 12 years during a much longer, more successful run worldwide that included 10 generations.

Mitsubishi didn’t announce when the cars would go on sale in the U.S.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Quentin Quentin on Oct 08, 2015

    Sad to see it go. Goodnight, LanEvo.

  • Brock_Landers Brock_Landers on Oct 09, 2015

    Oh man, the internet... 1. Is this car even relevant with the Focus RS hitting the market? 2. Lower power, lower tech, lower build quality, lower brand recognition, higher d-bag appearance. 3. OR, and I’m just saying – Golf R. 4. Golf R, Focus RS, Civic Type-R… All of them costing similar money, and all of them designed in the current decade. $40k Mishitting Evo? PASS! Are you guys kidding me??? Is this a enthusiast site? Smells like comments section! The current (and even more the past models) Evo is basically a pure race car for the streets. It has its roots strongly in Group A/N rallying and current X model is also the most popular Group N car in rallying. For those who don't know - FIA Group N is referred to a set of regulations providing 'standard' production vehicles for competition, often referred to as the "Showroom Class". Group N cars are limited in terms of modifications made from standard specification. Long gone are the days you could buy a Group A homologation special from the showroom floor - BMW M3 E30 or Lancia Delta HF Integrale or in japan Skyline GT-R etc. Evo X is the last connection to this breed of cars. Essentially you can buy true race-car technology and feeling that is ready and legal for the street. STI used to be like this, but it has gone soft and lost its focus with the latest generations. The Evo X IS a focused car. Focused on one thing - going fast around corners. There is so much marketing BS going around these days, manufacturers trying to connect their new go-fast models to racing history that happened 30-40 years ago. Technically and even spiritually there is no continuous bloodline to the true racing cars of the past - its only marketing trying to push the new boring product. But this is not the case with Evo. Evo is the true last representative of the now dead pure-breed rally car for the street. Have you even driven the Evo X? This car is pure enthusiast bliss. Cheap interior - yes. Outdated styling - yes. Crap everyday (city commute in heavy traffic) driving characteristics - yes. BUT... When you start pushing the car, it takes you to a level involvement, precision and joy that is hard to describe in words. Level which only maybe 911 RS models can offer.

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    • Theirishscion Theirishscion on Oct 12, 2015

      @Brock_Landers You get it, thank you. I'm sufficiently tired of trying to explain this to alleged driving enthusiasts that I've just stopped trying. (Which bit of 'just because it's not _your_ bag doesn't mean it's not a legitimate choice in the marketplace' don't you understand?) I voted with my bucks on a '14 5-door STI (which is a lot crisper than the '08 fall-from-grace era STI, though it looks identical) precisely because I wanted my almost-rally-car to be a little more street-able and 5-door'd. I adore the bonkers-ness of the Evos, I wish they weren't going away, though I am grateful that Subaru doesn't appear to have softened the '15 STI any so maybe there's hope yet. I shall hold a moment's silence when the last of the Evos rolls of the assembly line though.

  • Rando [h2]Coincidentally, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is more than $41k as well -.-[/h2]
  • Ajla "Gee, wonder why car (as well as home) insurance rates are much higher in places like Florida..." Severe weather is on the list but even if a benevolent genie reverted the climate to circa 1724 I think FL would still have high cost. Our home insurance rates have increased 102% since 2021 and I don't think weather models account for that much of a change in that period. Florida's insurance assignment of benefit regulation meant that it had ~80% of the country's of the insurance lawsuits on ~12% of the nation's claims and litigated claims can be expensive to insurance companies. The state altered some regulations and is having some success on getting more companies back, even with the severe weather risks, through relatively bipartisan efforts. With car insurance just beyond the basic "Florida" stuff, the population increase of the past few years is overwhelming the roads. But, I think the biggest thing is we have very low mandated car insurance levels. Only $10K personal injury and $10K property damage. No injury liability needed. And 20% of the state has no insurance. So people that actually want insurance pay out the nose. Like I commented above my under/uninsured coverage alone is 2.5x my comprehensive & collision.
  • Juan Let's do an 1000 mile drive and see who gets there first.
  • Eliyahu CVT needed for MPG. Outback is indeed the legacy of, err, the Legacy.
  • Gayneu I can comment on these. My wife always thought the Minis were "cute" so I bought her a used 2005 (non-S, 5 speed) for one of her "special" birthdays. She loved it and I kinda did too. Somehow a hole developed in the transmission case and the fluid drained out, ruining the car (too expensive to fix). A local mechanic bought it for $800.We then bought a used 2015 S (6 speed) which we still have today (80k miles). Her sister just bought a used S as well (also manual). It has been a dependable car but BMW-priced maintenance and premium gas hurts for sure. I think the earlier generation (like in the article) were better looking with cleaner lines. The 2015 S rides too stiff for me (Chicago roads) but is a hoot on smooth ones. It does seem to shift weird - its hard to describe but it shifts differently from every other manual I have driven. No matter how hard I try, so won't let go of her Mini.