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2016 BMW 7 Series

Because a lot of Uber riders are 7-Series buyers (maybe), BMW said Monday that it would make available its newest sedan for selected rides in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago before the sedan goes on sale to the public.

The drives will be offered by BMW product specialists, according to the company. Riders can request 7 Series cars by entering a promotional code for their respective city; i.e. for New York, riders need to enter “7seriesnyc” into the Uber app.

(Do the Uber riders still have to pay the fare? Update: According to a BMW spokeswoman, they do not.)

2016 BMW 7 SeriesAccording to a statement released by both companies, the BMW cars will be a welcome sight for any Uber rider whose ride from the airport didn’t show up.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the launch of the BMW 7 Series than by offering Uber riders the unique chance to upgrade their ride and are thrilled to partner with BMW on this first-of-a-kind experience,” Amy Friedlander Hoffman, Head of Business Development and Experiential Marketing at Uber, said in a statement.

The new 7 Series will go on sale later this fall and start at $82,295 (including $995) — or 5,552 average Uber fares.

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19 Comments on “BMW Offering Uber Rides in New 7 Series, For Some Reason...”

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    Buddy of mine has had two 7 series of recent vintage, but drives a Mercedes E350 right now.

    I never understood the appeal of the 7 Series, especially given its price point, and made sure to always and redundantly let him know my b!tch frequently pitched, as I drove in either of them.

    The 7 Series is less comfortable than competing Mercedes Sedans (especially the E and S class), and less comfortable than the softer Lexus LS, very expensive to maintain and fix, which is relevant even relatively as they do break with some frequency, and just plain/ordinary, with the exception of the interior materials & fit/finish, which are admittedly very good.

    The 7 was never long for this world.

    But at least it’s FAR SUPERIOR to any Cadillac made & sold at ANY PRICE (MSRP, as we all know Cadillac dealers have to shove $$$ in peoples’ pockets and force them into the leftover year’s vehicles to clear their dealership lots) of the last 50 years.

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      p.s. – Good luck to the upcoming Cadillac CT6 (replete with base 2.0 liter 4 banger base motor and guaranteed to have shoddy materials & build quality), to be priced somewhere near 7 Series/E to S Class territory, in its attempt to manage more than 800 to 900 sales per month – initially – only to falter further with time & GM’s infamous and intractable corporate culture of refusing to remedy warts.

      It’s going to need divine intervention to even sell half as frequently as the Hyundai Genesis (which is, after all, and will continue to be, a better vehicle at 1/2 to 1/3 the price).

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      SCE to AUX

      Does your friend continue to offer drives of his vehicles to you? I never criticize someone else’s ride of choice; instead, I try to find something nice to say about it. I don’t care what people drive.

      Leave it to you to convert a story about the 7-series and Uber into a diatribe about Cadillac.

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        I have a hardcore, loyal group of friends who appreciate being able to speak honestly & being able to solicit honest feedback, in exchange, also.

        His divorced mom tried to get me into bed with her back in 11th grade, and she was pretty hot for a (I think) 43 year old, also. I politely declined her overtures out of respect for my friend, but I did convince her to get into a Lexus vs the POS General Motors vehicles she had been purchasing (and suffering).

        Once she went Lexus, she never looked at a GM vehicle again.

        That’s what friends do.

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      The E38 was a very nice looking car and the big-displacement Cadillacs built from ’65-’81 are at least interesting in hindsight.

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      Does the 7 series have this “dynamic handling” the press loves to tout? Thats supposed to BMWs selling point. Ditto Caddilaci if the mags are to be believed.

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      I’m starting to think you and I are the same person…

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    SCE to AUX

    Well, it’s a nice, risk-free way to become acquainted with the 7-series. Seems like a clever idea.

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    One of my contributions to TTAC this year is a ride in the new 2016 7-series.

    It’s a fantastic car, well-built, very high tech, and attractive, but the W222 is the better car if you’re being chauffeured.

    The BMW-7 is for the driver who wants to adjust everything that is possibly adjustable. It’s like a match competition rifle.

    You can adjust everything from ride-height to the toe angle of the rear wheels.

    I liked the car, but it would be quieter with a naturally aspirated engine.

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      “I liked the car, but it would be quieter with a naturally aspirated engine.”

      Sure, but then it couldn’t game the mileage tests on the window sticker, and _then_ where would we be?

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    I still prefer yellow cabs, I just dont trust services like Lyft or Uber (not unless I want my money stolen, or a “fun time”). Its hitch hiking but with fees tacked on.

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      Yeah, because smelly, old Crown Victorias piloted by a questionably-experienced driver chatting away on his handsfree headset the entire time just screams trust. Oh, and also fun is trying to guess which magical fees will get tacked onto your fare.

      NYC has the only official taxi system I would actually consider legitimate. Otherwise, it’s Uber/Lyft.

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        During my time in Chicago I only had to deal with one Crown Vic and the drivers were very mixed.

        You dont need tests done to get into Uber/Lyft, they do not accept responsibility for their drivers, and frankly a car with a pink mustache is just humiliating.

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    Ironic that the company that makes ‘the ultimate driving machine’ is offering free rides as opposed to driver seat time.

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    Saw one of these in 7-series/Uber rides in West Hollywood yesterday, neat idea.

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    I took a LWB 7 series BMW exactly seven days ago to the airport. Although I believe it was an MY14 or 15, very nice for being used with a driver. That LWB type/style of car is what you people with kids should be driving instead of these stupid S/CUVs. But Detroit won’t build them, pity.

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      Yes, that is what we should be driving. Except that kids destroy everything, and thus we can’t have anything nice.

      But seriously, few things are more valuable as a driver than enough distance that the kids can’t kick, or do leg presses your seatback. And distance between the kids is a huge bonus as well. I’ll probably be arrested someday for swatting at my kids feet/ankles/shins that are pushing on my seat.

      Basically, while kids are great, they ruin every part of the driving experience.

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    As an aside, anybody else wonder why the TV commercial for the new 7 begins with a woman pointlessly stripping off her clothes only to reveal she has clothes on under them? Suggestion of redundant safety systems? Metaphorical proof that BMW isn’t the emperor? Just asking.

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