By on September 16, 2015

The tenth iteration of the Honda Civic is due to be revealed in just a few minutes. We’ve already seen it in sedan form, but will Honda have any surprises for us?

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28 Comments on “Watch the Tenth-Generation 2016 Honda Civic Be Revealed Right Now...”

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    My thoughts about the entire, boring presentation…

    Seriously, just give us the damned car and kick the band off stage.

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    I’m bettin’ you’ll have to search every dealer in the country to find that wheel/tire combination sitting on a lot.

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    It still has the giant tach. Why does Honda think that engine speed is the most important piece of information to relay to the driver??? Especially when it’s an automatic? Stupid

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    So I log in to watch the reveal and it’s a stupid boy band? This is the sort of thing that will make people think that sorority girls and ricers are the target audience.

    Oh. Wait…

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    NEWS has reached my desk that the used car loan bubble has burst (is bursting) and that people simply aren’t buying new cars either en mass. Is there more data at TTAC to support this?

    Will the Honda Civic be hurt by lack of new car loans?

    You Betcha.

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      Not to sure about that news. We have been looking for a few weeks at used vs. new. It is almost cheaper buying a new car. At least when buying a Subaru. The resale value is crazy on used Subaru’s.

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      Your funny.

      The Dart is literally a disposable Tupperware ware container compared to the Civic/Corolla.

      At any rate, the Civic/HRV duo are going to take big chunks out of someone’s pie regardless of market size.

      This Civic is a homerun product. There is no denying that.

      Every major OEM will be up tonight contemplating a rebuttal because Honda just dropped their A-game. This is to say nothing of the coming coupe/5-door/Si/R models.

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    Great job Honda. It does not look like some cheap econobox granny car of the past civic model. Some of course will whine about the turbo. But, I remember my uncles whining when the chrome bumper went away. Times change, and some will whine. But, this new Civic is a home run. I was just at a Hyundai dealer. Saw a loaded Elanta GT. $26,780,Ridiculous.The new civic will destroy the elantra now.

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      Car prices in general are getting ridiculous, since the wages of most common people aren’t really keepimg pace. A lot of folks knock the Altima and how they’re practically being given away, but thats a sign of the times.

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        Yet some automakers do not need to take 4 to 6 thousand off a $20,000 car. My local dealers took $5600 off the Sentra last year. Corolla was $1200. But some of the used Sentra ‘s were more than the new ones with cash on the hood. I think a Kia Rio was the same price as a Altima last year. The base Infiniti the Q 40 or 50 whatever they are called the Accord sedan had 6 to 7 thousand off. But used car sale prices have been out of control.

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    158hp for the base 2.0L and 174 for the 1.5turbo, so not that big of a bump, but at least you get a little extra by moving up to EX. Eager to see what they have lined up for the Si.

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    Still not a fan of the front and rear fascias,but better opinion since the spy shots. I think this is a car that might look better in rear life than in press shots. Press shots are always shot from down low; in real life you look at the car from the standing position.

    Also: 174bhp from the turbo is not that far off from base Accord territory. Obviously, Honda wants to hit the 40mpg mark for marketing, but it in a more CAFE-sane world, it seems like it would make more sense to rationalize the same engine from the Accord and the top-trim Civic.

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    Phooey. I’d rather have a first gen Civic. I had two of them. Now get off my lawn.

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    What kind of bollocks is this? A picture of a car that was ‘leaked’ six months ago is called a reveal? Christ, have some dignity and show some metal, or just don’t bother.

    (Oh, right, the band needed a backdrop. My apologies.)

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    I am no expert on generational buying habits, but do question whether any “kids these days” would view this video and think: “Wow, I was just about to go buy a Corolla/Focus/Civic, but now that I that I’ve had a chance to hear a band I’ve never heard of alongside the Civic reveal, I think I’ll wait for the Honda.”

    All that said, the car looks great, and appears to have the right set of specs and features. If it drives like the old Civics (while giving more room than an old Accord), this could be a real winner for people over 30 as well as under.

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    Looking at some interior shots on “that other” site, it looks like Honda has succumbed to the stupid trend of a high, obtrusive center console. This makes me sad, as maximizing interior space was one of the last bastions of the Old Honda way of thinking. That’s one of the things I love most about my ’12, the room to splay your legs out over long drives. It honestly feels every bit as roomy as a midsizer in that regard, in fact I have more room for my right knee in my Civic than I do in my gf’s 2012 Camry. I’m constantly leaning my knee against the lower part of the dash in that Camry, and it makes nasty creaking noises.

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    174 hp turbo only available with CVT. This thing will run around everywhere at under 2500 rpm, no doubt vibrate like the CRV whose engine is run at too low rpm, and provide zero excitement.

    Should sell extremely well.

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