FCA-UAW Contract Sees Trucks Coming Home, Cars Going to Mexico

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
fca uaw contract sees trucks coming home cars going to mexico

Ram production will be coming back to the United States and car production moving to FCA’s Mexican operations, Automotive News is reporting citing anonymous sources.

The news comes just days after FCA and the UAW tentatively agreed to a new national contract while locals continue to hammer out the finer details at the plant level. According to the report, there will also be some movement of products within U.S. borders between FCA plants.

The biggest change is something that’s been hinted at for a while — the full return of Ram 1500 production to the United States. Production of the pickup is currently split between Toluca, Mexico and Warren, Michigan. The report states Ram 1500 will move to Sterling Heights, Michigan, a plant currently occupied by the Chrysler 200.

Jeep Cherokee will reportedly move from Toledo, Ohio, a plant it currently shares with the Wrangler, to Belvidere, Illinois, a plant currently occupied by the Dodge Dart. The extra capacity at Toledo will allow it to produce more Wranglers and a new Wrangler-based pickup.

Now without a home, Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart production will be shuttled off the Mexico. Toluca currently produces the Dodge Journey (unlikely to change) and Fiat 500, the latter of which will have its production centered at FCA’s Polish assembly plant that produces the same model. Ram 2500 and 3500 production will remain in Saltillo.

The exodus of Ram 1500 production in Warren leaves that plant to receive the future Jeep Grand Wagoneer — a new [s]body-on-frame[/s] unibody, three-row, luxury SUV. That new model is expected to be a platform mate to the next Jeep Grand Cherokee, thus allowing Warren to handle overflow production for the Jefferson plant.

Not detailed in the report are the Jeep Compass/Patriot twins, a possible Chrysler 100 sedan and promised midsize and full-size Chrysler crossovers.

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  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Sep 17, 2015

    I don't see this as a bonus. What vehicle is the most impacted due to oil price movement and economic anomalies? The pickup. I bet my balls when the sh!t sooner or later hits the fan with oil prices and an economic downturn the UAW will expect no workers to be laid off, or given an unrealistic redundancy. To few eggs in the one basket. Diversification of vehicle manufacturing is required and the removal of the chicken tax to allow the importation of more pickups will create a better vehicle manufacturing sector in the US. Then what happens when the chicken tax is eventually removed?? Hmmm.................another potentially poor and short term look at the world by the UAW.

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    • Vulpine Vulpine on Sep 18, 2015

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  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Sep 18, 2015

    You may have to wait a decade or more to see $5 gas (outside of California) with all the new oil coming to market. Another downturn would kill demand and oil prices along with it. You're all VERY premature in the Presidential Sweepstakes. Nobody in either party has nailed down anything yet, the first primary is five months away, and the delegate-rich primaries months after that. If Hillary loses front-runner status (and Obama could make her twist in the wind legally), both nominations could be up for grabs. Don't forget, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Al Gore, John Kerry, even Mike Dukakis, are all still eligible to run and have experience running for President, and don't rule out Jerry Brown either. Anybody know what Ross Perot and Steve Forbes are up to? How about another billionaire like Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, or Larry Ellison jumping in? Okay, a few are too old, and some are too smart (that's the problem with the process - people smart enough to do a good job are too smart to run), but with no incumbent running, anything can happen!

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