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Strippers who are peeved about Saskatoon’s recent law banning peeling in bars held a charity car wash Aug. 16 to benefit breast cancer — and protest the new law — CTV is reporting.

Dancers from the Pink Champagne Girls company say a court reversal of a law that allowed them to strip down to their underwear in March is hurting their business. The company said it raised $600 for charity from the car wash.

“It’s kind of a boobs-for-boobs thing. We thought it would fit in nicely,” Emily Kempin, owner of the Pink Champagne Girls, told CBC.

Bad weather pushed the car wash from Aug. 15 to Aug. 16.

“Do your share, Save a pair! We are doing this as a protest! We should be able to work in a safe environment!” the group wrote on its Facebook page.

Strippers are allowed to work private parties in Saskatoon, according to reports, but not in public places such as bars.

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65 Comments on “Saskatoon Strippers Protest Law With Charity Car Wash...”

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    Yes. We. Can.

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    TTAC. The Truth About Cars….. I’ve never seen “washing cars” used as a justification for inclusion of strippers as a valid subject for TTAC. However I can imagine “in the old days” before that guy B was canned, he would have if he had thought of it ;)

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      Whether it’s TTAC saying “Flying Vagina”, posting car girls in bikinis or the fact the guys in this story wouldn’t have bothered having these flat, busted chicks wash their cars…


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        Yes but, in order to sustain attention over the long term, you need sustained quality.

        Being bombastic has limits.

        If I want to see strippers washing cars, it’ll take me about 8 seconds to type that in to a search engine. Insightful commentary is much harder to find.

        Alas, I didn’t learn anything from this article. Strippers acting in their own economic self interest? Not really a surprise.

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    There’s clickbait, and then there’s this…

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    That is a pretty shallow talent pool in the picture.

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      Putting them on to other employment looks like a win-win for the city, and their customers.

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      Lol, that’s what I’m sayin. Gahdayum there’s better looking cashiers at Mickey D’s.

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      Anyone who think a stripper looks even vaguely like Demi Moore is living in one hell of a fantasy land. If you’re that good looking, you go for the real money – escorts.

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      formula m

      You obviously haven’t seen too many women from Saskatchewan… Teeth are a premium over breast size there. Anyway the issue is probably tied to the business advertising it’s club. Woman in Ontario and BC can be bare chested in public legally so it can’t be because of what they are wearing or not wearing.

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    Is the one in the middle pregnant?

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    Wow, check out the awesome Chevy Equinox reflected in the window. SWEET!

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    Must be the B Team, because the A Team would be home sleeping during the daylight hours.

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    Mr Imperial

    This story I would have expected from the Bertel reign….really, was this necessary? Yes, nothing NSFW, but there’s nothing worth knowing here.

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    Aaron go back and look into the last months of Bertel running this site. You will understand why he burned it for all of you – even when this photo might have otherwise passed muster, once in a blue moon, due to the content of the article.

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    I been hangin’ around gas stations
    I been learnin’ ’bout tires
    I been talkin’ to grease monkeys
    I been workin’ on cars

    Moose Jaw saw a few, Moosomin too
    Runnin’ back to Saskatoon

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    Today in “Not Necessarily The News”…

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    I was truthfully hoping for a bunch of small pictures on the bottom of this article like we get for Junkyard Finds.

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    TTAC After Dark

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    Firestorm 500

    I don’t see anything there that I would pay real money to see in a bar.

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    Wait, before this law they couldn’t get naked, either? Now, they’re even more clothed? Canada’s not the paradise I was told it was…


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    “Put it back on!”

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    Big Al from Oz

    Good on the strippers and hopefully some lap dancers. And it’s good for a couple of causes, breast cancer and their futures.

    I’d bet they are pulling more than the average wage doing what they are doing.

    What amazes me is the place of occupation would need to be registered and the government would probably tax it, they pay tax and spend, it has to be good for the economy. So they can strip at home with likelihood of under age people, it shows how great our illustrious leaders are.

    How much does it take to put a youngster through school and uni to make decent money. These women are not a burden on the system. What formal educational standards are needed? They are in fact making it easier so the tax dollars they earn can be spent on others.

    Yep, I find it sad when people who consider it their right to force someone out of a job. Maybe these decision makers are the ones that are insecure and follow some religion, or are part of some feminine movements, politically correct (except if their job was at stake) and on and on.

    Let people earn money, especially if it is inoffensive like stripping.

    But, hey, we let our kids watch the news with wars, street gangs, car accidents and on and on. So how are a pair of tits offensive, even to a woman.

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    Articles like this make me wonder why very professional reviewer such as Alex would want to associate with this site.

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    I thought we had left this behind with Bert.

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    Folks, if you want to pin our posting of this on anyone, pin it on me. I gave it the go ahead.

    As for the reasoning, it’s this: sometimes we want to write about fun things that aren’t long analytical pieces. We will still have long form pieces and more in-depth looks at the industry just as always. But, other times we just want to have fun and enjoy the end of the day. There is no vast clickbait conspiracy here.

    BUT, if you truly take offence to this kind of content, it’s in your power to do something about it … by doing nothing. Don’t click it. Don’t comment on it. The more you comment, the more other people will click. That’s your vote.

    Also, if you want more in-depth news items, click on those and share them with friends who might find them interesting. Like our Facebook page ( and follow or Twitter account ( Share what we post.

    For instance, Ronnie’s stories lately have all been very unique and interesting looks at the automotive industry, yet the people who are complaining here don’t comment on them or pass them on. You should check out his piece today on design patents. He went though the patent database and pulled all those images. They aren’t grabbed from someone else’s website and reblogged here. This is original content to TTAC. Support it and we will have more of it.

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      Can we have an “upvote” button en articles?

      Ronnie’s articles are almost always worth reading, but he’s so through that there isn’t much to discuss.

      I’d like a direct way to provide thin feedback.

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        The closest thing we have to an upvote is you sharing articles with others. Traffic is always going to be an indicator of successful content.

        Other pieces, like the ongoing issues in Oshawa that Derek started covering long before my time, don’t get a lot of readers but they are still important and we will still cover them. I wish they did better traffic wise, however.

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      “Fun” articles I can understand; not everything needs to be super-serious. (Reviews of classic “car” movies, the latest LeMons update (complete with terrible costumes), etc.) but this was not really car-related at all.

      For instance, there’s a reason magazines like C&D don’t post Woman-Draped-on-Vehicle pictures (do they?), and Import Tuner, et al, do. It’s all about what kind of magazine/blog/whatever they want to be.

      What does TTAC want to be, like C&D, or like “Tuner” mags? I’m guessing it’s a lot closer to the former than the latter; you can’t be both, and posting things not appropriate to the style of the magazine tends to diminish its credibility and usefulness. C&D doesn’t post scantily clad models, and the Tuner mags don’t bore their readers with the details of the latest union negotiations or government incentives for an auto plant.

      Clickbait works (sort-of), but it’s a short-term-gain, long-term-loss kind of thing…

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        ““Fun” articles I can understand; not everything needs to be super-serious. (Reviews of classic “car” movies, the latest LeMons update (complete with terrible costumes), etc.) but this was not really car-related at all.”

        There are articles on TTAC that sometimes aren’t directly car related. Also, the “car wash” is almost this North American cultural institution. It appears in popular culture outside of magazines and tuner events — think almost every Hollywood movie where Johnny Nerdo sees a hot girl cleaning a ’68 Camaro. It rarely happens in real life, but in the movies it happens a lot.

        “For instance, there’s a reason magazines like C&D don’t post Woman-Draped-on-Vehicle pictures (do they?), and Import Tuner, et al, do. It’s all about what kind of magazine/blog/whatever they want to be.”

        And we don’t have girls draped over the cars in our reviews or features. This is news(-ish) stuff. Also, I hope TTAC never turns into C&D *or* Import Tuner.

        “Clickbait works (sort-of), but it’s a short-term-gain, long-term-loss kind of thing…”

        You see it as clickbait. We see it as, “Oh look, something lighthearted to break up the day.”

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        Aaron Cole

        It’s just a little levity for a mid-week slog is all.

        There’s nothing pornographic, the women depicted are better entrepreneurs than I’ll ever be, and they’re exercising their right to my favorite invention: free speech.

        My commitment and appreciation of you readers is firm and unshakable — I know who helps pay my bills. But before I get spanked on “real journalism,” I’d kindly remind everyone that Joseph Pulitzer — for whom a very prestigious award is named after — sold penny papers with sensational headlines and entertainment alongside news.

        I hope that we’re allowed to exercise our senses of humor once in a while.

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      Truly amazing the amount of whining when, to your point Mark, a more effective way of showing distaste would be to give it none of one’s time.

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    Bertel is that you?

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    Hmmm…I don’t see any suds or water and nothing appears to even be wet. Kind of sad. Were they just pretending to wash cars for the photo?

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    That first one’s a honey and you know it.

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