Durango SRT Could Be The Best Damn Family Wagon Ever

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Dodge may drop a 6.4-liter V-8 into a Durango before the current generation model goes away, executives told dealers in Las Vegas this week, several media sources are reporting.

The Durango was last redesigned in 2011, so a SRT version could be a victory lap for the three-row SUV. Jeep may take over three-row crossover duty with its Grand Wagoneer.

If you’re pressed between a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk or a Durango SRT — there is a third option, this Kia Sorento with an LS engine swap.

Let’s ponder the possibilities for a moment on the last one.

According to the hero man who stuffed a 2009 LSX engine into his wife’s 2007 Sorento, it was a family operation. Autoevolution said the man’s 7-year-old son was amazed at the size of the Kia’s engine bay — we’re amazed at everything:

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Aug 28, 2015

    I owned a first gen 2004 Sorento, the one with leather, moon roof and for it's time much bling. The vehicle had a full ladder frame chassis and was relatively capable off road. It's build quality surprised me since it came from Korea (circa 2004 don't forget). The vehicle proved extremely reliable and I sold it to my friend when I bought my BT50. The best way to describe the build quality of the Korean Sorento is like a comparison between the Grand Cherokee and the current Japanese proper 4x4 wagons, ie, 4hi and 4lo, etc. The Sorento was a bargin priced machine, as well similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, not quite the quality of the Japanese, but not the price either. A bargain and budget machine. I considered the Sorento that good I kept it and continued to drive it for around 18 months after I bought my pickup. The first gen Sorento was actually 4x4 of the year in Europe. My gripe was the abysmal FE from the Mitsubishi based V6 built by Hyundai. The engine's performance reminded me of the Buick based 3.8 litre V6's fitted to the Holden Commodore, not like the in line 4 litre 6 that was fitted to my XJ Sports, which was similar to a in line 6 Ford engine in the Falcon, much low down grunt. I do see the benefit of fitting a V8 into a Sorento, as the vehicle weighed in at 2.2 tonnes and the V6 needed to be prodded to get the vehicle mobile. We did have the 2.7 CRD powered Sorento in the first gen models, I do see quite a few owned by the Grey Nomads here in Australia pulling 20-22 foot caravans.

    • LSxPoweredSorento LSxPoweredSorento on Apr 21, 2016

      Yeah man, you are spot on. I almost laughed in the dealers face when he suggested I give the Sorento a try when I FIRST bought it. That was when she only had 7,000 miles. After looking at it top to bottom and giving it hell with the loud pedal I returned to the dealership absolutely stunned!! After owning it since 2008 I also have to say that they did some seriously SMART things when it came to maintenance too! Well.... not the spark plug changing part... however, you have to pull the upper intake to service some Ford vehicles too (still asinine regardless).

  • Shaker Shaker on Aug 28, 2015

    It looks like we're setting up to become reliant on Iranian and Russian oil again. Or, drilling a million more holes in domestic ground, maybe some likely running under our own homes. "I have to buy my drinking water at the store, but hey, I drive a 5,000 lb. SUV with a V8!" Great. HELLCAT

    • Zamoti Zamoti on Aug 28, 2015

      Where I'm from we don't call that stuff that comes out of the tap water, we just refer to it as the fluid that's used to deliver atrazine, nitrates and sometimes chloramine. Mmm, farm fresh!

  • Wjtinfwb Funny. When EV's were bursting onto the scene; Tesla's, Volt's, Leaf's pure EV was all the rage and Hybrids were derided because they still used a gas engine to make them, ahem; usable. Even Volt's were later derided when it was revealed that the Volt's gas engine was actually connected to the wheels, not just a generator. Now, Hybrids are warmly welcomed into the Electric fraternity by virtue of being "electrified". If a change in definition is what it takes, I'm all for it. Hybrid's make so much sense in most American's usage patterns and if needed you can drive one cross-country essentially non-stop. Glad to see Hybrid's getting the love.
  • 3-On-The-Tree We also had a 1973 IH Scout that we rebuilt the engine in and it had dual glass packs, real loud. I miss those days.
  • 3-On-The-Tree Jeff thanks. Back in 1990 we had a 1964 Dodge D100 with a slant six with a 3 on the tree. I taught myself how to drive a standard in that truck. It was my one of many journeys into Mopar land. Had a 1973 Plymouth duster with a slant six and a 1974 Dodge Dart Custom with 318 V8. Great cars and easy to work on.
  • Akear What is GM good at?You led Mary............................................What a disgrace!
  • Randy in rocklin I have a 87 bot new with 200k miles and 3 head gasket jobs and bot another 87 turbo 5 speed with 70k miles and new head gaskets. They cost around 4k to do these days.