Report: Chevrolet Prepping for New Mid-size Three-row Crossover

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Chevrolet will slot a new mid-sized crossover between the Equinox and Traverse in coming years, Automotive News is reporting.

Three sources within General Motors confirmed the new Chevrolet crossover would be dervied from Cadillac’s upcoming XT5, which is replacing the SRX next spring. The upcoming Chevy model’s architecture would be a shortened version of the Traverse, which is built on the Lambda platform. According to the story, GM will move the Equinox to the smaller D2XX platform — shared with the Chevy Cruze, Orlando, Volt, GMC Terrain and Opel Astra — by 2017 to make room for the three-row crossover.

The new, unnamed crossover will target the Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota Highlander and could be powered by a 2-liter turbo four, a 3.6-liter V6 or perhaps a hybrid power plant.

The report also details Chevrolet’s position to directly compete with Ford’s Escape-Edge-Explorer trio for crossover sales. The Edge isn’t a three-row crossover in the U.S. (it’s offered in three row, long-wheelbase configuration in China), but Chevrolet’s unnamed crossover would sport a third row of seats.

GMC would use the new mid-size crossover as their Acadia, as sales of that full-size crossover have dwindled in recent years. The Cadillac XT5 will go on sale next spring. There’s no mention of a Buick crossover to sit between the D2XX-based Envision and full-size Enclave, assuming the latter stays full-size along with the Traverse.

The story also said Cadillac won’t use the longer Traverse as a platform for a full-size crossover it’s working on.

Or, this could be an elaborate test to see if the market will bear yet another crossover.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Opus Opus on Jul 20, 2015

    I'm confused. I thought the Equinox and the Terrain were twins (same platform). According to the 2nd paragraph above, the Equinox is currently on a larger platform than its GMC cousin.

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    • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jul 23, 2015

      @RideHeight I was reading this as there will be a new Equinox, and the between model from Chevrolet will be the Terrain. So Equinox

  • Wmba Wmba on Jul 20, 2015

    The new 3.6 V6, which is a complete redesign of the old engine and gains a huge 70cc displacement increase so as to be still rounded off as a 3.6 hasn't hit the market in any numbers yet. As Deadweight says, the 3.6 and its twin turbo derivative were announced as Cadillac engines just 3 months or so ago. Already this V6 has been announced for the Camaro, which itself is the no-roof version of the ATS, and no doubt will power every plebeian GM product in the future. Cadillac exclusivity indeed. I wonder what de Nyschen is doing in Soho these days trying to fan the fire of Cadillac's renaissance. GM itself just want to offer another anonymous CUV that may or may not have three rows that are actually useful, for no apparent reason other than there is a new spare Caddy chassis available just waiting to feature a cheap plastic interior that can be sold as a Chev. And the angels danced in anticipation.

  • GeneralMalaise GeneralMalaise on Jul 20, 2015

    Embrace the suck, GM.

  • RideHeight RideHeight on Jul 21, 2015

    Lets see, Captain... sensors indicate: Chevy establishes quiet competence with their CUVs, sells them across the board in near-Toyota numbers (where Toyota is even present), has no egregious fumbles in this critical money-making segment, receives contempt and disdain from the local inhabitants. Yep, that's Carguyana down there, sir.