By on July 15, 2015

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG. Photo courtesy Autoblog

Mercedes-AMG’s incredibly busy 2.0-liter turbocharged engine will be busier next year.

The performance division of Mercedes-Benz announced Tuesday (via AutoGuide) the 2016 CLA45 and GLA45 engines would get horsepower bumps from 355 hp to 375 hp.

That boosts the horsepower-per-liter output from the little Affalterbach mills to 187.5 hp/l.

In addition to the horsepower bump, Mercedes announced the cars’ transmissions have been updated to haul compact ass. The 7-speed, AMG dual-clutch gearbox now has shorter ratios from third through seventh gears. That may not do a whole lot for the CLA’s 4.2-second run up to 60 mph (4.4 seconds in the GLA), but it will do more for runs beyond 60 mph — if that’s legal in your area, of course.

The cars will also get minor package tweaks. Mercedes-AMG has added a Dynamic Plus package to both cars that adds a mechanical, front-axle locking differential and two-stage adaptive adjustable damping.

Pricing for the 2016 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 and GLA45 will be announced in October, the automaker announced.

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14 Comments on “Mercedes-AMG Bumps Up Power in 2016 CLA45, GLA45...”

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    Why stop at 375 hp? Go for the gold and show us what you can really do! Or, spend the money on restyling the GLA 45 so that it doesn’t look like Trog from the planet Zorg on a bad hair day.

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    bumpy ii

    “That boosts the horsepower-per-liter output from the little Affalterbach mills to 187.5 hp/l.”

    Whoever bought a ’15 will be in a murderous mood.

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    Dan R

    They will still think that you are a Flash Harry with no money.

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    Still ugly as hell.

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      I thought so too originally but I’ve seen a GLA45 kicking around recently and I have to say I find its look intriguing. They call it a SUV which would normally be the kiss of death for me but it’s not that high and honestly to me not what I would call “ugly” in person. Subjective opinion, of course…

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    I am all for turning up the boost a little more.

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    They fixed what wasn’t broken (power) rather than what was (the Altima-quality interior).

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    Lease for 3 years 36K and drop it.

    Owning one of these out of warranty would be like buying a grenade with the pin already pulled.

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    An increase of virtually nothing.

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    This was as predictable as the sunrise. Audi’s new RS3 recently debuted with 15 more rated HP than the CLA/GLA45, so MB turned up the wick a bit to maintain bragging rights and try to keep performance parity.

    Same exact sequence occurred when the RS6/7 were introduced with more power than the E/CLS63: MB introduced an “S” version of those cars shortly thereafter with (allegedly) 17 more HP than the Audis (577 vs 560).

    BMW has also done the same thing with the 335 and M5…

    It’s a German pissing contest between the big 3, with the latest entrant always “winning”.

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    There’s a Mercedes commercial on the radio here, and John Hamm says, “The Mercedes GLA is engineered to execute style and performance, on any terrain.”

    And my mind adds in immediately [in his voice] “… which can be intense as a parking lot, or even a gravel parking lot with leaves on it.”

    But it’s telling that their radio ads are only hocking the CLA and GLA, and the value lease pricing. PURE CLASS, FOR LESS!

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    Wasn’t it Ford that used “world class”? I remember GM putting “euro” on everything too. Maybe Fiat Europe should be using “imported from Detroit”.

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