American Honda Boss Knows, But Tight-Lipped, About 'Baby NSX'

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
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american honda boss knows but tight lipped about baby nsx

American Honda CEO John Mendel says he could tell us about the “baby NSX” that popped up in a patent filing, but that would probably get him fired, AutoGuide is reporting.

Whatever the patent filing is — whether it’s a smaller NSX, perpetual prototype or a late-night CAD fantasy — it could find a home in Honda’s lineup that’s decidedly missing a sports car.

When asked if there’s room for a driver’s car, Mendel responded: “Absolutely there is.”

Details on the renderings released last month are incredibly murky. The smaller car wouldn’t likely get the NSX’s twin-turbocharged V6 with three electric motors to help propel it, but it could get some assist from electrons. Honda engineers were feverishly testing electric powertrains at Pikes Peak this year, including an all-electric CR-Z in the exhibition category.

The Civic Si is the automaker’s lone performance car in the U.S. The 305-horsepower Civic Type R is destined for U.S. shores, but it’s unclear when that will happen.

Production of the two-seater S2000 ended in 2009. Production of the CR-Z continues.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jul 14, 2015

    When asked if there’s room for a driver’s car, Mendel responded: “Absolutely there is.” Isn't that what the NSX is supposed to be? I'm a little confused.

  • Carguy Carguy on Jul 14, 2015

    Maybe the rumor of a baby NSX will distract Honda fans from the fact that Honda hasn't actually delivered the NSX yet?

  • Greg Locock Greg Locock on Jul 14, 2015

    Yet another content free article . The Rumors About Cars.

  • Speedlaw Speedlaw on Jul 15, 2015

    Pul eeze. Acura has gone over to the marketers. The engineers aren't dead, just locked in an underground bunker and only fed if the marketers allow it. The marketers spend time staring lustfully at the lower end BMW customer, and like BMW, metal is now second to "style". Yes, we fanbois could look at the very deep bench at Honda, pick parts, and make something desirable. You can look at the Euro catalog and find things you'd like to buy here. Here in the US, though, it is all about cash extraction, while living on the reputation gained by those 90's Accords. I SO miss the first gen Integra.