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2016 Opel Astra

Thanks to a leak from GM Europe, this is the next-generation 2016 Opel Astra before its planned debut later this year at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Only the five-door hatchback model is shown in the leaked batch, though Opel does plan to offer other variants, including a sedan, wagon and a hotted-up version.

Now, let’s see if engineers at Buick here in North America can figure out how to replace the Opel lightning logo with their own tri-shield.

Like the current Astra, the eleventh-generation model – designated Astra K – uses GM’s Delta architecture as a platform and wears similar lines and overall design cues. However, the new model looks to take inspiration from the Opel Monza concept, giving the compact hatchback a more aggressive mug.

2016 Opel Astra

From the photos, we can also glean the new car will be available with Apple CarPlay. GM announced earlier the new Astra will also be available with Android Auto. The interior is finished with a cleaned up center console and dash along with dual gauge pods in the instrument panel and a current-generation version of GM’s digital driver information center.

While this would be a great replacement for the Verano in Buick’s North American lineup (if they’re truly looking for younger buyers), don’t bet on it. GM has stated the Astra isn’t coming back to North America anytime soon.

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23 Comments on “This Is the New 2016 Opel Astra, Supposedly...”

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    I highly doubt a small Buick Hatch would attract young buyers. If they were in a rush for a younger market they would have slapped their badge onto the Camaro, Colorado, and Silverado. There are way too many entrants in this segment for the number of buyers.

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      Yeah, another little crampy car. Woot!

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      Younger doesn’t necessarily mean young, especially when put in the context of Buick.

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      Haha. While they are at it, Buick can try to fill the void that Pontiac left. The Buick Firebird Trans Am, LOL!!

      All kidding aside, Buick doesn’t have the brand panache necessary to sell a car like this, I totally agree. Chevy would be a better fit for this car but then again, that brand might not enjoy a good enough reputation among people who would find this car appealing. When was Chevy’s last good small car?

      So why not bring the Opel name back and sell this, along with maybe the ADAM and Corsa, through Buick dealers, like they did back in the 1960s and early/mid 1970s? GM wouldn’t have to open new dealers, could start out a brand with a clean slate (and some capital already among those who know European cars)? GM could possibly carve a good spot in the small car segment.

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        Sonic and Cruze have received rave reviews. Both are now in need of refreshing but it’s a good start.

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        Looks good for its time, just as the previous Astra did that was sold here as a Saturn. What doomed that car was that it was too slow with automatic, and nobody in America drives stick, so Game Over.

        If this car doesn’t have enough low-end torque to handle stop-and-go in the slushbox version, it hasn’t got a chance here either. Which is likely, so the General’s decision to bring it here is regrettably a likely sensible one on that basis alone.

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          This’ll be an interesting dilemma. I think there will be more focus and development on electro-hydraulic manual transmissions as poorer and more MPG conscious younger Americans start buying more new cars. This demographic will certainly favour smaller and lighter cars that need to maximize every ounce of power they have.

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      spreadsheet monkey

      Buick already sells a sedan version of the Astra as the Verano in the US.

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      Looks like a good option for someone who wants a car like the Mazda3 hatch, but would trade some sportiness for better NVH characteristics (assuming it has better NVH), and is willing to pay a little more for it. The interior looks pretty sharp. I think a if there is a Buick version, it should lose the floating roof look.

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    In my experience young people, on average, are as practical as older people, and I’ve known exactly one with a pickup (a Colorado or Silverado), and one with a Challenger (Camaro-equivalent). I know lots with small sedans or coupes, and one with a couple with station wagons (I consider Foresters to be station wagons). Other cars owned by young people I know: a Subaru Impreza, an ’07 Honda Accord, a Mercury Sable wagon, an ’03 Accord V6 coupe, a mid-90s Volvo 940 wagon, several Toyota Corollas of older vintages, an old Nissan Altima, a Prius, various small SUVs… Oh, and doesn’t Derek have a Mazda3?

    Now, I’m in the northeast, and maybe you’re in some part of the country where kids have different tastes, but for the most part, among other things, I think they’d buy cars that are cheaper to buy, own, and refuel.

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      The young people I know have “whatever their parents would give them for free or for cheaper than market.” That encompasses everything from a rusting-to-death Protege to a limping 18-year-old Grand Cherokee 5.2 to a newish 528i to a beat-up Ford Escape hybrid to a brand-new Range Rover.

      Remember that very few young people, whether from poor or wealthy backgrounds, have on their own the sort of capital needed to buy cars. You accumulate that as you go through your working life.

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    This is a pretty attractive car – more interesting than a VW Golf and much better looking than the Opel Adam.

    As a minimum, it will end up as a Buick for China. I think Chevy is the better brand for this segment, plus if Cadillac is really making a Cimarron II then there isn’t much room for Buick.

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    This looks good, maybe not any better than the old Astra, but a bit more distinctive.

    I don’t see this coming to the U.S. as a Buick but I do wonder how much of it will end up being shared with the likely (IMO) Cruze hatch. Now that Chevy and Opel are no longer sold side by side, in Europe anyway, I don’t know what’s stopping GM from simply putting a Chevy grille on this and sending it over.

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    I’d trade my Verano turbo on an APC 280 HP version of that hatch. It would take me all of 5 or 10 seconds to do so. Looks better than any competitor to me.

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    Wow, I’ve never seem a styling element proliferate as fast at the blacked out c/d pillar with the chrome arched window trim on top and upswept window line followed by a sharp downward line towards the tail. We have the Murano, Maxima, RX350, and now the Opel Astra. Even the Corolla has the upswept window line/ downward line to the tail feature, and the Mazda CX-3 has the blacked out pillar.

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    VW-y at the front and BMW-y at the back. What’s not to like!

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    I might be one of only about ten people that wish infotainment hadn’t essentially guaranteed the end of the center-mounted gauge cluster. The column looks pretty low, and the gauges look to go pretty high in the driver’s sight line.

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      Me, too. And it never fails that the most comfortable tilt on the steering wheel completely blocks the speedo from 20-70. So I’m always driving with the wheel higher than I’d like; one of those little naggy things you notice daily.

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    “This Is the New 2016 Opel Astra, Supposedly” Why the ‘supposedly’? There are a couple of dozen official photos by GM of this car, inside and out, all over the web. Pictures of other cars to be released are duly reported without hedging. Yet, you report ‘supposedly’ about this Opel, but offer no reason for your doubt. We must be experiencing the latest form of GM-specific snark from TTAC. Childish.

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    That’s actually a very nice looking car. If GM were to import it as a Buick, I would have to import a Opel grill for it. Those stodgy looking chrome grills ruin the looks of many of their cars. The Opel grill is much more modern looking.

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