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124 Spider_011

This is the first ever set of spy shots of the upcoming Mazda MX-5 Miata based Fiat 124 Spider with near-production body work.

Damn, honey, you’ve got a big nose.

While this addition to the Fiat lineup is quite covered in camo in these photos, it’s easy to see the roadster will rock a longer hood than the Mazda MX-5. However, it looks like other elements stay quite similar to the original on which it’s based, including the curved windshield surround and proportions of the rear deck.

If rumor is to be believed, the new Fiat 124 will be powered by the same 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder found in other Fiat products. Power will be sent to the rear via a six-speed manual transmission and possibly a six-speed dual clutch or conventional automatic.

We will likely see the Fiat 124 in all its glory this November at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. Expect sales to start next year.

The new Fiat will be built alongside the MX-5 in Japan.

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27 Comments on “SPIED: Fiat 124 Spider Sports Long Hood for Small Motor...”

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    Ace and Gary would be pleased.

    (Wait: since this was written by Mark Stevenson, it has to say “damn” in it at least once. So, Ace and Gary would be damned pleased.)

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    You know what? I don’t think the nose is that long. I think that the black camouflage piece is extending past the real nose about 6″ or so. I think I can see a little bit of white peeking behind the mesh of the black piece, set back pretty far. I bet you that the bumper will hug close to the wheel wells, similar to how the Miata looks. The head light does appear to be pushed further forward than the Miata though. Maybe an inch or two.

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      That’s what I saw from looking carefully at the picture, too.
      This is going to be a Miata with a different motor, different badges and a few cosmetic changes. That’s actually not a bad thing… the more reasonably priced 2-seater droptops running around, the better. Kind of like the ’70s, with MG, Triumph, VW and a few others with affordable convertibles on the market, and the occasional classic Mustang or Jaguar as well running around.

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    The shape and front end puts me in mind of the early 2000’s Maserati Spyder (the ugly one).

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    Well Sergio has his dearly craved “platform sharing” if nothing else.
    Interesting that as compared to the BRZ/FR-S pair, these are using different powertrains.

    I can see a 2 grand ADM on these at the Fiat dealer for about 3 months and a hefty discount off sticker by the 9 month mark.

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      This is what we all theoretically want, right? Japanese mechanicals and build with Italian bodywork.

      Since they’re doing it, we really should give it a fair shot. Now if only they’d put some Lexus LS mechanicals and build quality into a big Audi, I’d be good.

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        This seems to be the opposite of that, Japanese body with Italian mechanicals.

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        Yeah, that “same turbocharged 4 cylinder that’s in other Fiat products” doesn’t inspire confidence. To be fair, Sterling tried to do the Japanese mechanicals and British coachwork “thing” and that didn’t work out too well.

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          heavy handle

          Is there a known issue with the Fiat Turbo 4? Please share.

          My local Ram/Fiat/Jeep/etc senior tech tells me that they are trouble-free, as in “never had to open one up, even though we are the biggest Fiat dealer in a large metropolitan area.”

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          Sterling isn’t really equivalent, as the cars were built by Rover (read: British-Leyland leftover employees).

          A good engine built poorly will still be poor. I’m talking about a Japanese built, Italian styled car.

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            There was nothing much good about Honda’s early V-6s, at least as far as reliability. If I had a nickel for every time I saw, was offered, or heard about a first-gen Legend that needed an engine, Id be trying to locate my nearest Alfa retailer to put a decent deposit on a Giulia right about now.

            I remember being at auctions where the only guy bidding on early Legends was the scrap guy. No one else would bother. Quite the opposite when an Integra made a rare showing. People showed up only for that car and left when it sold to someone else. Ive seen first gen Tauruses with bad trans. going for more than an early “needs engine” Legend. Probably because it was cheaper to fix.

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    OK they gave us the turbo, now where is the shooting brake version?

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    Fiat 1.4L turbo makes 135hp vs. 129 for Mazda 1.5L normally aspirated mil. Not a huge difference. U.S. gets 167hp 2L. Wonder if different Fiat engine is planned for U.S.?

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    I like the new Miata. A lot. I don’t know if I like this because I can’t really see it. Sure, the basic form is a$$ out but the devils in the details.

    So why the comments alluding to ruining the look of the car? When the wraps come off, you’ll get a good look. Maybe what Fiat does will work, maybe it won’t. But you’ll be basing your comments on the actual car. Not what you think it will look like.

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      Because its an FCA product! You dont need to actually *see* it to know they “ruined” it. Just like you dont need to drive one of their debuting models to know how awful it is.

      The NAME is all you go by, as follows:
      GM? Junk.
      Ford? Garbage.
      FCA? Terrible.
      Toyota? God’s gift to man.
      Audi? Most wondefulest car EVAR, even the third time it catches fire.
      Prius? Automaticly makes you perfect with no faults whatsoever because youre saving Mother Earth.
      Any **American** Pickup? Little penis, no exceptions. And even if you haul eleventy billion pounds of crap every week for work or play, you could get by with a Prius C if your penis were bigger and you were smarter than a typical ‘Murican.

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      “So why the comments alluding to ruining the look of the car?”

      I don’t get this either. Mazda is making the Miata, if someone likes the look of it better, they can buy that one. I’m glad it’s not just a badge swap and I’m glad it’s getting the 1.4T. Should make for 2 little roadsters with different personalities to choose from.

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    dear Fiat, what about throwing a Hellcat at such long engine bay?

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      Id rather they surprise everyone with an Inline 6, with an optional Turbo of course. With the very good Pentastar already in the parts bin, there is no logical need for it, but I can still dream.

      Ohhh! Make the Inline 6 standard in the Giulia! Ill take mine with a manual! Okay, I think I crossed the line from “dream” to “fantasy”, lol.

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    A welcome addition to Fiat’s offerings. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

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    I’ve said before, I am a Miata lover since about 95. There is no way I’d buy the fiat… Except on 1 condition. That they put the Abarth motor in it. The sound alone could convince me to buy a fiat over the real deal.

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    Can’t wait! Just hope they use the same exhaust as my Abarth. That will sound awesome.

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