Sixth-Gen BMW 7-Series Image Leaked Via Online Configurator

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
sixth gen bmw 7 series image leaked via online configurator

The image might be grainy making it difficult to see the details with clarity, this is the sixth-generation BMW 7-Series. Autocar was able to snap a screenshot of the new full-size luxury sedan as it popped up on one of BMW’s online configurators.

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  • Ravenchris Ravenchris on Jun 07, 2015

    I look at the first picture and it screams 'Buick' to me. Then in the image below it, I see the misaligned chrome. My opinion of bmw has declined greatly over the last few years.

  • Skink Skink on Jun 07, 2015

    (While) there is no "might" about it: that photo is indeed grainy.

  • Jschinito Jschinito on Jun 08, 2015

    nothing a big 3 series. would rather get an a7 or tesla

  • Glwillia Glwillia on Jun 08, 2015

    LOL @ all the people calling this car "boring". I'd take that over the hideous monstrosity that was the pre-facelift E65 (2002-2005 7er). Yeah it looks like a large 3-series, but the Germans have always subscribed to the school of "one sausage, 3 lengths" so nothing new there. As for the car itself, I can't think of a single 7er I'd take over the equivalent-era S-class (maybe an E38 740i sport over an early W220), but I'm glad MB has some semblance of competition.