NHTSA: No Decision Yet On Extending General Motors' Oversight Decree

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
nhtsa no decision yet on extending general motors oversight decree

A year ago, General Motors was placed under government oversight in the wake of its recall crisis. Whether the NHTSA continues babysitting the automaker is yet to be determined.

The oversight consent decree signed between GM and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration resulted in a record $35-million fine for the former’s role in the February 2014 ignition switch recall, as well as requiring the automaker to disclose any potential and ongoing problems, and to meet with the agency monthly about safety issues, The Detroit News reports. The decree can also be extended for up to two years, a decision agency head Mark Rosekind is discussing at present.

Rosekind praised the automaker’s willingness to be forthcoming about safety issues and improvements during those meetings, while GM spokesman Jim Cain had this to say about cooperating with the government:

We have fully complied with the terms of the consent order. More importantly, we have used our monthly meetings with NHTSA to foster a relationship that’s candid, transparent and totally focused on the safety of our customers. We’ve come a long way and we fully intend to build on this progress.

No word was given as of this writing on when a decision to extend or rescind the decree would occur.

[Photo credit: General Motors]

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  • BklynPete BklynPete on May 06, 2015

    Sweet Pete may choke on a bilious pile of his own venom, but that doesn't mean he's wrong.

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    • BklynPete BklynPete on May 06, 2015

      @psarhjinian I'm willing to bet Sweet Pete offered his genius to Sergio and Olivier Francois and was rebuffed as an angry old f-l-art. It's pretty well-known that he was a consultant to Daimler when they were running Chrysler. All those Super Bee stickers on RAM pickups and Chargers? Pete. Chrysler got favorable AE coverage, until they didn't use him anymore and Cereberus/Nardelli took over. Nowadays, Ford seems to be getting some favorable play at AE. If they are paying him some mind or pretending to, they're heroes for now. Over the years I've come to think Sweet Pete hates everyone who isn't lining his pockets with consulting fees or kissing his keeshkas for his dollops of marketing brilliance.

  • DeadWeight DeadWeight on May 06, 2015

    I admit I don't know as much about De Lorenzo's history as some here. If the consensus is correct, I'll probably read his op/eds in the future with a much larger grain of salt.

  • BklynPete BklynPete on May 06, 2015

    “Oh, really? You armchair pablum-puking branding experts with your little keyboards. What do you know? I’ve forgotten more about the car business than your pea brains could ever possibly absorb. My father ran General Motors PR when the place was run by real men, true believers with gasoline in their veins like Bill Mitchell and Ed Cole, not a bunch of capuccino-swilling minions and mewing supplicants. So if you don’t like what we have to say at AE, it means you can’t handle the High-Octane, Unvarnished Truth!”

  • Wmba Wmba on May 06, 2015

    Lorenzo's rant this week is priceless. If chutzpah was a measurable quantity, then he'd rate a 92 on a scale of 100. Marchionne would be about a lowly 37. Of course Delorenzo is completely blind to his own boastfulness. Sweet Pete's self-promotional pomposity this week included : "We" (the royal we) set out to influence the influencers, my priceless exposure to the industry in its prime, my knack for understanding the auto executive mindset, privately I've been told I'm a genius, my influential ramblings on racing have changed the scene dramatically." Good for a laugh each week anyway.