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Chinese Geely is offering up smartphone integration in the most Chinese way possible…by just copying the screen, no matter what the screen orientation. Personal injury lawyers: your Chinese golden egg has arrived thanks to tweaked necks as drivers try to swipe up and down on Tinder.

According to CarNewsChina, this is the new Geely Englon Haijing SC7 and it features either the worst Photoshop ever for press photos or the worst smartphone integration on the planet. Or both. Even the home button on the pictured iPhone is on the wrong end.

[Source: CarNewsChina]

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16 Comments on “New Geely Mirrors Your iPhone Screen Sideways For Guaranteed Neck Injuries...”

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    Be careful what you ask for you just might literally get it.

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    I hope that attention to detail doesn’t bleed into the Volvo product line. Ufda.

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      Hasn’t so far!

      Though I’m leaning towards the “worst photoshop” explanation.

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        You know, or maybe not on that.

        They may have decided to live with the Home Screen wart to mirror the UI of the apps; the orientation makes more sense for in-car use of the apps themselves, since most of them, unlike the HS, are perfectly sensible in landscape.

        That might be the most “typically Chinese UX” decision here, indeed.

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    How does Tinder work in China? There’s a joke that’s not fit for the 21st century in here somewhere about all the pictures being the same…

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    I’d call it more of a fault in the iPhone than by Geely. I’ve always wondered why the home screen doesn’t rotate when you rotate the phone. It ought to.

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    The biggest problem with automotive connectivity is that the average age of a smartphone is 3-4x less than the average age of a car. Making the car a fancy touchscreen for a phone is a great idea from that perspective.

    Heck, with the number of B&B that advocate for used cars, it’s the only way to not have to live with Sync 1 for the next 5 years of your life.

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      I agree with you, and mcs’s version that dooms your post tl;dr. It looks stupid now, but by just copying a phone’s screen, leaving app choice, processing and upgrade-ability to the phone, you actually get a working, up-to-date touchscreen in the car. It’s an obvious and fantastic idea. If it works.

      Now Apple has been known to work with car producers about phone integration into cars, Geely’s Volvo among them. Which approach are they going for? You may end up paying more for something that’s worth less to the second and third ownet of the car.

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    Even sideways it still beats the hell out of most factory systems.

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      “Even sideways it still beats the hell out of most factory systems.”

      I think you’re right. Once the app is running — Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, — ii will rotate to the correct (landscape) orientation. For better or worse, the text messaging app will also rotate. Smart users will just move the car related apps to their own page.

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    I’m more alarmed that they would consider releasing a car with that dreadful indigo interior lighting…

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    And this is the company that owns Volvo. Such a shame.

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