Yahoo Autos, Autoblog Gain New Editors

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

The Truth About Cars isn’t the only online auto publication to bid farewell/ say hello to editors today, as Yahoo Autos and Autoblog have done the same.

First off, now-former Autoblog editor Sharon Carty has taken the role of editor-in-chief of Yahoo Autos, where she will lend her extensive industry and digital media experiences to the search engine’s latest digital magazine. Carty’s industry career began in 2002, and has included stories such as the bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler, the emerging Southeast Asia automotive markets, and Toyota’s unintended acceleration woes.

Meanwhile, Autoblog‘s new editor-in-chief is Michael Austin, whose industry career began with Automobile magazine in 1999. Since then, Austin has worked in editorial for Car and Driver and Popular Mechanics, and was also employed at PR firm Tiny Toy Car – founded by former Jalopnik editor Ray Wert – as its director of creative strategy.

[UPDATE: An earlier version of this story stated Michael Austin was still with Tiny Toy Car based on his LinkedIn profile. Austin clarified with TTAC by email he left Tiny Toy Car when he accepted his previous Executive Editor role at AutoBlog in March, stating, “That was a mistake I made on my LinkedIn page.”]

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Ronnie Schreiber Ronnie Schreiber on Apr 20, 2015

    FWIW, Jalopnik recently changed their masthead as well. Travis Okulski is now main editor with Matt Hardigree kicked upstairs.

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    • Ryoku75 Ryoku75 on Apr 21, 2015

      @Ronnie Schreiber Orloves one of the few Jalopniks I respect, he can put up some neat articles. I quit Gawker sites due to their generally atrocious journalism, when I heard of the whole "Gamergate" thing on them, I wasn't surprised. To go around muting posters though, now thats just lame.

  • I'm wondering what the SALARY is at TTAC. Obviously not enough to keep workers there. You guys should come to YOUTUBE with Alex dykes and myself. $1000 a month - but the sky's the limit. I'm sure Alex must be making $1000 a month or more, but I'm not sure how much he has to split it. I don't have to split mine and I shoot videos on iPhone LOL.

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    • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Apr 21, 2015

      @tuffjuff I didn't know his last name until just now. Whenever I have a random car query like "Hmm, what does the rear door sound like on a Fleetwood limo?" I can just look for the video he did on it.

  • VenomV12 VenomV12 on Apr 21, 2015

    I didn't know there was a Yahoo Autos and Autoblog has been a giant mess for some time now.

  • Conslaw Conslaw on Apr 21, 2015

    Wow, all this turnover at the auto news sites. 4/20 must be hard on you guys.