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For anyone who mourned the demise of the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet, Land Rover has you covered.

The droptop version of the Range Rover Evoque will debut tomorrow at the Geneva Auto Show. Three years ago, Land Rover previewed this Evoque in concept form, but now it appears to be greenlit. No word on whether the digital camo pattern will be a factory option. Given the car’s target demographic, it would make sense.

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24 Comments on “Range Rover Introduces Murano Cross Cabriolet...”

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    Hey, women! Want a less reliable, more expensive Murano Cross Cabriolet? Presto! Now everyone can see your Prada purse on the passenger seat as you drive to Saks, and you won’t have to tell them to look!

    Make sure your teacup dog doesn’t jump out though!

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      So, that’s it the Crosscabriolet @$47K wasn’t expressive enough and that’s why it only sold 1600 copies.

      Well, this ought to be a massive hit, not only will it be expensive it will be fun to watch those caught in the rain trying to get those Lucas Electric tops to go up

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        Yes. As Tim Cain tells us, cars can’t fall into certain categories unless they cost a certain amount. At $47K, the Murano CC wasn’t good enough. This will likely be $55K+, and thus is a good convertible luxury crossover SUV.

        Ergo, it will sell well.

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        What rain? Can’t you see it’s only for tunnel adventures?

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    It’s just exactly the concept anyway. But look how yucky it is with the top up.

    PT Cruiser Cabrio anyone?

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    And this one will actually sell in some quantity, because it’s a Range Rover and that’s the sort of people who buy this kind of vehicle.

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    #1 There are many people who have no idea that the Murano Cross Cabriolet even existed because Murano did such a poor job advertising it.

    #2 When I see people with one – and we happen to talk – I mention to them not to sell it because it’s discontinued and retains some value.

    #3 This Range Rover will sell far better than the MCC because IT’S A RANGE ROVER and badgewhores will EAT IT UP.

    #4 I think they’d have been better off building some form of tubular roll cage to make it more like Master Chief’s warthog – and making an Off Road version.

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      “#1 There are many people who have no idea that the Murano Cross Cabriolet even existed because Murano did such a poor job advertising it.”

      Those would be the lucky ones

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        I dunno I’ll occasionally see a Murano walking on the side of the road, holding up a CC sign. They advertise a little.

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        Right, the one thing, the only thing the Murano Cabrio had going for it was that it was a Nissan. Tell me again what this new sled is going to capitalize on. Lets hope buyers have AAA on speed dial. And, for those who really must have a L-R droptop, check stock at the dealer for a pre-owned Defender – a real L-R, not a comicbook version.

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    I really like the both this and the cross cabrio*. Do you really want to live in a world where you only choices are a black, white, or silver F150 or Accord LX? Isn’t it nice when an automaker produces something a little different.

    * not in a wanting to buy one sense, but I’m happy they were/will be produced.

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    Well…it doesn’t look bad in the photo up top…

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    I miss the Cross Cabriolet. (sniff)

    Yeah, sure I do…

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    John R

    Pride goeth before a fall

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    You know a car is ugly when they leave the camo on for the press shots!

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    Ugh, I’m going to be seeing these things all over the place in 2 years’ time.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    The optional panoramic sunroof ought to be enough for open air pleasure instead of introducing a convertible version.

    I surprised it does not have the “basket handle” roll bar for added structural integrity unless the frame and unibody is beefed up before the top chop like many convertibles.

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