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The most significant luxury CUV of our time is about to get a thorough re-design. Lexus will show off an all-new RX at the New York Auto Show. This is all we’ve got for now?

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25 Comments on “New York 2015: 2016 Lexus RX Previewed...”

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    So… it’s now a sedan? Cause there certainly isn’t any hatch space or a 3rd row in there.

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    “You said blindspots in modern vehicles couldn’t get any worse, so we worked hard to prove you wrong and we successfully made them worse!”

    The ride will also be worse than the last generation, so that its deemed sporty and the young people buy it.

    I’m a young person, Lexus. You’re making your vehicles less and less appealing to me with each generation.

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    What will this do to the old ones values that are just ridiculous?

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    Gardiner Westbound

    I thought the Acura shield grille was horrible until Lexus topped it with its ghastly Predator mouth grille.

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    So, the last one (side profile) looked like an Aztek. I’m going to try to be positive and keep my fingers crossed that they produce something that is attractive and desirable because whatever they produce, they will be everywhere for a long time and we’ll all have to look at them.

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    They make money hand over fist with these and people love them.

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      It’s reliable, very practical, and relatively luxurious inside with a comfortable ride. And it has good value retention so it doesn’t actually cost as much to own. Since nobody buying a big crossover like this even vaguely cares about taking corners as if they’re in a sports car it’s not really surprising that it sells super well.

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        @ tekdemon – I agree with you for the most part, but the biggest issue with the current RX 350 is that it’s incrementally worse than the RX 330 that preceded it.* Styling, interior materials, and ride quality are all better in 330, albeit not by a huge margin. Furthermore, the 350 has gotten worse over the course of its production run, with addition the Predator grille and the tacky LEDs. (Granted, everybody is adding tacky LEDs.)

        I think the fear is that the 2016 will be significantly worse. It probably won’t be, but it also probably won’t be an improvement.

        – – –
        *I don’t own an RX 350, but I frequently play chauffeur to my parents, who do. I’ve also logged a lot of seat time in another RX 350 and two RX 330s owned by friends.

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          @Featherson: That is an absolutely perfect assessment of the issue. The 330/350 may not have been the best looking of the bunch (although I liked it), but it was genuinely great. Very good ride quality, very good materials, excellent refinement. Not too many reviews admitted (although some did) that the replacement was a step down. Toyota managed to make it such an incremental step down that few seemed to notice, but it was one nonetheless.

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            Thanks, EChid. And you’re absolutely right in your use of “330/350,” as the RX’s engine changes don’t correspond directly to the generational changes from XU10 to XU30 to RL10. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

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        Tried and true Lexus formula – offer something more (midsize platform) for less (priced like a compact).

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    Mr. Orange

    Please don’t look as horrendous as the last few vehicles that Lexus has produced. Please let it be something that will still look as good 10 or 15 years from now like the LS400 or ES300 still does today.

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      How will they sell their new models 10-15 years from now, if the old ones still look good? More and more new car customers are leasing, and they want something different, i.e. NEW-looking every 2-3 years.

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        Mr. Orange

        Car companies that make gorgeous cars normally don’t have issues selling newer cars even if their older ones still have a very good design. Its rather common in fact.

        Why should American drivers have to deal with these atrocious looking Lexus designs. Especially since they will stay around a long time as a Lexus inherently will. Their not like Pontiac Aztecs or Jelly Bean Ford Taurus’s that thankfully have built in life spans. Thus not plaguing the roads of America with ugly.

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    So… they’re going to go ahead and screw the pooch? Go ahead gentlemen, lately in this world somehow failure equals success.

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    Looks like they gave it the Murano C pillar treatment. I suppose a little strip of daylight is better than nothing.

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    No, no, no, no! The breakthrough technology is the patented invisible plastic wagonback/hatchback. “Looks like a high-powered coupe – drives like an SUV!”

    They’ll sell millyuns, millyuns, I tell you!

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    Oh look…. Lexus ZDX. But then I could be wrong.

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    Are these teaser pictures supposed to make us curious and sleepless about what this spectacular, doubtlessly fantastic car looks like, or just a cheesy ploy to get free publicity before the big reveal?

    So much of life is pure BS, and methinks this is just another road apple in the pile.

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    It’s the wrong shot. That’s a side view mirror and a tail light with only one door between them. Try RC instead of RX? Plain old wrong pic? Somebody goofed.

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    Lots of people hung up on the grille still. Lots of people hung up on the RC-F being 50 odd HP less than the M-series. But, the GS was a big improvement over the previous edition. The IS was a huge improvement over the previous edition. The NF looks fantastic in person. Lexus is on a roll and its on their own terms.

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