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(NSFW for language)

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140 Comments on “TTAC’s Own Bigtruckseriesreview Goes Viral...”

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    Saw this yesterday, knew it was him right away. Awesome video, congrats BTS! Making us Mopar drivers proud.

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    So, if you want a retro car with a big engine to relive the days when HP was king, make sure you use the computer launch system, key with special code, and electronic engine management. Also, don’t ruin your fun or BTRS’s resale value by racing anything modern.

    Here is an idea. Don’t buy a new one. Have some class, buy an old one.

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    Saw this yesterday, watched for about 90 seconds, turned it off. Sorry, but he’s neither funny, nor professional, nor well-spoken, nor very well informed.

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      In his world, he is all of those things.

      I remember seeing a guy get into a Facebook argument with him about Tesla. BTSR *hates* Tesla.

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        What a dumb boob he is.

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        I do not hate Tesla.

        I have 200 shares of Tesla.

        I love Tesla.

        But $135,000 for a car that’s in every way inferior to a Charger Hellcat at $70,000 is ridiculous.

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          Doesn’t the Hellcat’s exhaust pipe chafe yor willy?

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          I don’t think you know what the word inferior means. Which makes sense, since your IQ is under 90.

          The Tesla is faster to 30. It’s faster to 60. It’s faster to 100. It’s neck and neck in the quarter mile. It has more grip.

          Those are all FACTS.

          So when you say every way, you mean none of the ways that actual people care about.

          It has a superior sound system. It has a MUCH superior multimedia interface.

          Best of all, it’s more energy efficient.

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            You’re missing the point. For the cost of the Tesla, you could get two Hellcats, duct tape them together, mash the throttles and tear open a hole in the space-time continuum.

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          “I do not hate Tesla.” — But you do not LIKE Tesla.

          “I have 200 shares of Tesla.” — But you do not own a Tesla.

          “I love Tesla.” — But you do not LIKE Tesla.

          “But $135,000 for a car that’s in every way inferior to a Charger Hellcat at $70,000 is ridiculous.” — Which proves you do not LIKE Tesla, otherwise you would not have said this.

          Ok, I have to agree that most of the Tesla v. Challenger races showed the Challenger at its worst. You made it quite clear that it was the driver’s fault in every one of the Challenger’s races. But then, that’s one of the main differences between the two; one is designed to perform well no matter how bad the driver may be while the other needs an experienced driver behind the wheel–one who really knows what they’re doing. That also proves that the Tesla is in no way inferior, merely different. In a straight line, the Challenger should easily out-strip even the P85D in “insane” mode simply due to the fact that the Tesla tops out at 120mph or so.

          However, straight-line racing is really the Challenger’s only real advantage; that huge amount of horsepower is useless in such a heavy car when taking on a street/road course where maneuvering is required. The Tesla–even the RWD version–has demonstrated that it is quite capable of running with road-course cars for several laps before needing to cool itself down. Give it time, it may do even better. But the Challenger can’t even keep up with a stock Corvette on a road course, much less challenge a Tesla. Worse, there is evidence that the Hellcat Challenger stands a good chance of suffering the same issues its predecessors suffered on the street–an inability to survive longer than one week. Of the roughly 5,000 each of the Charger Daytona and the Plymouth Super-Bee, 90% of them were totaled before their first week and the few remaining were almost universally put into storage before logging even 50 miles and have gradually made their presence known as they slowly trickle out of those garages to be displayed as show cars with a bit less risk of being wiped out in a random act of carelessness.

          If we’re lucky, some few buyers now will store their Hellcat Challenger before it gets a severe case of road rash.

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            Your argument against what I said was so long that I didn’t bother to read it.

            Going viral sent my view count from 17,000 to over 350,000 this video has earned $530 in just one day.

            I emailed a copy of the earnings report to TTAC just in case you want proof.

            I will email the copy of the end of the month earning report to TTAC so you can compare each day of gains.

            Google AdSense is not finished counting all of the views because of the external shares and I won’t know the complete total until March 3 but I’m already certain it’s going to be more than $1500 for this video alone and that’s in addition to the $800 a month I was already making.

            So do me a favor: don’t bother criticizing me because frankly at the end of the day the bottom line is cash.

            The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success…

            Successful troll is successful.

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      No argument here. But then, I autocross a Miata so the only way I could be farther outside of BTS’ target demographic would be if I were homosexual. So, I got that going for me, which is nice.

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      It may have gone viral, but I’m betting it was for comedy purposes; now millions of people are laughing at BTSR.

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        Whether they laugh with me or at me, I’M LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.
        I’m averaging $800 a month on Youtube. This will push me to $1000 and even higher.

        I need my own comedy show.

        BIGTRUCKSERIESREVIEW > Jeremy Clarkson

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          “Whether they laugh with me or at me, I’M LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.”

          I seriously have to wonder how much you’re getting for this one video.

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            Ryoku I don’t mind showing you the earnings reports.

            I had 17,000 views yesterday morning and the video had already pulled $19

            Views shot up overnight 210,000.

            Adsense didn’t recalculate for me yet. Because it went viral – they’ve changed my advertisement set.

            I am sure I’ll make over $1000 for this month. How many times over, I don’t know.
            I’m averaging about $212 a week.

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            bumpy ii

            That bump in in ad revenue should cover about, what, 3 days worth of gas in the Hellcat?

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          I am sure many of us also envy Kim Kardashian for her eight and nine figure income, we just don’t want to be her. As Robert Johnson showed us so many years ago, those particular deals do not work out so well.

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          I need to get working on more videos then, that’d be some good parts money.

          Good luck on your PewDiePie bux quest, I still say that you’re far too “normal” to make it that far.

          You should keep it that way though, be the one sane ad revenue profiteer.

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          Careful. If the IRS discovers you’re making that much money, they’ll start auditing your books.

          And based on your own words, trucks, you’re only making about 2¢ per view. At that kind of rate, you NEED a lot of views to make any money.

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    Love it!

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    So that was “USE THE F!CKING RED KEY!” right?

    loved it too.

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      That does it! I’m painting ALL my keys RED… even the one to my boat. Red Key = +200 HP!

      Other things I’ve learned:
      – a Prius is faster then a Hell Cat (because electric car)
      – most Audi’s are faster then a Hell Cat (because auto spoiler)
      – airplanes are faster then a Hell Cat (because afterburner? The video isn’t clear as to why airplane is so awesome, but rewatching Top Gun helps)

      This video would be even better if instead of BTSR voice just imagine it done with Cartman’s voice from South Park.

      Very entertaining, thanks for the laughs.

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    BTSR: “The thought of an SRT vehicle makes me cry, please don’t race fast cars with your Hellcat.”

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    I always thought it a pussy move, to selectively choose who and when to race. All these “rules” to save “face”. Anything goes, anytime, or simply stay home.

    It was still it’s fun to dust cars with at least 2X the power at a light. I just had a 230 hp 5.0, but had the launch down to a science. I’d just sidestep the clutch at 3,000 rpm. These thumpin’ built muscle cars would see my front end jump ahead and couldn’t help but blowing off their tires. Every time. It was a blast!

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    SCE to AUX

    “Do not race any jet aircraft” Awesome.

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    Hilarious video, that internets will get you. Bahaha. The P85d is bad ass, and will eat most Hellcat models. Due to the user of those Hellcat models.

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    Did he use an iPhone?

    It’s pretty funny – just looooooooooooooooong.

    I lost interest and multitasked.

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    “Do not race jets. We all know the F-16, F-111 and others take off at 400mph…”

    100% FALSE. Yes, jets are incredibly fast, I agree. That’s also why you limit the distance of any drag race. BUT, the take-off speed of most jets is around 150mph, ±30mph depending on model. Their greatest acceleration occurs AFTER they have left the ground and pulled their wheels up. The reason is that they’re not even at maximum acceleration while you’re already topping out in the horsepower/torque curve. The only exception to this is a catapult launch where engines and a steam/electromagnetic catapult work together to accelerate the jet more quickly. Jet fighters on average weigh a minimum of 5x more than a sports car and use the equivalent of 10x the horsepower to launch. The difference is that they use a reaction drive rather than direct-drive friction on the ground to get moving. Go review the Top Gear race between a Eurofighter and the Bugatti Veyron again and you’ll see that the Veyron gets the jump–until the plane leaves the ground.

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    So this “Rule #4″… what if this AWD/SHITLOADZ OF POWAH/ATX car is a turbo 4cyl? You specifically cite “unless it’s a turbo 4cyl or V6” but it’s not difficult or expensive to get an Evo or STi to out accelerate a Hellcat for a fraction of the $70k entry price. Sure, they lack the swagger and “oooooh” factor of the Hellcat, but if we’re talking strictly performance, there’s many variables that you seem to have not addressed, but simply dismissed because of cylinder count.

    Just asking.

    Lastly, and I mean this seriously from a guy that’s watched most of your videos- do you have to curse in the majority of them? Dropping the sparce 4-letter word is cool if you’re doing a strictly satirical peice, but you seem to be adopting a more informative motif. Once a choice word or two gets dropped in these types of documentaries, your credibility goes… well… Brian Williams-esque. You lose some of that “viable source” credibility… even if the rest of the content is 100% undenyable.

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    I’m glad that I need not concern myself with racing these old wrinkly guys with huge motors in my BMW 128i. Not the crowd I wish to be affiliated with!

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    I’m sad that the world we live in rewards such stupidity.

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      If Pew Di Pie can do it…

      …playing video games…

      I WILL Capitalize off of it too.

      It’s not easy being the star that has to outshine other stars. I do what I must to WIN. I need my own show.

      If I am propelled to stardom, I’m bringing TTAC with me. Never forget where you came from!

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        i would say you should worry less about winning and capitalizing and “doing what you must do” instead worrying more about integrity and honor and doing what you must do to lead a good life, but darn it all to heck if you aren’t entertaining enough to throw all that crap out the window in the name of entertainment.

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          “i would say you should worry less about winning and capitalizing and “doing what you must do” instead worrying more about integrity and honor and doing what you must do to lead a good life, but darn it all to heck if you aren’t entertaining enough to throw all that crap out the window in the name of entertainment.”

          If i had to choose between honor/integrity and getting Filthy rich legally…

          The only question is:

          What color scheme will my Bugatti Veyron Supert Sport be?

          I’ll cry a little everytime I floor it…

          Won’t be able to look myself in the rearview mirror.

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      Don’t EVER compare yourself to PewDiePie, you’re better than that.

      If you streamed games I’d watch if largely because you’d be one of the only streamers with a bearable voice.

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    Matt Foley

    As a lifelong fan of the internal combustion engine and a skeptic of anthropogenic global warming, I greatly enjoyed 1:10-1:14. Funniest thing since Terry Bradshaw and Mel Tillis shattering the windows at the enviro-meeting by revving up a stock car in Cannonball Run.

    Thank you, BTS.

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    Just my two pesos.

    Say what you will about BTSR, but he’s miles better and more respectable than these uppity pricks who just commented to tear the man’s achievement down.

    Guarantee these are the same losers who engage in Whoever-Gets-the-Last-and-Most-Jargon-Laden-Post-Wins contests whenever an article has political undertones.

    Congrats to BTSR for his success and stirring up butthurt in these self righteous clowns.

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    After watching the BTSR video on the hell cat, I got as far as watching until rule# 3 and realised that I had to go and watch paint dry, far more interesting. I can’t believe how juvenile the piece (and he)is. I sure hope that he never appears on a west coast highway

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    BTSR, you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who could give a s–t. Like I said ,watching paint dry is alot more fun

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    @BigTruck, good for you man!

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    So let me get this straight…

    We members of the “Best & Brightest” *snort* are making fun of BTSR, despite the fact that he’s making money talking about cars, while the rest of us are supplying content via comments to TTAC for free.

    Who really are the chumps here?

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      It’s sad that some assign positive societal value to activities based on whether or not you can make money at it. A well paid chump is still a chump.

      The dystopian future portrayed in Idiocracy seems to be coming true. “Ow My Balls!” indeed.

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      Let me ask you three questions.

      Do you have sex?
      Do you get paid for it?
      Have I changed yor perspective on this subject?

      While I find nothing wrong with him getting money for his bombastic productions, I don’t percieved it has more value just because it earns income. Google “Al Sharpton” for more info.

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        If your sex provides similar entertainment value as posting on this site, I think you might be doing sex wrong.

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          I’ m old and have been married for 15 years so the frequency difference makes the two unfortunately similar value over all.

          Still, better a chump than a whore, which is the point.

          (Not that I’m making that accusation about BTSR, btw. There is a big difference there like that of taking too long at the public fountain and running out on a bar tab).

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            Your perception of value is irrelevant. We are all just mostly anonymous commenters on some internet site, and it just burns people’s asses that someone that the commentariat, as a whole, finds distasteful, is making money doing this.

            It’s really hard to see anything here but sour grapes. If you all think his videos are terrible, all you need is a smartphone to record some video and show him how, in your opinion, it ought to be done.

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            I understand that some people are stupid enough to worry about other people making money. I don’t.

            I think you need to reread your post. You make the point we are chumps because he is making money doing something we do for free.

            By the same standard you are a chump unless you are getting paid for sex. It’s that simple. Besides that, I don’t make you tube vids and I don’t think he gets paid for posting comments here.

            Your new point is no better. A critic is under no obligation to do better than the artist he is critiquing. I am sure to be correct when I point out Michaelangelo’s work is superior to most high school art students even if I cannot create art better than those students.

            I realize your comments wouldn’t ordinarily raise such objections, but you called me a chump, so you have it coming.

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      I know, Bitsy trash talks Tesla while fapping to their share price, quelle incongruity? And yet he previously did a gushy, puke-inducing fanboi video “review” of a Tesla, also posted @ TTAC.

      I, for one, won’t be giving this video my time or attention. I’m surprised Bitsy doesn’t have the first comment on the post about his own videos here. Especially since he routinely made short, crappy comments just to get his name and comments in first here at TTAC and would then go back and edit them to expand them, all in the name of self-promotion.

      Say what you will about Jack Baruth, those who may not appreciate him, but he’s not a blatant fame whore like this jagoff. Pander harder and you’ll sprain something, Bitsy.

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        I’ll try not to miss you when I hit 10,000 subscribers.

        There’s 7 billion people on this planet and YOU aren’t the end of my day!

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        I’m a Tesla shareholder who actually “likes” their product, but choose to limit my experience with Tesla to their stock, rather than their cars – which I feel are pretty, but limited in variation, lacking in interior comfort/design and ridiculously expensive compared to the German luxury.

        So I can either:

        a) become a Tesla fanboy

        b) Criticize the product and face backlash from Tesla fanboys who go to sleep every night fantasizing about this car – that they absolutely can’t afford.


        c) play both sides of the coin. Invest in them, make videos about their product for MOAR MONEY and criticize them where necessary for even MOAR MONEY since the anger of the Tesla fanboys only translates into more views one way or the other.

        WINNING is all that matters. All other priorities rescinded.

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    Good going BTSR, I really enjoyed that, but I got to ask, do people who buy Hellcats actually need instructions?

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    I love it, BTSR is having the time of his life and his detractors are coming off like a bunch of, of…

    BMW drivers :D

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      Hate him or love him he’s just happy for the views.

      Compared to other “internet celebrities” I’ve seen at least BTSR doesn’t come off as a hipster snob, or a transexual, or a bribed video game “reviewer”, its quite refreshing to see someone a bit “normal”.

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    Quick question BTSR

    I’m considering making a video akin to this but a little different, a video on how you can make a Volvo 240 into a 40MPG RACE CAR.

    I hope you don’t mind me taking some inspiration from this.

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    This video makes me glad I use AdBlock.

    ‘It’s beastly against anything on the road with a V6 or a turbocharged four-cylinder…’

    You think? By way of omission, one would assume that other V8 cars are a dicey proposition.

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      I have news for you. ADBLOCK DOESN’T WORK.

      Even if it did…most of you obviously aren’t using it considering my income share.

      Views have gone from 17,000 to 319,000.

      I’m gaining so many views and subs it’s slowing my Adsense updates down.

      Always remember: YOU CAN’T BEAT THE SYSTEM.

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        Good to know – I’d hate to contribute (even unwillingly) to the worst segment of the automotive enthusiast community. I wish you well, even if it’s still so clearly bad for the rest of us.

        ‘Always remember: YOU CAN’T BEAT THE [AWD/Electric/retracting spoiler/not-red-key] SYSTEM.’

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          If you think this stuffs bad then I encourage you to check out Jalopnik and their latest “You can buy a Mclaren F1 for the price of a Mirage!” article.

          Or just anything on craigslist, anything!

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    I don’t think people should street race, but in most cases to win in a Hellcat all you need is a long enough road and a willingness to keep your foot down.

    And I guess THE RED KEY.

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    what I learned about the Hellcat:
    1. its drivers are too stupid to drive or even use the right key, they need an instruction video
    2. Hellcat drivers are too stupid to accelerate and need electronic gadgets to start at at a traffic light.
    3. A $70K car comes with inadequate tires and one must first buy the correct tires. Chrylser really outdid itself here. Going to the shop right after purchase.
    4. Any car with 6-cylinder, 4-turbo, AWD or electric motor will out-race the Hellcat. So the typical hellcat driver can race with Camry’s (the 4-cylinder!) and possibly win IF the idiot used the right key and programmed the car properly (after watching this video) and used the touchscreen (lot of touching during the video!)
    5. the hellcat is slower than a fighter jet (besides the cars in #4, which are 50% on the road). youtube really is educating, would not have thought that.
    6. Every other Hellcat driver is an idiot and needs to watch this video on the Internets. Plural. Is there an alternate universe with the second (or third?) Internet? OR does the author live in an alternate universe?
    7. and most importantly, someone in the video clearly wishes for those additional 5 inches that come with the Hellcat.

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    The abstract to my favourite paper seems appropriate here:

    “People tend to hold overly favorable views of their abilities in many social and intellectual domains. The authors suggest that this overestimation occurs, in part, because people who are unskilled in these domains suffer a dual burden: Not only do these people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices, but their incompetence robs them of the metacognitive ability to realize it.”

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      The Dunning-Kruger effect is alive and well. (Judging from some of the comments around here, I’m starting to think that it is included as standard equipment on small pickups.)

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      All of that stuff that you just posted is really cool and cute but the simple fact of the matter is anyone who does not understand why I do want YouTube needs to see this earnings report…

      I made $530 in just 24 hours

      The video went from 17,000 views to over 360,000 views and absence is still trying to calculate the rest of the views.

      We get paid on a month-to-month basis.

      Every 23rd of the month there is a direct deposit right into your bank account from Google AdSense.

      I don’t mind being laughed at… in fact while I was viewing the car websites that have linked my video many people found my comments hilarious and funny.

      Like Ray Liota said in the movie Goodfellas the bottom line here is

      C A S H

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    I have a difficult time believing that any production electric car is putting more torque to the drive wheels than the HELLCAT’s 8000+ lb-ft.

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      It’s not necessarily that the BEV is putting down more torque, it’s that the torque is getting put down in a more controlled manner, preventing the wheel spin which is killing every Hellcat’s race. Try putting a professional racer behind the Hellcat’s wheel and you might get to see what it can really do.

      By the way, the Hellcat puts down 645ft.lbs. of torque; the P85D puts down 854, 25% more torque.

      • 0 avatar

        Yeah, it’s all about traction. Having most of the weight off the drive wheels and enough power to effortlessly light them up certainly never helped anyone get a consistent launch.

        As for torque, I’m talking torque at the rear wheels. With the combined gear reduction of the transmission and differential, the Hellcat peaks at over 8000 lb-ft in first, without even factoring in the multiplying effect of the torque converter if launching an automatic version from rest. If it had AWD, you’d just give all four tires plenty of wheelspin and leave the P85D in the dust. As it is, the HELLCAT would need some serious tires and clean pavement to keep up.

        I’ve gotta say, it was interesting hearing a voice to go with BTSR’s written comments!

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          Oh, rpn. Can you show me the dyno numbers on that? What you say is quite logical, but something seems off when these performance car people talk about torque and complain about not getting enough torque to the ground while the P85D has demonstrated its 854pounds-feet output.

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            you don’t need dyno numbers, its figured out from a formula using gear ratios, tire size, engine hp etc…


          • 0 avatar

            The dyno doesn’t directly measure anything about the car’s output. Force at the contact patch would require the least amount of calculation steps. Rear wheel torque could be easily calculated from that, but the standard output of a dyno calcuation is the amount of torque at the flywheel that actually makes it to the wheels.

            I don’t have the Hellcat numbers, but even a basic car has a lot of torque going to the drive wheels in first gear. My ’04 Mazda3, for example, puts out 150 lb-ft at 4500 rpm, with a first gear reduction of 3.31 and a final drive ratio of 4.11. So torque at the wheels is (150 lb-ft)*3.31*4.11 = 2041 lb-ft. That’s plenty for spinning the tires all the way through first gear at part throttle after a launch. I usually feather it between 2500 to 3000 rpm with maybe half throttle until the tires start to hook up around 20 mph before I can pin it.

            Those gear-multiplied numbers sound very strange to anyone who hasn’t seen such values before, but the Tesla numbers are the ones that seem odd to me, because it’s direct drive so the torque at the wheels is actually relatively low. Looking at the power curves of the Tesla motors, it’s obvious that they’re electronically managed at low rpm and even the S60 would be well over 1000 lb-ft if they were not. I guess they’ve got them set up to provide you just as much as a driver can typically use, given typical traction conditions. Car and Driver had “not a hint of launch wheelspin” when they tested the P85, no doubt on new summer tires and a clean, grippy dragstrip.

            Given that limitation, I would expect a properly launched Hellcat on drag slicks – or even something barely streetable like a Pilot Sport Cup – to have almost as little trouble beating a P85D at a dragstrip as the P85D would have at beating the Hellcat in a street race. I suspect that even the RWD P85 would almost always prevail over the Hellcat in a street race to reasonably legal speeds, given the torque management and favorable weight distribution.

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    This thread is awesome. lethehateflowthroughyou.jpg

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    Hey BTSR. I am not going to spew hate like some of the folks here are. Keep doing this if it works for you. I looked at it and it for me is a bit over the top and I dont think that it would be something that I would follow. However I dont own the internet and it takes all kinds to make the world go round. I dont like Honda’s either but it doesnt stop them from selling millions of them every year. Wish you nothing but the best.

    • 0 avatar

      I’m going to have to speak up, CD. This whole “I am not going to spew hate like some people are” thing is a pretty cowardly dodge. If you think someone is spewing hate, then quote them, name them, and shame them. Or, ignore them. Just don’t throw out that line.

      Here is why.
      1. A real spew source is going to ignore you anyway.
      2. The folks giving reasonable disagreement now are wondering if they really said something disagreeable.
      3. Other guys just think you are being a smug jerk because, really, that’s a pretty hateful attack if it’s not warranted and since you didn’t name the targets, you hit some bystanders for sure so your rhetorical jujitsu isn’t really keeping you above the fray.

      Now, I’m being tough on you, but this is a pet peeve.

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      The thing that bothers me is that it took me getting angry and making this to go viral. Why couldn’t my regular videos go viral?

      HELLCAT IN BROOKLYN shoulda blown up.

      So now I see what I must do to pull $2000+ from Youtube each month.

      I have to sell my rants.

      • 0 avatar

        Nah, what made it go viral was that it was you being you. You weren’t playing the “role” of auto journalist you were genuinely ticked-off at a segment that honestly doesn’t get a lot of grief, muscle-car posers. That made it funny and unique, who picks on those guys? It’s easy to pick on BMW douche-bags or cowboy wannabe pick-up drivers, but who picks on the muscle-car muscle-head? Anybody can buy a HELLCAT, but not everyone knows how to work it, baby

        You gotta use the RED KEY!

        Just be unique and most importantly be you

      • 0 avatar

        “I have to sell my rants.”

        Maybe trademark “Seven Commandments for” or something like that. Try to keep the same format. Now that you’ve got an audience, keep it going. Don’t let your new audience slip away. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to nag you again. If you’re going to shoot video, visit Adorama or B&H for an iPhone SteadiCam mount. Keep the humor in your rants.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Are you after the money or the notoriety?

    I mean, how many hours/days/years of effort did it take for you to arrive at this amount of money?

    Which to me is not very much. I would assume you still need food stamps to survive.

    I work for a day to earn that.

    So, are you really in front.

    I do think “making it” on the internet or youtube is akin to becoming a rock star.

    As I’ve always told plenty of guys I knew who played in bands hoping to make some decent money that the odds were stacked against them and continue learning how to keep on earning real money.

    The internet is the same. You will need plenty of hours to make a living out of it.

    If you enjoy it, all the better. But from what I can gather years of effort you can only make $800 a month is not the best use of your resources.

    There are plenty of good guitarists out there who just never made more than a few tips and at most a couple hundred a night.

    Good luck with your ventures.

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    Piston Slap Yo Mama

    I took a lonnnng break from TTAC as it was eating into my Cisco study time. A few months ago I permitted myself the luxury of reading and posting again only to discover that BTSR against all odds was still shilling himself and his herp-derp opinions gleaned from libertarian bumperstickers. SIGH. Looking back at what I missed I found this intriguing ‘article’ about BTSR being a virus, err viral – but no actual content above the comments.
    WTF? Did Bertel’s ghost come back and clean house?

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