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Roughly a year ago, Acura previewed a small crossover for the Chinese market, dubbed the SUV-X, that sparked rumors of an HR-V based crossover for Honda’s luxury brand. According to, Honda has trademarked the “CDX” nameplate for automobiles, which suggests that the vehicle is one step closer to reality.

Aside from China, the United States is an obvious market for such a car, where Acura already enjoys a successful two-crossover lineup. A CDX could serve as a companion to the ILX and TLX, while allowing Honda to make fat margins off the Fit/HR-V platform. Aside from the BMW X1 and Audi Q3, the Buick Encore also represents a natural target for the CDX.

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44 Comments on “Look Out For An Acura Crossover Based On The Honda HR-V...”

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    Again, why do automakers waste money on concept vehicles so far from the actual vehicles, you can’t guage interest off of a concept vehicle that looks totally different from the production model.

    And aside from being hideous you know this will never look anything like the production vehicle because Honda won’t build anything exciting enough that the bottom of the bumper was as high as the center of the wheel.
    Edit: NVM see the massive air dam they were trying to hide now.

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      Honda never really builds total concepts. The sheetmetal looks production ready though quite challenging.

      You know why it’s done. Call attention, test technologies and possible design languages or details.

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        Question, is there a rear door or not?
        It looks like there is a door but that close to the hatch I have to wonder if it could pass crash tests. I would imagine getting rear ended hard enough with doors that close to the rear could cause the rear doors to open on impact.

        But yes I understand to an extent there are reasons for certain designs, but they can go too far with it at times imo.

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      The issue here is that this is a rendering that does not always translate well into the flesh. Concepts are fun and interesting to look at. Guess it’s the old “lets run this up the flagpole and see if it flies” concept.

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    Volt 230

    I have the feeling that this subcompact CUV market is gonna run its course quite fast and I also feel that the station wagon will make a comeback in the US market.

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      One can only hope!

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      Who knows, if the subcompact Crossovers adopt the minivan stigma, they’re over. I couldn’t imagine the station wagon coming back in force, but stranger things have happened.

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        Wait so if I make “minicross” a thing and push it as the soccer mom car du jour we can finally kill this b****?

        Minicross! Minicross! Minicross!

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          I’ve actually wondered that, though I’m certainly not one to point out a fallacy to someone that is happy with their purchase.
          I would imagine certain vehicle segments that have the appeal of younger people will always be safe segments. The problem exists when the perception of strength/youth is lost due to Stereotypes that are not exactly desirable to have.

          At the end of the day Station wagons have advantages over trunks, Minivans have advantages over cars, and crossovers have advantages over SUVs.

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      Subcompact CUVs are basically hatches on stilts whereas larger CUVs are wagons on stilts.

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      Richard Chen

      Here’s the big USofA 2015 wagon lineup this month, starting in the mid-$30K range:

      BMW 328d XDrive
      BMW 328i XDrive
      Mercedes E350 4Matic
      Mercedes E63 AMG
      Volvo V60

      “Wagons, the preferred haulers of the 1%. Don’t you want to be part of the 1%?”

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      Luxury and near-luxury sub-compacts are most popular with the 40 – 65 crowd, empty nest or never had any in the nest to begin with.

      They want something smaller because they don’t need the 7 passenger urban assault vehicle anymore, but they want the creature comforts, the good visibility, the ability to drop the back seats to carry cargo, a rack for the bikes or kayak, and ease of parking.

      Also this demographic, especially when you get 50+ is the largest group buying cars, with an ATP over $34K.

      It appeals to a growing, graying market, they have deep pockets, and they buy cars.

      You’ll be seeing more – not less.

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      This is wishful thinking at best. AT BEST.

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    Cadillac badly needs a vehicle in this segment.

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      Yes…and no. Mostly no.

      Buick needs to up the game on the Encore. This is where I say to the B&B, “I told you so,” on the fact that it would sell. I’m not surprised at all and yes I’ve seen, sat, and driven. I’ve never seen one with acceptable fit and finish and they are under powered for my tastes. But there is a lot to like about the ugly little wart – I think you have to be in the demographic (or able to see it through that demographic’s eyes to understand).

      But the interior plastics in particular, the borrowed from Sonic switch gear, the silly bulge infotainment unit that looks tacked on, the fit and finish, and the lack of power needs to be addressed.

      GM has hinted the 200 HP 1.6L could find its way under the Encore hood.

      So what does this have to do with Cadillac? Well to be a “Buick” if these items need to be addressed (basically bring the Encore to Verano/Regal standards) it leaves little room for a Cadillac unless you give it an ELR, oh my God look at this feckin’ interior I can’t believe how nice it is,” innards. We know what happens to the sticker price if GM did that – it will be stupid high.

      I don’t think Cadillac needs this – I think Buick needs to up the Encore game. It invented the segment and proved it’s viable. Others are now scrambling to jump in, and if GM doesn’t invest in improving the offering, watch sales go down the hatch (either that or coming to an Avis lot in huge volumes near you…)

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      formula m

      Yes the deadweight… I mean Cadillac DWX. 4cyl only, smaller back seat, ATS gauge package and 3D interactive CUE system. When you sync your phone with Cadillac CUE is over rides your cell phone software so now you have mobile CUE to have with you at all times. You become the Cadillac Brand!!! Your car automatically gets social media updates from Melody Lee’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to round out the package.

      This is seriously her most recent tweet 12hrs ago

      At #NYFW, this @Cadillac is accessorizing with @ManRepeller as a handbag. #wellplayed


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      Wouldn’t it be funny if this is the only thing North America gets the new Civic type R drivetrain in?

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    Volt 230

    Oh no! another variant of the Trax/Encore Daewoo as a Caddy, I don’t think Johan will agree to that!

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    I realize this is concept only, but that thing is just plain offensive. Awkward lines all over the place and the front end looks disproportionately large to the body.

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    The name SUV-X is getting dangerously close to SUX 6000.

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    Fun fact – the top-trim Daewoo Leganza was badged as a CDX.

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    I am no fan of this segment but if Acrua see fit (pun!) to endow the CDX with the 2.4 DI engine and the dual clutch automatic, it may not be such a bad cute ute.

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      Yep. I would love one of these to replace my wife’s Rabbit. I like the ILX but we would definitely miss the utility of the Rabbit. Then again I’m not sure how much utility this thing would have.

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    CDX is a strange name for this vehicle, but perhaps it’s quite apt; let’s see:
    “CDX” refers to a common grade of plywood, which can be left out in the weather, but not for very long, is structurally fairly strong but best kept out of sight, useful but somewhat unwieldy to handle, is likely to be a bit warped if you don’t select yours carefully… and for just a few more dollars you can get something much more attractive.

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      In the dog world, “CDX” denotes a Companion Dog Excellent, certified to have received qualifying scores in Open classes at least three member or licensed obedience trials, from at least two different judges.

      Then again, it’s more common these days to pursue, instead of CDX, the UD (Utility Dog) or even UDX titles; Utility classes are harder than Open.

      Make of this what you will.

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      I also thought of plywood at first. Taking it another step, would that make the ’90s Pontiacs with the strake-o-licious lower bodyside cladding a T1-11?

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    I’m not going to say it looks like a flying vagina, becasue I think vaginas are attractive (mostly). So how about flying afterbirth?

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    Jeff S

    With that beak on the front I would rather have an HR-V. I think it is a good idea but they need to do away with the beak and have less creases on the sides.

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    Somewhere, a cartoon toucan just got very turned on.

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    Jeff S

    It is better to be less distinctive, lose the beak. I preferred the pre beak Acuras.

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    Never cared much for overwrought design. And I know for sure, Honda can do simple design look good.

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