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Another near-production-ready concept turned up at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, this one in the form of the Nissan 370Z NISMO Roadster Concept.

A topless one-off of the 370Z NISMO Coupe, the roadster boasts the coupe’s 350-horsepower 3.7-liter V6, NISMO-tuned H-pipe exhaust system, upgraded suspension, and aggressive body kit. Power to the limited-slip rear goes through the paddle-shifted seven-speed auto found in other 370Z roadsters, which offers rev-matched downshifts for one’s pleasure.

Other features include: 19-inch RAYS wheels; aggressive final drive ratio; black leather/off-white Ultrasuede Recaro seats; NISMO tachometer; and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel.

Should the one-off prove popular, Nissan would sell the production 370Z NISMO Roadster for anywhere between $52,000 and $57,000 to start, a $10,000 premium over the NISMO Coupe’s $42,000 to $47,000 price range.

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15 Comments on “Chicago 2015: Nissan 370Z NISMO Roadster Concept Bows...”

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    And THAT is how you do a special trim level! Just make it folding metal roof friendly and you’re good to go.

    (Am enjoying the “Skyline” theme behind on the wall.)

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    Secret Hi5

    I can’t help but think that the ND Miata resembles this 370z. (Yeah yeah, I know – They both have four wheels, 2 doors, 2 headlights . . . )

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    Nissan already charges a $16K premium over the standard Z for the NISMO version. And the current convertible is $48K. But I have NO idea who spends that kind of coin on a Z… and this is coming from a 350Z owner. The NISMO has always been the track focused version and a convertible is the opposite of the that (other then the Miata) so this makes no sense. The current Z is actually priced pretty good at $32K. Amazingly my ’03 cost that much NEW which was insane.

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      The big price reduction certainly helped. They didn’t seem to be moving many of them when they cost as much or more than a GT or SS. I don’t understand the NISMO versions though. That’s 2SS 1LE money or a bunch more green than a Premium GT PP, and both are a lot faster on a track. I understand the appeal of the size and weight in comparison to those two, but without a much more intensive engine upgrade for the NISMO versions, the pricing seems a bit crack pipe to me.

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    $30-35k is already the edge of a real-life “affordable” car. The base Z is a great performance value, and I don’t know anyone who would spend $50k on one. I don’t care how special it is, especially this late in the 370Z’s life cycle.

    Plus, that body kit is atrocious for an OEM product. Original accessories are supposed to integrate and enhance the car’s appearance, not to clash with it.

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      Nissan’s performance trims are always ridiculously priced. They do the same thing with the IPL Infinitis, and the pricing for the changes is even more egregious there. Similarly, while it is stupid fast, how is the NISMO GTR worth 50% more than the base car? That’s significantly more than an 800hp Switzer version.

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    Agree, the price is way too high, given what else is available for the same or less.
    I’m sure it’s a blast to drive, but so is a Miata, and you could get two of them for the price.

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    I know this is a NISMO and I respect it for that. It’s a great car. It’s just too much. Nissan would make a KILLING if they could get the price down. I always wonder why I predominately see 1st gen 350Z and rarely see 2nd gen. Now I know.

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      Nissan dropped the price on the 2014 model by $3,000. Doesn’t seem to have helped them move any cars though. The Z is just too long in the tooth. It needs a modern replacement, and fast.

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