Question Of The Day: Would You Accept A V6 EcoBoost Mustang

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

I’m sure there’s a good reason it hasn’t been done yet, but I’m going to ask for it anyways: how about a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Mustang? Why not call it a Shelby GT500?

In an era where the Mustang V6 Performance Pack can put down respectable acceleration and lap times, it’s reasonable to expect that the public is ready for a high performance V6 twin-turbo pony car. Take the all-new anti-lag equipped 3.5L EB from the Raptor, crank the boost up to the GT’s 600+ horsepower output. Add a stick shift or the new 10-speed. You have a Hellcat competitor that also ties into Ford’s EcoBoost motorsports push.

I’m aware that the mere notion of a V6 EcoBoost Shelby GT500 will make the V8 faithful have a stroke, so maybe it needs another moniker. Call it the Cobra. Or the SVO. The Twin Turbo setup was a popular modification for the famed ’03-’04 “Terminator” Cobra. I think my proposed Mustang would be a hit, even with two fewer cylinders. It’s only a matter of time until Chevrolet get’s the same setup in the next-gen Camaro.

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  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Jan 17, 2015

    We run these in our Ford Falcons (until their demise). It's a supercharged 5 litre Miami V8, based on the Coyote. It is lightened and weighs marginally less than the Coyote. If the Mustang ran this engine it would sound like a V8 and have kick ass power. The Falcon is in the 14s in a 0-200kph sprint and 4s for a 0-100 sprint. It has 536hp and 480ftlb of torque, not bad for a family sedan! Here's a cut and paste, then the link which I hope does work. "You'll read that FPV has added overboost mode – they haven't... It always existed in the Miami calibration. What the engineers (lead by FPV engine calibration guru, Bernie Quinn) have done is used new 'tools' such as alternative throttle pedal maps (different maps for different gears) and better integration of the Falcon's Bosch 9.0 DSC stability control system to allow the Miami V8 to give closer to its best across a wider range of real world conditions. This in turn allowed them to calibrate the engine to hold existing maximum boost pressures (and therefore maximum torque -- beyond 569Nm and up to 650!) across a wider rpm range. Torque times rpms equals power. Cue bigger headline kW number.

  • Dgodshal Dgodshal on Jan 18, 2015

    The EcoBoost V-6 would make sense for an SVO model; they were turbo and geared toward handling. The GT-500 has always had V-8's, starting with non-CJ 428 and seem more suited for straight-line performance. I'm dying to see a twin-turbo, direct injection Coyote; that would be fitting for a GT-500.

    • JMII JMII on Jan 19, 2015

      I'd love to see an SVO Mustang come back with dual wing and everything. A turbo V6 would be great. I just love the rush of power you get from a turbo, the down low torque and the sound of the BOV. The lag is not that bad, most of my cars have been turbos and the lag is actually kind of fun as car seems to have a bonus "gear" between each shift when the power really kicks in. The tunning potential on turbos is huge as well, just look at what APR does with VW's boosted engines. The problem is a turbo V6 would most likely be quicker then the V8 and we can't have that now can we?

  • Art  Vandelay Art Vandelay on Jan 18, 2015

    I don't care what you call it...You can add some Bill Blass badges for all I care. I would accept it and put it at the top of my list. Perhaps though there is merit to badging it as a Lincoln. Then you avoid all of that "gotta have a V8 nonsense." Honestly as one who became car aware in the mid 80's the Mustang offeting a 2.3 4 and a 5.0 v8 just kinda feels right.

  • Wjtinfwb Wjtinfwb on May 15, 2023

    I love the Coyote and hope it continues to have a long life as the top Mustang engine now that the 5.2L "Voodoo" is retired. I have two EcoBoost vehicles, a 2.0 Focus ST and a 2.7L Bronco, both a fantastic engines that have been perfectly reliable, low maintenance and deliver satisfactory (not great) economy. I'd love to see Ford offer a GT350 with the Raptor V6 bolted to a choice of a Tremec manual or the current 10-speed. An SVT with the 3.0L EcoBoost from the Bronco Raptor in a focused coupe would also be a great addition to the stable. Frankly, the 2.3L in the Mustang, while fine for puttering around town, is not a rewarding engine to run through the gears with and really feels better suited to the Ranger or Explorer than a Mustang. But it's fine as a base offering. Ford has some options here...