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Buick unveiled another vehicle ahead of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, this time in the form of the Avenir Concept [Live photos now available – CA].

General Motors says the Avenir pays tribute to classic Buick production and concept models like the boattail Riviera and Wildcat II. Power to all corners comes from a direct-injection V6 via a nine-speed auto controlled with flappy paddles. The V6 uses Active Fuel Management and stop-start tech to maintain fuel economy.

Inside, the driver and three passengers are treated to nature- and sea-inspired surfaces, premium leather and LED lighting. Other features include: ionic cabin air filtration; OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi; Buick IntelliLink with access via 12-inch touchscreen; driver-selectable suspension dampening; and device synchronization.

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78 Comments on “NAIAS 2015: Buick Reveals Avenir Concept Ahead Of Show...”

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    Best looking Buick since the ’60s, I even like the name. Now build it

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      I would say it’s one of the better looking GM in a long time.

      Hopefully the newly “independent” Cadillac will be too far away in NY to meddle.

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      I don’t know, I feel like wildcat would be a killer name for this.

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      I’ll believe it when I see it! I can tell you that center console in the back is gonna go, as will the swoopy pattern leather stitching (which would age as well as the geometric cloth you found in a 94 Beretta).

      And this will obviously be a Cadillac as well, so look for a new concept from them soon.

      Also, this looks a lot (read: almost exactly) like the Wildcat concept coupe and sedan from 2010, which they didn’t build either.

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    I don’t care whose badge is on the grill, that’s a good looking car. Unfortunately, given GM’s history, they will either a) find a way to not produce it at all, or; b) change it to the extent that it barely resembles the concept. Damn shame.

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    Yes please!

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    Brian E

    “the driver and three passengers are treated to nature- and sea-inspired surfaces”

    Does Buick really want to (re)associate their cars with boats?

    I quite like how this looks, with one exception – the horizontal chrome strip on the grille just seems misplaced and cheap. What are they trying to do here? An uninterrupted waterfall with a more centered Buick logo would look better IMO.

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    Please, make the V8 an option. The 3.6 V6 is not a suitable choice.

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    Gee, it isn’t an all black interior. Do they think anybody might want it? Why don’t ALL vehicles have the option for a light (white, tan, sand, very light gray, etc.) interior, including sport models?

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    Seriously, who needs Cadillac? Let Buick succeed it as the new American standard like a richer, stronger USA succeeded the careless foppery of Britain.

    Because with its Chinese sales Buick is trouncing Cadillac and Buick’s offerings are only getting better and more varied.

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      I read over at GM News that this is sharing the Cadillac CT6 platform

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      “Seriously, who needs Cadillac? Let Buick succeed it as the new American standard like a richer, stronger USA succeeded the careless foppery of Britain.

      Because with its Chinese sales Buick is trouncing Cadillac and Buick’s offerings are only getting better and more varied.”


      If Buick actually gets a car like this, WHILE CADILLAC’S UPCOMING CT6 DOES NOT STRONGLY RESEMBLE THIS:

      With the smooth yet snarling on command V8, a well sorted, stiff chassis, compliant ride, good build quality & reliability, something CLOSE to this would sell the way Cadillac can only now dream of –

      – just kill Cadillac and raise the roof at Buick, because Cadillac had no reason to exist, and is then nothing other than vestigial.

      As I wrote of the beautiful Elmiraj:

      “The paint color, quality & application on that Elmiraj makes a any Benz dull in comparison, not to mention the impeccable, restrained & perfectly implemented use of chrome accent.

      The exterior design as a whole exceeds that of the 2002 Continental concept because its both masculine yet much more elegant, simultaneously.”

      And as further wrote about Cadillac’s now stale Art & Science designs:

      “I think the Elmiraj looks superb because it looks more mature and less odd than the angular, wedgy, pointy, crease-laden ATS & CTS (with hideous headlight assemblies).

      Cadillac only has a reason to further exist if upcoming CT6 very closely resembles the Elmiraj concept (which, unfortunately, it likely won’t, whether in sedan or coupe form) – WITH A REFINED YET SNARLING ON COMMAND V8.

      Notice that I didn’t say that the CT6 should mirror the Elmiraj concept, but it should borrow heavily from its design cues.

      The whole edgy/wedgy Art & Science theme on the ATS & CTS isn’t aging well. A heavy influence by the Elmiraj styling elements would go a long way towards fixing this important aspect of Cadillac’s current suckage, IMO.

      But again, it almost certainly won’t happen…because GM.”

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      In China, that makes perfect sense, Kovakp – the brand directly competes against the likes of Mercedes and BMW, but here, Buick doesn’t compete at all.

      GM’s best move is to position Buick against Lincoln, Acura, and the lower end of the Lexus line, and let Cadillac compete against BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. Buick’s product is nowhere near ready to compete against those brands. Cadillac’s not quite there yet either, but it’s a LOT closer.

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        I disagree, Buick is fully capable of tackling both Acura and Lincoln, and outsold both of them by a nice margin.

        Acura has some crossovers, that’s it, it’s cars are burdened by Japan HQ calling in everything, there growth is limited so long as they are unable to truly distinguish the product from Honda. While Buick may have Chevrolet to deal with, it’s a much prettier picture for Buick as GM is willing to let Buick use from a massive range of platforms from all over the globe. Acura has Honda platforms, boring, beige mobiles, with a V6 and FWD based AWD being Hondas Hellcat surprise.

        Lincoln has Ford which really treats the brand as a burden, it can’t fit into the failing OneFord plan so they really don’t spend much time on it. Lincoln, if Ford finally gets a non-psychopathic CEO that understand how poor the OneFord plan is, has the potential to make incredible sales gains. But all of that is unlikely.

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        Buick doesn’t compete directly with BMW and MB in China which is why they are working on expanding Cadillac sales.

        And here, Buick already competes with Lincoln, Acura and the FWD Lexus models, and really will do so with the next gen models.

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    An Elmiraj for people who don’t have $100,000.

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    Seems like a rather large car for only 4 people……
    Why can’t we keep that “coup” thing to just the CC and stupid Panamera?
    Never could understand the limiting of the back seat.

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    Yet another cynical Opel rebadge for Buick. Why can’t Buick put in their own work. There is absolutely nothing that says Buick about this car. It will probably flop anyway.

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    Wow, look how close the rear headrests are to the roof upholstery.

    No hair gel in my Avenir!

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    Way better looking then that clown looking Cadillac concept from last year.

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    I’m not crazy about the C-pillar, but that is otherwise quite impressive. Install a normal set of gauges, clean up the rear end a bit, and build it.

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      The rear wheels look they need to move back about 6″ to balance things out. The rear overhang is just too much. Maybe its the huge C pillar, but it seems like they build a long sleek car on a short platform to me. Nice for a Buick that’s for sure… great color as well.

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        I’m not a designer, but I think that they were trying to create rear passenger headroom and trunk space while working with that wheelbase (which seems to be close to what you’re saying.) Still, it’s not bad at all.

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    Holy crap that is amazing.
    I guess Johan p’d off enough internally to get Buick to show them up. Everything but the start-stop crap sounds amazing. I could even accept the lack of V8, it’s just so good.
    Is the all wheel drive RWD or FWD based? If it’s off the ct6 thing than I would guess RWD based.

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    The Avenir is effing sexy. Now bring back The Grand National marquise!

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    This is a better looking concept than anything from Cadillac in the last 15 years (by the way, I maintain that the 04 Seville STS was the last proper, stately Cadillac). Way to go, Buick.

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    This is one pretty amazing looking vehicle especially when you consider that it’s from GM.

    Now i’m waiting for the catch… did someone photoshop this together?

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    That’s an attractive looking Buick. Something that hasn’t been able to be said in quite a long time.

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    I just keep coming back to look, it has flaws, needs to lose the entire center console for one, but that side view is awesome.

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    I just keep coming back to look at that s*de view, it’s amazing.
    I can only find a few flaws
    -tiny s*de view mirrors
    -obtrusive center console, really footroom shouldn’t be that tight.
    -while the 3.6 is adequate, and let’s be honest, that would be suitable in a small or midsize car, but for the halo car it needs the cheap and reliable 6.2l, yes people it truly fixes everything. Have a gremlin? 6.2l, done. Bes*des caddy is on the stupid crap of building its own engines, so while they build a overly complex, fuel sucking 4.8l DOHC, Buick could be selling the 6.2l gem.
    -Finally just make sure the stop start crap can be turned off.

    But this design is truly amazing.

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    That will turn some heads.

    Long time since a Buick could say that.

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    Park Avenir?

    The 2+2 is stupid. Bring back a real Buick landboat trademark: population-growth-enhancing rear bench seating and regally comfortable front seat thrones.

    Perhaps they can get a really hot blond actress to be seen driving around in one?

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    Love the Coke-bottle flanks. The boat tail, maybe not so much.

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    You know, I want to like this, but I just don’t. Looks a bit over-wrought to me…just like they like’ em in China.

    And it’s coming with length.

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      “A venir”, coincidentally, means “to come” on Spanish. I’m surprised that no one has brought this up yet.
      Considering how good-looking this car is, though, that’s not too bad of a name for it.

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    SCE to AUX

    The interior is way overdone, but the exterior is refreshing.

    No V8 is needed.

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    I like it.

    One thing though, it needs to lose that huge center console going down the middle if it makes it to production.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Sort of a Buick-Comaro to me.

    Looks nice on the exterior and that interior is simply fascinating. I don’t know how well it will function.

    As for engine size, a V6 should suffice.

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    Avenir is French for “coming soon”. How twee.

    Looks very nice, so of course it’ll get a 9 speed automatic to ruin it. Has anyone made a decent 9 speed auto yet? ZF hasn’t but maybe the General can knock one together without using dawg-clutches.

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    I blew the crotch out of my slacks last night and I still haven’t found them.

    My God. If this makes it to production, it makes being taunted as a kid in 10th grade back in 2000 doing a ‘business/marketing’ project about Buick while wearing a t-shirt with a big TriShield on the front all worthwhile.

    • 0 avatar

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that was forced to aquire new pants after looking at this car. I am not usually a GM fan either.

      I’m going to bring extra pants when I go to the auto show next week.

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    Mr Imperial

    Hopefully GM’s brass check in on websites like this, the majority of comments on this article are very positive about the Avenir. Count me as one of them, that is a good looking car.

    Build it.

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    Avanir Pharmaceuticals must be flattered.

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    Domestic Hearse

    Best looking Buick since the GS Stage 1.

    Fast with Class, could it possibly be back?

    I would buy. Are you listening GM? Despite the ankle grabbing I’ve taken in the past thanks to the products you’ve sold me, I would still buy. So if you could, build this please.

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    “Because of the division’s prestige, GM would favor Cadillac over Buick if they had to cancel another division.”

    GM has invested too much into Cadillac to ever let it die. Besides Cadillac’s mission is clear, which is to compete with the best luxury sedans in the world. Buick mission is a confused mess. From I can see its mission is to build rebadged Opels for China masquerading as American cars. The only skill a Buick designers needs today is to stick a gaudy grill on an Opel.

    Because of the division’s prestige, GM would favor Cadillac over Buick if they had to cancel another division. In fact both division sales are so tiny in North America it really would make no huge difference to GM if either disappeared. Cadillac at least gets the good reviews and is now the engineering hub for the whole company. Buick leads in nothing.

    Car and Drivers ten best list came out recently and I saw a Cadillac model listed. On-the-other-hand, no current Buick would make anyone’s ten best list. Buick has become an anonymous car maker like Mitsubishi. What is their purpose?

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    Why are flagships almost always large sedans? I understand that a flagship doesn’t have to be a mass seller, but these huge flagship sedans aren’t really all that desirable. See the Genesis Sedan or Equus or… whatever that big Kia one is called…

    It IS nice looking though.

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    Holy crap, maybe this is the “Holden flagship” I’ve been saying Buick needs to build for a few years now.

    The Commodore influence is pretty obvious from the A to the C pillar and the door lines.

    This is a feckin’ gorgeous car. Even the future wife when she saw it, who is not into cars, “that is one sexy car, what is that?”

    The Cascadia isn’t that bad either (better than I thought). Buick is on a tear.

    If I was told in 1995, when I use to joke that Buick was code word for, “Ewww-ick” that twenty years later Buick would come up with this, even in concept – I would have laughed.

    As others have noted, GM has a long, illustrious history of offering up concepts like this, and going, “Psych! You can’t have it!”

    On the other hand, they did build the Camaro, so there is a shred of hope this could see the light of day.

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    This Is Dawg

    How has nobody mentioned those chrome propeller wheels?

    Admittedly, the rest of that thing is pretty captivating. Buick is quickly becoming the part of GM I respect the most.

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    Compaq Deskpro

    I’ll join in and say I love this thing.

    Chevy cop car version when?

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    This one actually looks decent, I like the idea of selling a large sedan under the Buick badge.

    I’m just curious to know how it’ll drive, will it “comfy” like a proper Buick? “Comfy yet composed” like a Volvo? Or will it handle “Like an E39 BMW 5-series”?

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    Now that’s what GM should be doing with all of their cars.

    Before I bought my Dart I test drove a base model Verano and a Regal with E-Assist, and while they did nothing for me, I thought they were the best luxury cars I’ve ever been in or drove.

    Forget Cadillac, Buick’s the “proper” American luxury car.

    Especially with this concept.

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    Wow, I might be able to see out of it.

    Green light.

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    Since I currently own a 2008 Wildcat (photo soon!)I will be ready for the 2017. I already have a 1975 Riviera, 2001 Park Avenue, 2005 Terazza and 2006 Rainier. The rest are Oldsmobiles! And a GMC Motorhome…

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