Honda Civic Hangs On To Canada's Best-Selling Car Title

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
honda civic hangs on to canada s best selling car title

On the back of a record year for auto sales, the Honda Civic hung on to its Canadian sales crown for the 17th straight year.

Honda sold roughly 66,000 Civics in Canada, a 3.1 percent gain, as the Canadian auto market soared 6.1 percent to 1.85 million vehicles. The Ford F-Series topped the overall sales charts, with 126,277 units sold. The Ram pickup was the only other vehicle to outsell the Civic, with 88,521 units sold, a nearly 10 percent gain.

The Civic’s top rank among passenger car sales and the Ram’s #2 spot in trucks represent a couple of key differences for the Canadian market. Compact cars, like the Civic, the Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla and Mazda3, are the dominant segment. The Elantra in particular has been a key challenger to the Civic, with the Mazda3 holding roughly double the market share in Canada as it does in the United States. On the other hand, the best-selling mid-size car, the Ford Fusion, ranked #25 as of December 1st, 2014.

And unlike the United States, the Ram pickups are firmly entrenched in the #2 spot for pickup trucks. The Ford Escape, the #2 crossover in the USA, is #1 in Canada, with the Honda CR-V sitting below the Escape and RAV4, as well as the Dodge Grand Caravan, in light truck sales. Check back later for in-depth analysis from our own Tim Cain.

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  • Heavy handle Heavy handle on Jan 06, 2015

    Let's not forget the really big difference between Canada and the US: the Camry is an also-ran in Canada. Canadians have no love for the homely sedan that's stolen America's heart. Go figure.

    • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Jan 06, 2015

      "the Camry is an also-ran in Canada." So is every midsizer. As much fun as it is to dump on the Camry, it's the whole segment that's in the tank in this country. It would be interesting to know what affect cancelling the Matrix will have on Toyota's Corolla numbers.

  • Formula m Formula m on Jan 07, 2015

    I find in Canada if your not going to drive a smaller car then people with get an SUV, Pickup or Van. Spending over $30,000 and have lower ground clearance/step-in, same fuel economy and no AWD can be pointless. People in Canada also like cargo space.