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More teasers from Toyota, this time from its luxury brand, Lexus, which is bringing over a new F model to the party at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

The new vehicle, the second in the F high-performance series after the RC F, will roll into the spotlight January 13 at 8:40 a.m. Eastern. More details will likely be revealed closer to showtime, as is sometimes the case with these teasers.

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13 Comments on “Detroit 2015: New Lexus F Model Teased...”

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    I’m gonna go with “GS-F” for a thousand, Alex. Be nice to see an M5/CTS-V competitor from Lexus.

    Still wish they weren’t killing the IS-F though.

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    The mating line between the headlight and the fender, and the general contour of the fender, is definitely GS. No doubt in my mind. Timing also works out. The 2015 was the 3rd model year of the current gen GS. So, this will show the new headlights/running lights for the refreshed GS. I expect we’ll see this with the RC-F’s V8 since the GS and RC are very similar in size and weight as is.

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    Still looks like a street sweeper

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    Wonder what engine they will go with. That NA 5.0L won’t cut it, needs snails. DCT would help as well.

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      I think it’ll be the 5.0. There’s just no other engine available. They’ll have to undercut the M5 and E63 on pricing.

      It still could be a very desirable car. The GS350 is a better handler than the regular 5-series.

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    I would buy a V8 powered, good handling GS-F. That’s the car I’ve been looking for. I would prefer to own that over an M5 or E63 if it had 90% of the overall performance.

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    John R

    Without doubt the GS-F is nigh.

    I wouldn’t be surprise to see power figures identical to the RC-F, however. Might be viewed as gutsy. Might also be viewed as recalcitrant.

    I would be STUNNED to see forced induction.

    IIRC, when the GT-R was released LFA development was still on going. Rumor has it that Toyota spent a bit more time on the car because what they had couldn’t best the R35 in typical buff book performance figures.

    Eventually Toyota decided to let Nissan have Top Trumps and let the LFA stand on its own. It was the right decision. The LFA is well balanced. I would expect to see balance be the aim for this car.

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    Will this thing look any good, or be yet another Toyota interpretation of an anime nightmare?

    The headlights suggest the latter. Dealers around here suggest the NX’s styling is “bold”. Apparently that’s the polite way of saying “hideous”

    The F sport at present is just a trim level on regular cars with V6s, the RC-F is the Toyota super-fat interpretation of the BMW M3/4, packing 500 lbs of extra avoirdupois. So is this a new real F on whatever poor model they picked out, or just a styling rehash of the IS line?

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    Toyota / Lexus vehicles are so ugly they actually annoy me. I’m old enough to remember admiring the first Lexus vehicles – it’s been all downhill from there.

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    I guess I’m the only one who likes Acura and Lexus styling cues! The front bumper is a bit gaudy though, the wire mesh looks like something out of The Home Depot gardening aisle. Everyone is using turbochargers, including Lexus, for me the appeal would be a good performer NA V8.

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    It slices, it dices, and when it’s run through a full-contact car wash (shudder), it’ll trim off the tips of those gravel-encrusted “soft-touch materials” so that the car behind will be scratched much less (Thanks, Lexus-Guy!)

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