Surprise, Surprise, The Scion IM Looks Just Like An Auris

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

When the Scion iM makes its way over to our shores in 2015, it will ditch the aggro-blue paint job and the import tuner bodykit. How do we know this? Logic dictates that a mainstream car would look, well, mainstream. Oh, and spy photos.

Our friends at AutoGuide got their hands on spy photos of the Scion iM, which shows the car looking identical to an Auris. Personally, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing, but I’m past my tuner years. Fans of the Toyota Matrix will probably concur.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Pete Zaitcev Pete Zaitcev on Nov 28, 2014

    This looks enormous.

    • Motormouth Motormouth on Nov 28, 2014

      Compared to any other Scion it is, but in the general scheme of things, it ain't.

  • 30-mile fetch 30-mile fetch on Nov 28, 2014

    This should just be sold as a Corolla hatchback, just as Mazda sells the hatchback 3 as a 3. At least then it will have some name recognition and Toyota won't have to pretend that this car is any more sporty, any more youthful, any more cool-hip-trendy-whatever than a simple Corolla. That there is a sensible conservative wagon, not surprise cult hit like the first xB. Not seeing how placing Scion badges on it will make it move off lots faster. Not seeing how a rebadged corolla will save Scion.

    • Luke42 Luke42 on Nov 28, 2014

      It's got to be an experiment to see what the American market will do with a wagon, without gambling Toyota's precious reputation for blandly marketed and conservatively engineered vehicles. Though, if the vehicle itself is high quality, I don't see how a marketing flop would hurt their reputation. I get how it would hurt the personal reputation of the marketing chief within the company, though....

  • Tekdemon Tekdemon on Nov 29, 2014

    I guess they're finally going to axe the xB since it would make absolutely no sense to keep on both the xB and this thing which looks to be a largish hatchback. It's kinda sad, I was always kind of hoping they'd update the xB into something truly great again. Update the styling and put in a new powertrain and it'd still be a very competitive vehicle.

  • Spw Spw on Nov 29, 2014

    Can you please stop posting picture of Auris Wagon when talking about Auris Hatchback? You are respected car site, you should know the huge difference between the two. AG shows Auris Hatchback, so show that!