Los Angeles 2014: Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Packs Diesel Power

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is officially a concept car, but the 2.8L Duramax diesel I4 is coming to showrooms within a year.

Putting out 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, the diesel will be a first for the mid-size pickup segment. The ZR2 is four inches wider, and features front and rear skid plates, King coil-over shocks and locking rear differentials. For now, customers will have to make do with a less extreme Z71 package.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Luke42 Luke42 on Nov 20, 2014

    How are you supposed to haul stuff with that silly spare tire in the back? Even a poseur truck should be able to haul the occasional load of actual cargo. This one? Not so much. I'm eagerly awaiting the regular Diesel-powered Colorado. I miss my Ranger, and thought that the Diesel engine out of my Jetta would have been a great fit for it -- so I'd love to see what GM has done with the actually-useful versions of this truck.

    • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Nov 21, 2014

      @Luke42 - agreed. An old school upright in box tire carrier would be okay or a swing out tire carrier like the Jeep as an option would be great.

  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Nov 21, 2014

    It seems many people here use the manufacturers mpg's when quoting figures. The reality is that a gas engine under normal driving conditions will consume a lot more fuel than what is show by the manufacturer, more so than a diesel. I have owned both in off road vehicles and this has proven to be the case, every time. Diesels tend to not change significantly. This is illustrated just by looking at any site with people who tow using small light comercial vehicles and SUVs. Take the current EcoBoost F-150 towing a 6 to 7 thousand pound caravan. I've read many stories where people are returning 9mpg. An equivalent diesel will give you around 14 to 15 miles per gallon to achieve the same work. This fits in well with say the Pentastar Ram 1500. I've read articles where regularly people have an average FE of under 18mpg's. The diesel Ram would never reach that kind of figure unless it's towing a significant load. Diesel is the best engine for a pickup and particularly an off road vehicle. Off road 0-60 times are of little use unless you are racing. Even if the 3 litre VM diesel that's in the Ram 1500 was fitted to a Powerwagoon the Powerwagon would still reach speed much faster than is safe in most any off road situation. 420ftlb of torque at 2 to 3 thousand rpm out of the VM or a Hemi is the same amount of power. V8 gasoline torque is no different to diesel torque. The same as a midsizer 1 500lb payload is the same as a full size 1/2 ton 1 500lb payload. A 369ftlb diesel in this pickup will make it exceptionally attractive. This is something new in the US. People will love the torque and ease of using the torque and especially the FE. It will be much cheaper on fuel than the V6 Colorado.

    • DenverMike DenverMike on Nov 21, 2014

      @BAFO - You wouldn't normally tow 6 to 7,000 lbs with an Eco Boost 1/2 ton, on an ongoing basis. Owners don't mind an occasional 9 mpg for the sake of mostly unloaded mpg. A gas V8 or small diesel gives better (heavy) tow mpg, but a 3/4 ton is better advised for lots of that anyways. Either way, you're gonna pay. When it boils down to mpg, you can't overlook the totally costs of ownership. We're not renting these things.

  • Kwik_Shift_Pro4X '19 Nissan Frontier @78000 miles has been oil changes ( eng/ diffs/ tranny/ transfer). Still on original brakes and second set of tires.
  • ChristianWimmer I have a 2018 Mercedes A250 with almost 80,000 km on the clock and a vintage ‘89 Mercedes 500SL R129 with almost 300,000 km.The A250 has had zero issues but the yearly servicing costs are typically expensive from this brand - as expected. Basic yearly service costs around 400 Euros whereas a more comprehensive servicing with new brake pads, spark plugs plus TÜV etc. is in the 1000+ Euro region.The 500SL servicing costs were expensive when it was serviced at a Benz dealer, but they won’t touch this classic anymore. I have it serviced by a mechanic from another Benz dealership who also owns an R129 300SL-24 and he’ll do basic maintenance on it for a mere 150 Euros. I only drive the 500SL about 2000 km a year so running costs are low although the fuel costs are insane here. The 500SL has had two previous owners with full service history. It’s been a reliable car according to the records. The roof folding mechanism needs so adjusting and oiling from time to time but that’s normal.
  • Theflyersfan I wonder how many people recalled these after watching EuroCrash. There's someone one street over that has a similar yellow one of these, and you can tell he loves that car. It was just a tough sell - too expensive, way too heavy, zero passenger space, limited cargo bed, but for a chunk of the population, looked awesome. This was always meant to be a one and done car. Hopefully some are still running 20 years from now so we have a "remember when?" moment with them.
  • Lorenzo A friend bought one of these new. Six months later he traded it in for a Chrysler PT Cruiser. He already had a 1998 Corvette, so I thought he just wanted more passenger space. It turned out someone broke into the SSR and stole $1500 of tools, without even breaking the lock. He figured nobody breaks into a PT Cruiser, but he had a custom trunk lock installed.
  • Jeff Not bad just oil changes and tire rotations. Most of the recalls on my Maverick have been fixed with programming. Did have to buy 1 new tire for my Maverick got a nail in the sidewall.