Cain's Segments: Full-Size Pickup Trucks – October 2014 YTD

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain
cain s segments full size pickup trucks october 2014 ytd

Overall pickup truck sales jumped 10.1% in the United States in October 2014 as six full-size nameplates collectively grew 9.5%. Growth in the overall truck world was aided by 2158 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon sales (up from 34 a year ago), a 1326-unit improvement from the Nissan Frontier, and the Toyota Tacoma’s 5% increase.

But the real money is made with the big boys. Ford predictably lost market share with its F-Series in October as the lineup’s core F-150 model changes over to an all-new model for MY2015. GM’s twins, the Silverado and Sierra, outsold the F-Series for a third consecutive month and expanded their market share to 36.5% from 36.1% a year ago.

TruckOctober2014October2013%Change10 mos.201410 mos.2013%ChangeFord F-Series63,41063,803-0.6%620,447623,309-0.5%Chevrolet Silverado46,96642,66010.1%429,119403,4356.4%Ram P/U39,83429,84633.5%359,702292,63322.9%GMC Sierra18,56416,50312.5%165,853152,1739.0%Toyota Tundra9,5259,913-3.9%98,39491,7347.3%Nissan Titan9909840.6%10,68613,227-19.2%—— —————Total179,289163,7099.5%1,684,2011,576,5116.8%

Yet Ram’s 33.5% year-over-year increase in volume meant far more in terms of increased market share, as the Chrysler Group’s pickup range climbed four full percentage points compared with October of last year. The Nissan Titan held steady at a fairly inconsequential 0.6% – even Toyota Tundra sales are 10 times stronger than the Titan’s in a month when Tundra volume slid 3.9%.

As a group, full-size trucks accounted for 14% of all new vehicle sales in October. That’s up from 11.8% in the first half of 2014, 11.8% in July, 12.2% in August, and 13.9% in September.

TruckOctober2014ShareOctober2013Share10 mos. 2014 Share10 mos. 2013ShareFord F-Series35.4%39.0%36.8%39.5%Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra36.5%36.1%35.3%35.2%Ram P/U22.2%18.2%21.4%18.6%Toyota Tundra5.3%6.1%5.8%5.8%Nissan Titan0.6%0.6%0.6%8.1%—————Full-Size Share Of Total Pickup Truck Market88.8%89.3%89.2%87.6%Full-Size Pickup Share Of Total Industry14.0%13.6%12.3% 12.1%

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  • Nicholas Weaver Nicholas Weaver on Nov 04, 2014

    Gah, posted a nice reply on the impressions on the new F150, the silly spam filter ate it....

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    • Nicholas Weaver Nicholas Weaver on Nov 05, 2014

      @Dan It felt nice and open to me, a nice low beltline (the armrest in the door is right along the base of the window). It felt about the same to me, but it has been months since I testdrove the 2014 F150. It does feel a bit airier than a Silverado. OTOH, I'm comparing it to the tight cockpit of an S2000, ANYTHING is airy compared to my daily driver with the top up.

  • Lie2me Lie2me on Nov 05, 2014

    I know, WordPress sucks, but thanks for your feedback

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  • JMII Its an SUV so I am shocked they don't already offer it.
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  • Kcflyer Nice to see California giving NY some competition to be the worst run state in the union.