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UAW Local 112 Signing

Just as in Chattanooga, Tenn., the United Auto Workers has established a local in Tuscaloosa, Ala. for those working on the floor of the Daimler AG-owned MBUSI plant in nearby Vance.

Reuters reports Local 112, like Local 42 with Volkswagen AG, will work to prove to Daimler that its U.S.-based employees support the UAW, with the aim of being recognized by the automaker, followed by the union’s ultimate goal of organization. The local will also have support from German union IG Metall and Daimler’s own works council, the Daimler World Employee Committee.

While VW claims neutrality — yet unofficially welcomes the union’s efforts to organize — Daimler holds firm on its neutral stance, proclaiming “that the culture… established is [the] best path forward for a successful future.”

As for how many workers have joined the new local, UAW Secretary-Treasurer Gary Casteel says the local has more than half of the members of the Volkswagen local. UAW opponent and MBUSI employee Sonny Hawthorne — who was barred from attending the official press conference, yet invited to speak outside to the press — says the union has the support of 25 percent to 30 percent of the floor.

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13 Comments on “UAW Establishes New Local Near US Daimler Plant...”

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    The UAW will not be happy until they infect every plant with their backward thinking. This just gets old.

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    Waiting for the reflexive anti-organized-labor hatred to show up in 3…2…1….wait, I’m only the second comment and I’m already too late!

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    So they get their contracts printed by Publishers Clearing House?

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    Union Democracy is such a welcome view until it actually gets majority around right-wingers who for no particularly well-thought out reason resent the idea that a majority of workers would want to combine to fight the absolute power of management.

    Another UAW article, another long-winded debate on the rightful moral place of unionism….

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      Of course thieves want to steal. It’s in their nature.

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      I think we are making good progress in changing hearts and minds around here.
      Just recently one of our conservative commentators admitted that isn’t right to just kill unionists just for organizing, though I think they might accept any reasonable excuse.

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        Conservatives won’t kill the unionists. The robots will.

        VW says robots to replace retiring boomers.

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          Robots are going to idle a large portion of society. Of course those robots are going to be built by robots…who are built by robots…who run on solar power?

          I’ve got no doubt that robots are going to actually idle a large portion of society, the question is how will society respond to finding that 70-80% of society will become redundant to the needs of society?

          I’m personally hoping for a vast change in how we view society and that the social and ideological position most of these conservatives take will whither in the face of reality. That we will need to provide for a large population that has no particular skill that is desperately needed but rather have a right to life that is valued and has value.

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    Dave M.

    Parasitic yada yada yada, we all know the future journey once they’re entrenched.

    Where’s that picture of Malcolm X again?

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    I’ve been thinking about this for a bit. I wonder if IG Metal wants to make the US based cars less competitive. If the cost gap between a car built in Germany and a car built in the US shrinks, more cars will be built in Germany. I’m sure they would like to have the monopoly on C-Class production again. It seems to be a bit more self serving. I don’t think its just union solidarity.

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